Giving Thanks

I hope that if you live here in Scripps Ranch, you appreciate just how lucky we are and how thankful we all must be for our families and our community. Yes, I know many of us worked hard to get here and we continue to work hard to stay here, but we must still be thankful that all of our hard work has paid off. Scripps Ranch is a wonderful place to live and we have many people to thank!

Can you think of someone in particular who has worked long, hard and/or creatively to help the community? This is the time of year we stop and officially recognize our hard-working volunteers. Don’t let us miss anyone! Please complete the Recogntion Night Nomination Form on page 21 so that we can recognize our wonderful volunteers at the SRCA Recognition Night on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 7 pm, at the library.

And I can’t think of any group more deserving of recognition than our military veterans and active duty military personnel. If you are in the military, if you are a veteran, or if you simply want to acknowledge Veteran’s Day in a beautiful way, do not miss the Veteran’s Day Concert at Scripps Ranch High School, on Tuesday, Nov. 6. It is one of the most moving events of the year. Read more about it on page 13.

Two first-time events are also coming up in November. Did any of you hoops fans ever wonder what happened to SRHS’s very first boys basketball team? They’re baaack…. for a Basketball Alumni Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 17. Get all the details on page 65.

Next is one of my personal favorite announcements: we finally have our very own Farmers Market!! Starting Saturday, Nov. 24, right at EB Scripps Elementary School at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road. Best of all, profits will benefit EB Scripps! Wait till you see the opening day line-up! You’ll want to cancel your out-of-town plans just to be here! Read all about it on page 13.

Speaking of food… another one of my favorite topics is nutrition. I know it sounds crazy to try to squeeze in a special column in this jam-packed newsletter, but I truly believe it will be an important addition. Please turn to page 19 and meet nutritionist and “Scripps-Ranch-resident away-at-school” Marlia Braun.

I am so sorry to have to cut out the Volunteer Page again this month. Believe me, it’s not because there are no volunteer positions available! Just stop by our web-site for an up-to-date list of volunteer opportunities.

One of the most important volunteer positions is SRCA District Representative. Please see the article in News, on page 13. Isn’t it your turn to help out?

There’s a lot going on early in December! First off, do not miss the Open House planned for our beautiful new fire station! The firefighters of Station #37 are very grateful to this community and are anxious to show off their new digs! The date is Dec. 1. You can get all the details on page 13.

The very next day, Sunday, Dec. 2, you won’t want to miss Santa’s arrival at the final Symphony in the Park! This is always an especially fun family event. There’s sure to be a nip in the air… Turn to page 15 for all the details.

Finally, I would like to thank Victoria Mazelli for sharing her poetry.

In Memory Of…

I cry for you-

even though I am not there to see your tears.

I hurt for you-

even though I am not there to feel your pain.

I grieve for you-

even though I am not there to ease your sorrow.

I pray for you-

even though I have not really spoken to God

-until today.

Thank you, Scripps Ranch…