The Real Winners

It was a chance encounter, just days ago, with a real winner. Someone I have admired for years. After a long career in the news business, I am desensitized to celebrity. But, there’s that one…

So, there I was, pumping air in my tires at a gas station on Miramar Road. A hot sports car pulls up next to me–a little too close. I was a tad annoyed.

That annoyance disappeared as the driver got out of his car. I froze as I stood face-to-face with "him"– Chargers quarterback Doug Flutie, whose career I have followed since he was at Boston College.

The reason? Sure, he’s a cutie, but he always worked hard and seemed like such a nice guy. As I followed his professional moves–being thrilled when he came to San Diego–I learned he had become an advocate for children. That only endeared him to me more. The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism –named for his son who has autism–helps families of autistic children.

As I found out, he really is a nice person. He tried to help me pump air in my tires and said hello to my kids. I told him I admired his work with children. Then, he waved goodbye as he left.

Doug, thank you for indulging me as I rattled on. Whether or not you win on the field, I think you’re a real winner because of what you do off the field.

For Thanksgiving, we asked Ms. Sandell’s 1st grade class at Dingeman Elementary School to share what they are most thankful for. Their answers make up this month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch, and their priorities show that these children are real winners.

You can be a winner too, by helping design our new middle school. The Design Task Force begins soon, and everyone is invited to participate. Get involved and make this another winning Scripps Ranch school. Details are on page 15.

The list of streets to be slurry sealed is out. Special thanks to Clint Carney from our council office for getting the information to us so quickly. Check out the list on page 15 to see if your street is included.

We all know speeding is a problem on some of our streets. It’s especially dangerous for residents who live off a street many of us travel–Blue Cypress Drive, where the Community Park and Rec Center are located. Check out the Planning section on page 23 and see what may happen if we don’t slow down.

This month we celebrate Veterans Day. As Americans, we are so grateful for these winners who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. There’s a Veterans Day celebration at Scripps Ranch High School. Details on page 9.

There’s some disturbing news from our firefighters this month. On two separate occasions, a fire department radio was apparently stolen from the fire engine while parked at our Fire Station 37. In the News section, one of our fire captains explains why they are especially concerned.

Did you know the Farmers Market has its one year anniversary this month? E.B. Scripps Elementary School is the real winner, getting a portion of the proceeds. On Saturday, Nov. 23, there will be a special celebration. Don’t miss it!

It may be autumn, but it’s almost time to sign up your child for spring Little League or Scripps Ranch Softball. See page 55 for more information.

If you want to give back to the community, check out our Volunteers page. We have not had room for it recently, but it’s back. Volunteers make Scripps Ranch a winning community.

Speaking of volunteers, we’d like to thank the dozens of people who submit articles to the Newsletter each month. They are all busy folks, yet they make time to write and send in reports to keep the community informed. You truly are the heart and soul of the Newsletter.

This Thanksgiving, please join me in giving thanks for all the winners on the Ranch. Have a wonderful holiday!

Gloria Tran, Editor

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