The Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
February 11, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: C. Burciaga, E. Burciaga, Engler, Lichtenstein, Little

Absent Unexcused: Cronk, Mueller, V. Nelson

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:05 pm.

Fundraising has been changed back to Membership. Kick-off in February issue of Newsletter, letters going out and e-mails. Thank you’s to those that have joined will go out beginning next week.

Miss Scripps Ranch contingent. Maria Parker, Coordinator for Miss Teen SR and Miss Scripps Ranch. This is first circuit in Miss USA Pagent. Based on scholastic aptitude and community service. Sponsored by Mira Mesa Town Council. Had inquiries as to why Scripps Ranch girls could not participate so created Scripps Ranch portion. Must be a resident of community 13-17 year olds for Miss and 17-26 year olds for Miss Teen. Interviews done by panel of judges. Next step in circuit is Greater Miss San Diego. Collins Jewelry donated money for scholarships this year. Any questions can contact Maria at858-271-1572. SR resident contact is Jacqueline Kennedy at 858-232-2601. Current winners are Sarina Jassyn Miss Teen Scripps Ranch and Alexandra Kennedy Miss Scripps Ranch.

Mary Drummond has asked for a photo and profile for each district Rep. and Officers by no later than March 1st and these will then be put on website.

Red Cross

SR has been identified in San Diego to work with Red Cross to get some special training and classes to be better prepared for an emergency response. Ricardo Moran is Director at Red Cause and will be the Liaison. They will begin working on how the training will take place. Sandy Wetzel-Smith is the SR representative.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:

Office hours are available by appointment if you would like to meet with Mark call 619-236-6655 and ask for Mayra.

First year of Infrastructure Committee;

$155M invested in infrastructure last year

$11M in condition assessments

$6M in maintenance and repair funding

Neighborhood Input Policy was passed and implemented.

An infrastructure workshop to get additional outreach in every district.

Implemented streamlining measures for certain permits.

Updates 7 PFFP’s.

First fire station in Mission Valley broke ground on January 23rd,

Lakeview Neighborhood Park tot lot will be getting some new playground parts.

Kersey has pledge to put AED’s in every police vehicle in Northeastern Division by end of his first term.

SR resident Marc Sorenson was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Municipal Golf Committee.

Fred Symon running for 52nd District was introduced and there to sit in on the meeting and learn.

State Assembly 77th District – Rob Knudsen reported:

Handed out brochures that can be resource guides. Session of legislature began on January 6th Four pieces of legislation almost done. Were able to get 8 pieces of legislature thru last year. One was for youth sports coach background check. Originally listed as mandatory and now wording changed to suggested or recommended. Another piece of legislature is where parents can ask if background check was done and can get full disclosure. In progress.

Another legislature closes loophole sexual abuse of disabled victims. Sentence would be greater. Legislature 864 on homelessness housing deals with current requirement of consecutive day housing. Currently if you leave even one day you must start all over again. Trying to make the system more flexible and not always have to start the process all over again.

SDPD – Ilko reported a lot of bicycles are being stolen. Thieves look at GPS on bikes and track down where they are and then steal them. App is on website and bikers post it. Recommendation don’t start and stop bike GPS at your house.

VP Digital Communications – Ilko reported they interviewed 4 candidates for position and each came prepared with ideas on various communication methods. Asked new Officer to come up with game plan in next 6 months for the next three years. Natalie Barnes was offered and agreed to take on this new position. Natalie indicated she has lived in CA since 1991 and Scripps the past 9 years. Background mainly digital marketing , web design and project management. Went to SD State here she received her BA.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported that the event will be April 26th at 6:30 pm in the SR Library. He has a very limited budget to work with and is looking for more volunteers. Information will be in March Newsletter and will be working to solicit nominations for volunteers.

Strategic Planning – McGinn gave a brief update from January workshop. She indicated that those attending came up with quite a few goals and objectives. EC will review the entire document before it goes out to the entire Board. Hopefully present in March meeting.

MRNPC – Burley reported

Watermark Development – gave updates on industrial section which includes Med Impact’s second building and parking structure to begin in Summer of 2014. Commercial portion to start in 2014 complete the end of 2015. Close to signing Whole Foods as one of the tenants in commercial area.

Wireless company request for equipment for a generator and antenna in Stonebridge near water structure was approved.

Request for a vote in support changing name of Community Center to SRCA Community Center was approved 8-1.

Elections in March and Officers in May

Community Fair – McGinn reported :

Singing Opera Chef will be new addition and will be cooking there as well as singing. LED light bulbs will again be on sale for price $10 for three. May 18th is the event date and looking for new sponsors or vendors. This is a good promotional event for sponsors.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

Approved same wireless request as noted in MRNPC report.

Colonel Farnam talked about grading and fire breaks on base as they are looking ahead of fire season at MCAS.

Approved MAD budget almost $4M over next 2 years. This equates $158 per home per year in old SR area. This covers open space, parks, and maintenance. Looking ahead to increase to $200 per home per year. Requires 2/3 majority approval. Planning Group prepares the budget with review and acceptance by City.

City has executed new tree contract for MAD.

Miramar Ranch Elementary Sign Ad Hoc Committee finally reached agreement and Planning Group ratified Agreement.

Four way stop sign approved for Rue Fountainbleau and Fairbrook.

Elections in March and have some candidates for the 9 vacancies. Term limits require need for some new candidates. Requirement is must have attended at least two meetings. Elect officers after general election

Carroll Canyon and CLC projects nothing new to report.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

February 12th 6:30 pm at SRCA Community Center monthly lecture on “How to build soils holistically and healthfully”.

ASI wants to run another Free Living Tour on March 8th with location near old Von’s shopping center.

Waterwise water tour for this year scheduled for April 6th. Homes will be on south side of Pomerado, Sunset Ridge and Soltaro condos. Jim Sullivan of Scripps Town Homes (HOA President) will participate by showing how they have re-landscaped areas. Hope to have more HOA’s redo some of their landscaped areas in the future.

City offered to come out and talk about irrigation. Helen has worked with think Blue and City of SD. City willing to help promote our activities. Someone from City can come out to your house to see where you can save water, look at any leaks in irrigation etc and discuss any available rebates.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:

ElderHelp will now be providing services in SR and working with 50 Plus committee. They provide care coordination, grocery shopping, friendly visits, yard maintenance, home safety inspections, minor home repairs, escorted transportation and share housing. For more info call 619-284-9281.

Aging Successfully Lectures – Next one March 5th 10-11:30 am at SR Library on “Live Well San Diego” by Kathy Holmes-Hardy.

Senior Living Tour February 21st at 11:30 am to Seacrest Village in Poway. Reservations required.

PAWS Club moved to first Saturday each month at 4 pm at Lake View Park.

Membership – McGinn reported

For those who have not yet contributed, you can go on-line and do so. Want DR’s to be more active in promoting SRCA to friends and or neighbors. Have a short letter that you can deliver, e-mail and contact folks.

Financials –. When budget presented it was discussed about eliminating any future color copies and at that time said discussion should go to Newsletter Committee about eliminating. Ilko reported EC discussed a couple of options for funding 4th of July. One is SRCA might receive full funding from City and plan B would be to eliminate remaining two color editions is this budget year, looking at Kersey funding City incurred costs, additional membership funds received and finding sponsors . Allman indicated that color copies were in Newsletter budget. Newsletter at best will break even this year as advertising is down. Looking at running at 68 pages next month which is down from what was a normal 80 page newsletter. Also had in budget to deliver newsletters to Stonebridge but volunteers never materialized. Discussion took place that felt when budget discussion previously took place that the color copies would be eliminated due to economic considerations. Goal is fundraising right now. Ilko indicated that circumstances change and can re-evaluate the color copies issue in future. A motion by Meissner and seconded by Downs was made to eliminate color copies in 2014. Approve – 16, Oppose – 1, Abstensions – 0. Motion passed.

Allman – did not print out any financials right now because little income or expenditures. No major activities and no organizations we are donating to. The February newsletter issue was slightly profitable even with color, but this was only month in last 5 months. Ads down to 38 page level. Year to date basis on 5 months is that newsletter will break even. Community Center has had no major expenditures. Did increase rates for most HOA’s and some of them cut back on the number of meetings they hold . This is the first increase in 6 years. Letters went out to partnering organizations.

County of San Diego funded 4th of July in 2013 and will not request funds every year for this event. Miramar Ranch North turns 20 years old and going to apply for funds of $5000 to have an event. Event must pay for itself and maybe consider a $5K and make some money. Meissner made a motion and seconded by Colmenero to apply for a grant from the County. Vote to approve was unanimous.

Schools – Barber reported:

Discussion was to consider changing school calendar because of year round school. Next year’s school calendar however will be pretty much same as this year. Previously cut five days of school will be returned next year.

4th of July – Staley reported:

Ernie Burciaga has volunteered to be Chairperson this year. Even though we do not know if we have funding must move forward with planning to keep things on tract. First meeting will be February 26th at 6:30 pm at Community Center. Looking for more committee members.

Garage Sale is April 26th and Clean Up Day on May 3rd.

Motion by Meissner and Colmenero to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary