Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
February 10, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board members.


Absent Excused: Paterniti, Staley

Absent Unexcused: Lichtenstein, Suzara, Engler

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:04pm.

Ilko reported Kyle Kraska, sports anchor at local CBS affiliate was shot outside his home in Miramar Ranch North. Officer Shannon Oliveras added that the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

Jim Mcginn led a hike in West Sycamore with over 40 hikers.

PAWS meeting focused on the coyote danger. Approximately 45 people attended.

Two Boy Scouts attended this evening’s meeting as part of their Citizenship in the Community badge.

Elected Officials/Public Service Reports

SDPD – Officer Shannon Oliveras reported:

4 stolen vehicles, 1 commercial and 3 residential burglaries

A police investigative officer has been assigned to Scripps Ranch

Mark Kersey’s office purchased batteries for speed trailer.

Beware of scams

5th Council District (Councilman Kersey) – Tiffany Vinson reported

Councilman Kersey’s top priorities include police recruitment and infrastructure condition assessments, maintenance and roads.

Report to the SRCA

Newsletter Survey Update – Tran reported: Had 597 responses, overall positive, summary in March Newsletter. 88% indicated they read NL every month. Scouts section least read with most critiques focused on an overemphasis on kids and too many ads. 300 Newsletters to start for distribution at Stonebridge. Allman and Meissner to co-chair subcommittee to figure out most efficient way to deliver NL’s to that area. Still looking to recruit a volunteer advertising position to visit businesses and solicit ads. Newsletter is now on line.

Northeast Communities Pageant – Pankau 2015 pageant winners, Miss Scripps Ranch is Hannah Wendroff and Miss Teen Scripps Ranch is Marlene Freerksen were introduced. They are available to attend and promote community events.

District Representative – Still have several vacancies. Leo Jassy attended and introduced himself.

Relay for Life – Prima Bernabe reported: 24 Hour team relay event to fight cancer will be held in Community Park on June 27th and June 28th.

Intergenerational Earth Day – Holmes The SR 50 Plus & Sustainable SR is joing with the County’s Health & Human Resources Agency’s (HHSA) North County Intergenerational Council & Innovations Academy Charter School to hold an Intergenerational Earth Day festival on April 9th at Innovations.

Committee Reports

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported: This year’s event is at the library on March 5th. E-mails have been sent to volunteers being honored. This year’s Citizen of the Year is Victoria Mazelli.

Financials – Allman reported: Membership revenue has started arriving. No major expenditures in the past month. The Newsletter was small at 60 pages which created a small revenue loss for the month. A new expenditure is anticipated for bee removal in the wall of the SR Community Ctr.

Schools Committee – Barber reported: Scripps Ranch HS has 10 community college classes on campus and a robotics team. Miramar Ranch Elementary has a student population which is 18% military. MCAS Miramar has provided a counselor. Professional Development for teachers is focusing on math.

Digital Communication – Barnes reported: The digital version of the Newsletter is on line. 300 Residents have signed up through a link in the e-mail. The SRCA has 1,900 friends on Facebook.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported: Murphy Development now owns 5 lots in the business park and working on brush management, cleaup and removal of transiens in the technology park area. Planning significant landscape renovation including a trail system connecting the city park area to the reservoir area, an organic garden and an orchard. They showed drawings of a new building for Lots 7 & 8. Working on developing as many as 91 new parking spaces for librry. Planning Group unanimously voted to recommend approval of the Substantial Conformance Review.

There are traffic and signal issues at Mira Mesa Blvd. and Scripps Ranch Blvd. S. Caltrans to adjust the signal timing. MRNPC also requesting repainting and signage at the intersection

Road striping and stop sign were authorized on Pinecastle without notifying the SRPG. The HOA opposes and Planning Group voted to keep installation “on hold”. Subsequently received stop sign analysis from City, which shows the sign is not warranted. There are higher speed signs on north Semillon, 30 mpg. The SRPG will request it be lowered back to previous speed. Complaints of speeding on Semillon Rd. and Sunset Ridge Drive. Looking at remedies. Rancho Encantado merger – Planning group began work to revse the Planning group Bylaws to include RE/Stonebridge. SRPG has elections in March; there are 11 candidates for 10 positions.

MRNPC – Burley reported: MRNPC committee working with City to designate remaining development agreement funds. Building of shopping center on Scripps Poway Pkwy is waiting for MedImpact construction first. By-law updates and revisions will allow the SRPG to reduce from 20 to 16 members. If you are interested in being a new member you need to attend 2 meetings first and live within the boundary of MRNPC

Membership – McGinn reported: On-line registration saves money, $16,000 has been received so far. $60,000 is the goal, $48,000 is needed for existing SRCA programs. A District Rep. letter to encourage membership will be provided to deliver or e-mail to friends and neighbors. The largest chunk of donations goes towards events. A pie chart will be in the Newsletter showing the distribution of membership funds.

50 Plus – Holmes reported: The next Aging Successfully lecture is a joint venture with Alzheimers Assoc. February 20th from 10-11:30 at SR Library “Maximizing Your Brain Health”. Upcoming senior touron February 27th from 10-11 am to Poway Adult Health Ctr. and Remington Club. RSVP required. History of Balboa Park lecture scheduled.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported: Maintenance Assessment District manager will be speaking to the group about butterfly park and garden improvements. There will also be a speaker on zero waste February 11th 6:30 pm at Community Center. February 19th from 9-11 am there will be a tour of Miramar Landfill. February 24th at 5:45 pm will be a speaker for the Scripps Mesa Garden Club talking on Solana Succulents. March topic- pure water, de-salinization plan. Garden Share will be Sunday, March 8th 4-5 pm at Community Center

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Minutes by Elissa Barber