Reflecting on Yesterday, Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Over 20 years ago, this community started planning for a new fire station, and finally, we’ve made it! And what a beauty! Three cheers to the firefighters and community members who finally made it happen! It’s projects like this that make you understand the importance of persistence…and patience! Hope you’re reading this early enough to get to the Open House, Saturday, Dec. 1, 1-6 pm.

If you tried to clean up your house and yard for a holiday open house, I hope you made it to the dumpsters at the Fall Clean-Up before they filled up. It was such a huge success, all of the dumpsters and the Goodwill truck were filled by Noon! Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers of Kiwanis who pull this together for us twice a year! It’s activities such as this that really help to keep Scripps Ranch beautiful.

Our Maintenance Assessment Districts (MAD) are another way we keep our neighborhoods safe and beautiful. Check your recent tax bill to see whether you’re paying your assessment to Scripps Miramar MAD or Miramar Ranch North MAD. If it’s Miramar Ranch North, check out Jan Kane’s brief article in News to learn how your MAD money is being spent. And, thank you Jan, for taking over this important job!

Thank yous are also in order for many of our local businesses, friends, and neighbors. Please look carefully at the list of sponsors/donors for Legs for Literacy in News, the SRHS Job Shadow program in Schools, and soccer in Sports. The number of individuals and businesses that donate a significant amount of time and money to this community is phenomenal! I am in awe of your generosity. Thank you so much for giving back so much! Please support the businesses who support our community, and say thanks to the individuals who donate so much time and money; this is the backbone of Scripps Ranch!

More “vertebrae” in our backbone are District Reps who represent your neighborhood at SRCA meetings. Please read the article in News and see if your neighborhood needs representation. Here’s where you can make a big difference!

Speaking of making a big difference yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the annual SRCA Recognition Night is the place to be to meet the people who know how to make a difference. Please come to the Library on Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 7 pm to applaud the efforts of the many volunteers of Scripps Ranch. What an awesome crew deserving of our thanks! Please join us as we give a well-deserved pat on the back to our neighbors!

Gordon Boerner is one of those neighbors, who also serves as Executive VP of the SRCA. I must take this opportunity to thank Gordon for reading through hundreds of pages of the middle school EIR to create a very understandable Executive Summary. It came in too late for publication here in the Newsletter, but keep your eye on the website. We’ll get it up there ASAP. Thanks, Gordon!

Enjoy this very special holiday season with family and friends. Come on out to the Holiday Concert in the Park, on Sunday, Dec. 2 and sing carols with us. And whatever you do, don’t miss the holiday tree lighting in Jerabek Park on Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4:30. This is a turing point for me each year; a time when I stop and reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. Speaking of which…

It’s been a difficult year in many ways for the world, the country, and many of us personally. But we’ve learned alot; we’ve learned what’s really important…let’s look forward to the new year wiser and more aware of just how very lucky we are to live in the most magnificent country in the world!

Wishing you a quiet, peaceful, holiday season surrounded by those you love.