February 14, 2017 @ 7:00pm



A. Opening Remarks Ilko

· A copy of 92131 Magazine was made available for the board to compare with the SRCA Newsletter

B. Public Comment regarding non-agenda items



A. 5th City Council District (Councilman Kersey) Alex Vivona

· City has released a report on crime rates; crime has dropped in the last year

· City’s Infrastructure Committee heard the Five-Year Infrastructure Outlook; Councilmember Kersey would like to see new streamlining measures to expedite neighborhood infrastructure projects

B. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) TBD

· Bob Ilko reported that Supervisor Gaspar’s Office should have a representative for the March meeting

C. State Assembly 77th Dist. (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen

· Assemblymember Maienschein is holding a Disabilities Town Hall on March 3 at 1:00pm at the Mira Mesa Library

· Assemblymember Maeinschein was appointed Vice Chair of the Committee on Health

· Last session Assemblymember Maienschein had 22 pieces of legislation passed, including AB 1825 which allows animals rescued from dog fights to be assessed instead of being euthanized and AB 1639 which puts protocols in place for when student athletes show signs of sudden cardiac arrest

· Assemblymember Mainschein is proposing new legislation that improves Denti-Cal reimbursement

D. U.S. Congress 52nd District (Congressman Peters) Jennifer Sosa

· Congressman Peters was appointed to the House Committee on Energy and the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

· Congressman Peters is hosting a Senior Scam Awareness Seminar on February 28 at the Mira Mesa Senior Center. Contact Jennifer for details

· Congressman Peters will be holding town halls throughout the district in March. Contact Jennifer for details.

E. San Diego Police Department Officer Shannah Oliveras

· Crime statistics for Scripps Ranch (January 2017):

o Car break-ins: 10

o Commercial burglaries: 2

o Residential burglaries: 1

o Stolen vehicles: 3

o Bank robbery: 1

· Northeastern Division will have another command staff change. Captain will be Stephanie Rose will start with the Division in March.

· The City created a Designated Online Transaction Space (DOTS) at Northeastern Division. Residents can use the designated space in front of the station to meet sellers/buyers from online websites to safely finalize transactions.


A. Lake Miramar Parking Lot Addition

· Proposal: to have a construction site adjacent to current parking into parking. This is currently an unused dirt area. There are no plans put forward right now, this is conceptual.

· Motion to support by Paterniti, seconded by Wulfeck; passed unanimously

B. Holiday Tree Replacement Grant

· Proposal to submit a grant application to the County of San Diego for tree replacement at Jerabek Park and bench additions. Estimated cost is $5,000-8,000.

· Motion by Lichtenstein, seconded by Braunstein

· Motion passed, with Vinson abstaining (will be applying to be on County grant board if implemented) and Barber opposed.

C. Communication Policy

· A Board Policy is being worked on to ensure coordinated communication between board members and committee Chairs. Policy language to be introduced at an upcoming meeting.

· Engler: Agrees with approach; suggests adding a section to each agenda that includes what items are being worked on so that board members can hear about items with more advanced notice

· Drummond: If board has any input, please feel free to give comments

· Paterniti: Ideally the executive board would turn around documents within 24-48 hours


A. Membership Braunstein

· SRCA is at 31% of our goal

· 425 members today (mail and newsletter approximately the same ROI, email generated 108 memberships), 53 recurring members

· Average donation $49.62

· Engler: Thinks tailoring of marketing is great

· Report was provided for the record (attached)

B. Activities Petrucci

· Would like suggestions for Stonebridge outreach

· Garage Sale and Cleanup Day are in April

· Meet and Greet in May

· Community Fair on June 11

· NNO is in August / Movie Night

· Schedule submitted for the record (attached)

C. Digital Communications Fregoso


D. Financials Allman


E. Recognition Night Petrucci

· Nominations due 2/28; we have 80 nominations, but still short of last year

· Committee meetings may change meeting from the 26th to March 2

· Volunteers needed: videographer, hospitality Chair (setup food)

F. 50 Plus Holmes

· May 20 Meet and Greet – Save the Date will be in March Newsletter

· Activities are included in the newsletter

G. Community Fair McGinn (Kim)

· Date is June 11 at AIU campus; goal is to fund the 4th of July Parade

· Working with Symphony in the Park to make sure people can get from the fair to the concert that starts at 6pm at Hoyt Park

· Theme this year is “Then and Now”

· Looking for performers and exhibitors

H. Long Term Planning Peranich


I. Schools Fregoso / Barber

· Luis is the Chairperson and the SRCA rep; no update

J. Sustainable SR Plutner

· Focusing on public education events

· SSR will put together Green Street again this year at the Community Fair

K. Planning Groups Wulfeck / Abella-Shon

· MCAS Miramar: new signage going in to mark the boundaries of the base to mitigate trespassing, new F35 squadrons will be coming to Miramar, 3 new hangers are being built, MCAS FD is working with SDFD to coordinate fire efforts if anything should happen

· Work is underway at The Glen

· Chabad is building their first of the apartments

· SDGE project: still not picked their prime contractor so we don’t have details about schedule, they are holding an open house tomorrow from 4-7 at the Holiday Inn (Miramar Rd)

· Mission Trails Master Plan update and Rancho Encantada Precise Plan Amendment will be voted on at the next meeting

· Carroll Canyon Project Draft EIR has been released: we have until Feb 27 to respond with comments, Sudberry has agreed to put in a second lane on the Carrol Canyon off-ramp (not required by City)

· Proposal from CM Sherman to increase smart growth around the city; including consolidating planning groups, reducing environmental reviews. Wulfeck has submitted comments to CM Kersey, CM Sherman, and other Smart Growth Committee Members. CPC is hearing the item later this month to take a position.

· Next meeting is on March 2 and will hold the election of members; voting will be open to all residents in SMR at the meeting

· MRNPC has not met

· Ilko: We would like to have Stonebridge HOA review the Mission Trails Master Plan update and Rancho Encantada Precise Plan Amendment before the next SRPG meeting for input


A. Long Term Planning Committee Strategic Plan Update

· LTPC meetings are the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm; all Board members are invited

· 9 separate goals consolidated into two primary objectives and incorporated into Mission Statement

· Vision Statement remained the same

· Would like feedback from the Board of how this can become more of a living document

· Comments from the board included: consolidated objectives are too vague; consolidation streamlines the organization and we can add strategies under each objective; we need to add an objective about what we do specifically for residents; what is the final form going to look like / we should create a graphic representation for the website; can something be done to get more volunteers / should this be included in the strategic plan?; someone may be needed to pursue volunteers

Meeting was adjourned to next meeting on March 14, 2017 at 7:00pm.

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