Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

February 8, 2011



The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board members.



Absent Excused: Allman, Braunstein, Boyce, Cavanagh, Fields, Lowery-Dunning, Mueller


President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Bob referred to his recent e-mail to Board members about the stats on numbers of people looking at SRCA Facebook. It is updated on a regular basis.


5th Council District – Jack Straw reported:

Jack passed out invitations to Carl DeMaio’s State of the District address to be on Tuesday, February 22nd at 7:00 pm at Marshall Middle School.

Spring Canyon Road – Several residents had asked why money was being spent to redo

edestrian ramps. This is being done because of ADA regulations and compliance. It is being done in advance of street resurfacing.

Massage Parlor – New business opening in Trader Joe’s shopping center and some residents have expressed concerning that other activities could take place at business. This has been referred to Vice who will investigate.


Supervisor Slater-Price – Jill Monroe reported:

Forum on doing business with local firms being held February 25th at Mira Costa College, san Elijo Campus – flyer passed out with details.

Community Enhancement Grants and programs – Any requests are due by March 1st to receive

funding from County. This provides secure funding for events or programs.

General Plan Update – this will be coming back to Board of Supervisors on February 9th but voting will take place at March 16th meeting.


Assemblyman Fletcher – Chasen Bullock reported:

Indicated that Jerry Brown’s State of State address emphasized need for balanced budget. Indicated he wanted a shift of many programs to local government. He wants to work together with Democrats and Republicans.

Homeless Issues – Fletcher picked to be member of this committee.


Congressman Hunter – Andrea Jones reported:

Meetings – has had recent meetings with Mayor Sanders, Water Authority and a couple of school districts to discuss issues for the area. Schools looking at what currently works and doesn’t work and National testing.



Spending – Next week legislation voting taking place on reducing spending.

Health Care – This has passed in the House but not the Senate.

Job Fair – Scheduled February 25th at Cuyamaca College.


SDPD – Ilko reported:

Burgulary – two recent residential. One resident the side door unlocked and medication and jewelry was taken. Other resident they took screen off window but burgular was interrupted by resident and ran away.

Rene Buck indicated someone stole a 250 lb. statue from the front yard of his parent’s home.


Trash Pickup – Mayor’s proposal to discontinue trash pickup from many HOA’s is to go into effect by July 1st. Due to strong Mayor in SD, Council has no say or vote on issue. This affects 814 homes in Scripps Ranch and 14,000 citywide. Existing “hold harmless” agreements had a termination clause which is being exercised. Some areas had no “hold harmless” agreement. Letters from City will include a list of haulers. Estimated cost is $20 a month per household.


Business Sponsor – Ilko introduced Allan Jones of H.G. Fenton Company who is a new platinum sponsor ($1,000). Jones indicated that his company has changed direction from a sulfer & salt business (mining & salt) to developing his former sites. He has a project on Irma Road.


Recognition Night – Capacia reminded everyone that the event will be April 12th and has moved to Marshall Middle School. The caterer has been selected and 49 nominations have been received so far. Deadline for nominations is March 1st. Asking for folks to use website to get their nominations submitted.


Schools Committee – Barber reported:

Budget cuts – Still dealing with what this will mean to our schools. Angela Bass, Area 5 Superintendent provided a presentation at meeting which included what items would be on the chopping block. Schools will have responsibility of deciding how they spend their discretionary funds (items such as nurses, counselors etc.). Everything is only in proposal state at this time. Class size proposals are: Kindergarten-3rd grade 29.5 students, 4th-5th – 32 students, middle school – 28.7 students and high school – 29 students. Whatever the Central office used to contribute to each school the school must now provide.

Fundraiser – Stanley Steamer recently cleaned Dingeman carpets. For every resident who has their carpets cleaned $25 will go towards cleaning carpets in other SR schools.








Financials – Allman was absent due to sickness but had electronically sent out the monthly financials.

Dennis Engler passed out a graph showing major income and expenses. Budget Committee – Staley reported three requests for money had been approved by the committee. (1) $500 to YMCA for their Partner with Youth Campaign (2) $500 to SRHS Taste of Ranch and (3) $200 to another Marshall 6th grader (Cassidy Davis) attending the California Association Student Leaders Conference.


Fundraising Committee – Staley reported all residential and business letters have been mailed out. To date we have received 478 supporter contributions for $18,445. Interesting statistic is that last year we had 9 residents give $100 and this year we already have 38 doing so.


Elder Care Alliance – Randall reported:

Sr. Housing event on February 5th approximately 150 people attended. Had a very good response from those vendors that participated.

Aging & Indepentent living is the next planned event.

Healthy Living Workshops – six weeks will be on Mondays from 1:00-2:30 pm at the Community Center starting in April. Attendees must commit to all six sessions. Two committee members completed training from the Caregiver Coalition.

Preparedness Workshops – being put on through Red Cross.

Lecture Series – These are continuing


Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

Lectures – First of series will be February 9th at Community Center.

Garden Tour – Looking into making them more walkable. There will be one on south side of Pomerado and a second on north side around Negley and Tribuna.

Green Street – Participating at the Community Fair with vendors that will provide information on various green topics.


MRNPC – Ilko reported:

Watermark Project (Med Impact site) MRNPC asked for assistance from SRPG in reviewing this project.

Signalization – Street Division looking at lack of coordination of signalization at Hwy 15 and Scripps Poway Parkway.


SRPG – Ilko reported:

Chabad – Looking to subdivide into three parcels in order to finance their various projects. Heights of proposed building still an issue. Conditional Use Permit is still in effect even if subdivided and there are different owners.

Elderwood Median – there are two on Spring Canyon but the one being discussed is on east end. Elderwood Land & Court residents are group wanting it removed. A survey will be sent out to gauge public sentiment on subject.



Carroll Canyon Bridge – Caltrans still on track to open bridge late March or early April


Miramar Lake Landscaping – Dingeman asked for someone else to help him on upcoming review of landscaping issues for Lake. Since area is in District 1, Jack Little volunteered.


Redistricting Commission – Paterniti reported:

There are seven members of committee who were appointed last July. They are now meeting on a regular basis on the first and third Thursdays of the month at the City Administration Building. The Commission must provide a plan 9 months from when they receive the census data. Census data will be provided to Commission in April. Right now Commission doing mostly administrative activities and some training which is required for the members. One of the issues being discussed is how many community meetings should be held, the timing and where they will be held. They have already heard that the public wants more than one public meeting in their community. One new district will be created and District 5 will be required to reduce their population number which means the area will be reduced in size.


SRCA Website – Ilko reported that a Scripps Ranch Remembrance page has been added. Residents can submit an article on a resident that has passed away. Little suggested looking at “Caring Bridge” for additional ideas for page.


Scripps Lake Drive – Lichtenstein again expressed his concern with the parking spaces added west of lake entrance and those parking illegally. Ilko indicated that the City will be painting the curb red on the south side and will hook Paul up with City Traffic Engineer.


Motion by Wurtzler and seconded by Suzara to adjourn the meeting.


Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary