February 9, 2016


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members.


Absent excused: Cronk, Scelfo, Suzara

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 6:58 Thanked Lorayne Burley and Jim Melville with their work on the Innovations site. MCAS asked SRCA to pass out information about trespassing military property. Issues of exactly where their property lines are still a question. Help coordinate a meeting with residents to work together as to where the Marines should put signs. Bicyclists got ticketed and had their bicycles taken. This is a federal offense and must have an attorney. There are lots of signs but often someone takes them down. If they find anyone there they causes them to shut down the rifle range. The fines help replace what they have expended due to shutting down the rifle range. 57 people cited on 3 day weekend. MCAS wanting cases to go to court and not settled between attorneys. $500 citation.

Councilman Kersey – Alex Vivona reported:

Infrastructure proposition presented to Council who in turn made some proposed changes and will be-represented.

Congressman Scott Peters – Roberts Filpay reported

Next week district work week so will be in San Diego. Wednesday, February 17th open house in their office in University City. Ask questions

Tuesday, February 16th Student Aid financial workshop. Talk about how college can be affordable.

February 18th Financial Literacy Workshop advice assistance on taxes and financial planning.

Need any help from them to be sure to contact them.

SDPD – Shannah Oliveras reported:

Introduced Officers Jose Oliveras and Mark Lucchesi

January – 16 car breakdowns, 5 stolen vehicles. Vehicle recovered 1 and 1 commercial burglary at SR Swim & Racquet Club. Residential 2 and they were both hot prowls. Both point entry unsecured side garage doors. Cameras are very helpful and a great piece of information. Get vehicle descriptions, license numbers, pictures of individuals. Get involved with Neighborhood Watch and keep eye open in your neighborhood. Don’t call both non-emergency numbers as they both go to the same place. Fill out on line form and send to Shannan to report. SRHS this morning a muscled male called 4 high schools in San Diego, saying had a bomb and was going to the school. They investigated and searched school but did not do a lock down. Captain Don Summers Northeast Captain is retiring after 33 years of service and getting acting Captain Sandra Albrektsen on February 20th.

Innovations – Lorayne Burley updated us on the subject. School Board voted on proposal on January 26th for staff to continue to negotiate with Monarch per agreement. Vote was 3 for 1 against. School District facilities division will begin the environmental process. May have meetings to collect information on project or not. Has been deemed project will go forward as ministerial and only needs building permit. Environmental review could be 6-8 months. Will have opportunity to review and make comments.

Elections VP Communications interviews this week with several candidates and hope to provide information the position has been filled soon.

Financials – Allman reported: SRCA received the second grant of $16,000. Month to month budgets do not mean anything need to look at the total budget year. No two membership years are alike. No major expenses during the month. Newsletter slightly unprofitable and advertisements down again and ran a 60 page issue. Our budget for year was based on a 68 page newsletter with 38 pages of ads. We are not meeting that. Ads coming around 33 or 34 pages. We added 15 new advertisers over the last three months. Some advertisers shift moving from ½ page to ¼ or full page to half page.

Community Center getting more and more renters. Going there several times to give tours and number of people to rent it. They see it in the Newsletter. Lot of word of mouth. Old bridge group met 4 days a week and folded. New group went to 5 days a week and now down to 3 days a week. They have developed some bridge groups in other areas around the City. This has opened up Wednesday and Thursday during the day. When prepared budget did not take into consideration a new bridge club. Brian gone out of the Country February 26th thru March 26th and Jany will have checks while he is gone.

Brian gave fees for ads. Information in the Newsletter.

Long Term Planning – Peranich reported: The first face to face with residents was held at Farmers Market. Our demographics little bit different than the general group there. Talked to people a little older and less likely to have children. Newsletter of people talked to all but 1 read the Newsletter. Preferred printed rather than digital version. 4th of July parade about 50% said they go now or did when they had children. Community fair 50% attend. Recognition Night most had not heard of it. Asked if they knew who their District Rep and most did not. E-mails read the most had to do with Neighborhood Watch. Asked 5 If paid dues 2 yes and 3 no. Like to get some other District Representatives to participate for future sites.

Community Fair – McGinn reported:

Sent out requests and information beginning to come in. More information next month. Event Sunday, May 15th.

Schools – Barber reported:

Schools Committee heard same presentation on Innovations plan. Jerabek Principal indicated a home owner contacted them about encampment behind her house which was on school property. E-mail sent to correct person and they had landscapers remove the camp on school property.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported;

February 20th Permaculture Intro & Hands-on Workshop & garden share at a residence.

Coordinating with Sycamore to plan other activities. Coordinating a star gazing event on Sunday, February 21st at 8 am.. Have some avid star gazers in Scripps Ranch and they will have 3 scopes at the first event. May look at doing once a month.

Free Zero Waste Shopping How=To Workshop on Saturday, February 20th, 10 am –noon at Compost Campus of Ocean Knoll Farm behind Ocean Knoll Elementary.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported:

April 5th event at SR Library. Worked on the pre-show presentation. Wanted a picture of Board to put in the presentation. Not a lot of people know about our event and behind on e-mails. Have 160 nominations so far. One person nominated 56 individuals. A lot of first time nominees. Planning on having good snacks for event. Permit has been submitted. February 28th deadline for nominations.

MRNPC – Burley reported:

Verizon wireless permit for equipment and antenna on the roof copula of the SpringHill Suites Hotel. Motion was approved.

Residents requested safety analysis Scripps Poway Parkway and Angelique/Springbrook due to difficulty making eastbound and westbound left turns onto Scripps Poway Parkway. Request submitted

To City Traffic Engineering group for review.

March will be holding elections.

Committee received notice for a speed limit increase to raise posted speed limit on Scripps Poway Parkway between Spring Canyon and Poway/SD City Limit from 45 to 50 mph. Will be on March Agenda.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

City Council vote on The Glen postponed to February 23rd. Hold up due to California State Supreme court decision changes requirements for information in CEQA and group have filed letter that the EIR will need revision in lieu of court decision. May delay several months.

Speed increase from 35 to 45 on Stonebridge Parkway proposed.

Oakmont project a 81 unit facility at Scripps Lake drive and Scripps Ranch Blvd. requires a change in zoning. Go before Planning Commission in a couple of weeks. Planning group vote 16-2 against change of zoning would be against community plan and industrial plan. Analyze economic of encroachment on the prime Industrial property.

Elections in March.

Urban Forester plant trees throughout the City. Planning Group indicated that City does not maintain the ones we have.

Federal and City law go for residential bonus can build more apartments on a given site (higher density and parking). Worried this might apply to Innovations site. If public policy to increase low and moderate housing. Higher density must be on a transit corridor. Developer receives incentives allow them to void out some municipal codes.

Blues & Folks group and they need a 50 plus drummer.

Membership – McGinn reported:

Have new name tags for everyone. Also have yard signs available to put in yard or window. New poster Mission, value and goals and present at each meeting. Our gross revenue is 32% of fiscal year to date. Average contribution is $45. Letters are at the printer and will be sent out soon. Jan will send out her stats for membership.

50 Plus – Holmes reported:

Aging Successfully Lectures – continuing to work with County who provides lectures.

February 10th Alzheimer’s lecture at the Library 6-7:30 pm. Discusses maximize length of time they can remain at home.

February 20th – Oasis class here in Library one day drawing class and sign up in Library

Oakmont in Escondido a tour on February 26th has independent, assisted and dementia. Now at 37 wanting to take the tour. Lots of interest in Sr. Living communities that are close to Scripps Ranch.

Motion by Vinson and seconded by Wulfeck.

Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary