Draft Minutes
February 12, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

A. Roll Call 7:03 call to order 18 members present.
B. Modifications to the Agenda — add elect a secretary
C. Non-Agenda Public Comment
A. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) E. Magee
1. • On January 30th, Rep. Peters voted to support a 2.6 percent pay raise for federal civilian employees. Military service members have already received a 2.6 percent pay raise that went into effect on January 1, 2019.
2. o “Across the country, federal workers—many of whom were hurt by the recent shutdown—have already experienced pay freezes and hiring freezes in past years. This modest pay raise alleviates the cost of inflation, and will encourage the federal government to be competitive with private industry. I voted to provide pay raises to federal workers because they deserve better than the hardship that shutdowns inflicted upon them—and the country—by the president,” said Rep. Peters.
3. • On January 29th, Congressman Peters and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21) reintroduced the bipartisan Strengthening The Resiliency of Our Nation on the Ground Act (STRONG Act). This bill will help communities better prepare for, withstand, and recover from natural disasters like wildfires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes by aggregating best practices on disaster readiness and response.
4. o It establishes a central agency and information center to combine the expertise of local, state, and federal agencies in developing short- and long-term resiliency strategies for communities. The bill was introduced on the sixth anniversary of Congress passing the Sandy supplemental bill which provided $50.5 billion for disaster relief for communities following Superstorm Sandy, which caused $72 billion in damage.
5. o “In San Diego, we know the cost of wildfires all too well, and northern California just experienced the worst wildfires in state history. Americans across the country are also experiencing disasters with increasing frequency and strength. This bill will give communities the tools to plan ahead and increase their resiliency, which will save lives and reduce costs in the long-run. We know that for every dollar invested in preparedness and resiliency, six are saved in restoration following a disaster,” said Rep. Peters.

B. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) R. Knudsen — Not present
C. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) D. Steiner – not present
D. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Q. Grounds Delay on repaving Scripps Poway Pkwy. Contract in April. Work in the fall 2019.
Update on SDG&E – still waiting for City permits.
E. San Diego Police Department Officer C. Santos 1 stolen vehicle, ironwood,
4 car breakins. No commercial burglaries, no residential burglaries. Request for speed trailer.

F. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) DCA A. M. Council smart program for transient. New hotel in south bay 170 beds. Community Justice initiative: minor crimes—what to do to not create a criminal. Perp with no restitution: 20 hours community service, then dismissal. Then risk assessment: high recidivism propensity work with alpha project.
Question about homelessness: lots of different types of homeless, so no one solution. CA office deals with the criminal parts of the problem. There are also social services, e.g. HOT team, 20 or 30 different organizations.

G. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck and Abella-Shon
i. Repaving Pomerado Road:
SDG&E noted that the City is still reviewing the Traffic Control Plans and has yet to determine which plans will ultimately be approved. Apparently there has been some discussion about the timing of work. The planning group voted unanimously to request that the repaving work be completed over a weekend as soon as weather allows. Additional striping and loop installation would follow.

ii. Redevelopment of Alliant University property:
KB homes has requested that the City initiate a community plan amendment to allow them to build several hundred single-family homes, probably including low/moderate income and senior housing. Initiation is the start of planning – it is not an approval or denial of the project. This will probably go to the City Planning Commission in April, so the Planning Group will address it at our March 7 meeting.

iii. Proposed Park at Hendrix Pond:
The Parks and Recreation department will meet with the community on March 14 at 7:00pm in the Library. Since the park was initially proposed in 2016 some residents have requested that a dog park area be included, but other residents are strongly opposed.

iv. Library Parking Lot:
The City design team will present plans at our March meeting.

v. Renzulli Property:
The Phair Company is going ahead with planning for development of the Renzulli estates. The property is located between the two segments of Cypress Canyon Road. The initial plan is for about 100 homes on the 57-acre property. These would include starter homes at around 2100 sq.ft. priced at $800,000 to $850,000;
“move up” homes at around 2475 sq.ft. for $900,000 to $1M, and “multigenerational” homes with a second master suite downstairs for $1M+.

vi. Pure Water Project and Parking at Miramar Lake:
Approximately 80 existing parking spaces at the lake will be taken out of service starting this summer and continuing for about 18 months. These will be replaced with about 100 temporary parking spaces.

vii. Transit Priority Parking:
The City’s proposed Transit Priority Parking initiative would allow developers to build apartments/condos near transit stops with no parking spaces for residents. The proposal is meant to increase the supply of affordable housing. Transit priority areas are those within ½ mile of trolley stops, transit centers, and intersections of high-frequency bus routes. Zero-parking would also apply to buildings within ½ mile of mass transit access in the I-15 northeast corridor. Most Scripps Ranch residents have to drive to get to downtown or other areas, or to transit centers to access mass transit. The proposal would reduce parking availability at all these places. The proposal passed the Planning Commission 6-0-0. It goes to City Council on March 4. The Planning Group voted to support the Community Planners Committee recommendation that this be a pilot program for five years to determine if goals are being met. We also voted to recommend that transit areas along the I-15 corridor be exempt.

Miramar Ranch North: No report. They are considering Beatta Piehl letter – see IV.C.

H. MCAS Leaders Forum D. Mildice No report
A. Approval of January 8, 2019 Minutes addition of names of new members.
Motion to approve as amended: 17-0-1
A. Appointment of Qualified Residents to SRCA Board Vacancies All
4 vacancies, Some candidates in audience: Gary Johnson, Daniel Shaw, d’eatta neaves.
B. MTS Transportation in Miramar Ranch North Ilko. Beatta Piehl letter. 50+ presentation on transit options for seniors on Saturday.
C. Contact Relationship Management System Philips sent out info on CRM systems, on-line tutorials. Current access database is clunky. Candidate CRM systems might be overkill for our association. Dennis agrees with Lenore that candidate systems don’t do much for us over and above Constant Contact. CRM systems have a payment system but they require an outside system like paypal as well as individual accounts for each user. Don’t think many people would sign up. Rob Holmes motion to establish a subcommittee to investigate/evaluate. Come back in 90 days with recommendation. Question: are there service companies that do this? Looked at bookkeeper. Daniel Shaw suggested open source CRM software. Subcommittee motion: unanimous. Volunteers Lenore, Dennis, Daniel Shaw, Jeffrey Hunter. (Larry Peranich)

D. Elect a secretary: No candidate volunteers.
A. SRCA President’s Report Ilko See Below
Craft beer and wine, center opening at Ballast Point, new tasting room. Fermented green tea with honey. Harland brewery & Claxton Cellars May 1 opening. Nutmeg start remodeling in April.
Jerabek park field damage – to diversion with restorative justice – will take a while for mediation with City and family.
Missing persons see below.

Rob holmes to recruit person to lead senior tours.

B. Operations Oversight Advisory Group Philips meet in next 2-3 weeks.
C. Budget Advisory Group McFarland has not met
D. BRM Report Ilko Dennis: data from BRM should be on one-drive rather than google docs. No word from BRM on working with Dennis or Melissa. BRM needs to get 4 full pages each month. Needs to report to Melissa.

Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm

A. State of the SRCA
a. Newsletter: Gloria Resigned. New Editor: Larry Nuffer under negotiation. It will take a few more weeks. Delicate negotiations with all concerned. Full report to the board next month hopefully.

VII. President’s Report

1. SRCANW Report
a. District Attorney’s Office referred the Jerabek Park field damage case to diversion settlement with restorative justice administration. The SRCA was invited to participate in the mediation. We offered the $1000 reward.
b. Two SR residents reported missing in past month.
i. SR Old Pro Tom Castiglia was hiking El Capitan where he experienced shortness of breath. He apparently left the group to return home. There was no cell phone reception. Sheriff’s Search and Rescue found him off one of the trails in the early morning hours. He likely had a heart attack. Tom was the head of household income-wise. Go fund me is https://www.gofundme.com/f/tom-castiglia-memorial-fund?fbclid=IwAR1-40FguXqbhfgBmLa32Z6Wux77cj-yjp0HX5AJYQSgSetu9g8N7nYVHW8
ii. Young woman who was reported missing around 1 am from her home on the corner of Pomerado Road and Spring Canyon Road. We were notified by a family friend via Facebook. They asked for assistance. Here is a thank you we received. “(We) so appreciate all your guidance and suggestions. Everyone was in a state of panic over here and we just needed a voice of reason”.
c. Attend SDPD Northeast Division Captain’s Advisory board meeting.
d. Someone Nextdoor wants to post crime info and she agreed to repost SRCANW posts. Another resident said in response to getting emails directly from the SRCA rather than Nextdoor is “That’s even better, I’ll sign up”. 2 other residents signed up for SRCANW emails as a result.
e. Facebook message re suspicious activity at Sycamore Park in Stonebridge where a driver was going to drive onto the playfield.
f. Facebook message asking about if recent car burglaries at Overlook Park. Purse taken from locked vehicle. 2 residents signed up for SRCANW emails as result of our posting to social media.
g. FB message from resident requesting assistance about aggressive WFA being belligerent and yelling racial slurs.
h. Every board member should either host or find someone in their immediate neighborhood to host a block party. It is an excellent opportunity to get in front of concerned and interested residents. We get to talk about the SRCA and how relevant we are to their lives. We hit 3100 in our NW program!
2. 50 Plus Report
a. SRCA Meet and Greet; We held the Meet and Greet in May the past 2 years. The SRCA 50 Plus committee has decided not to hold the SRCA Meet and Greet this year – our view is that this should be held every several years, vice every year. We will, however, work with the SRCA Fair Committee to possibly include a new “Community Center” Grouping at the 2019 Fair, which can include the non-profits that normally attended the Meet and Greet.
b. Dementia Support and Discussion Group Leader: Alzheimer’s San Diego has notified us that they have a Scripps Ranch candidate for the leader of a group to be held in Scripps Ranch. The candidate still needs to go through a training program, but it is likely that this program will start in May, 2019.
c. We would like to have a new volunteer to organize and lead the monthly Senior Living Tours that SRCA 50 Plus holds. So far, the only volunteer is also a real estate agent. SRCA 50 plans to discuss the potential issues with this person and provide guidance to him to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest if the person can help with the Senior Living Tours.
d. 1528 emails in 50 Plus database
3. 4th of July Report
a. The permit was submitted to the city and the committee met. Theme is “Sound of Freedom”. We are looking for another high school band to compliment SRHS band. If you have anyone that would like to be in the parade please let us know.
4. Clean Day Report
a. Garage Sale Day is April 6th and Clean Up Day is April 13th. We need volunteers to help April 13th.
5. Recognition Night Report
a. The committee met. Email and social media post completed. Entries are coming in. Monday, April 1st at SR library. Need more nominations and volunteers for that evening.
6. Tree Lighting Report
a. We need a Chairperson for the event.
b. Girl Scouts are asking for financial contribution for expenses.
c. The Girl Scouts want to do tree lighting separately from Symphony in the Park. Sunday, Dec. 1st and Symphony in the Park concert Sunday, Dec. 8th
7. No report from SSR due to death in the family
a. 1548 emails in database
8. Membership needs to draft a letter to past members and select which non-members to send the letter to. The letter really should go out December 1st. Emails to follow. We have two new business supporters since last month.
9. Social media update:
a. Number of followers continues to grow every day. We are at 5165! In past 27 days, we added 92 which is 3.5 followers per day. In past year, we added 1037 which is 2.8 per day. Could use some help by sending us photos, stories, issues to post on our FB page that are SR related people, places, things and events.
b. Website
i. We appreciate the board members reviewing the website and notifying us of any changes to be made.
c. Constant Contact
i. 11,845 emails in the database. Up 78 since 01/01/19. We added 62 and 16 from website. 32 unsubscribes.
ii. We pre-pay CC in Feb. for the entire year. The Board Chair and I have been working on which CRM to switch to.
iii. AIU property interest list has 47 emails and Renzulli interest list has 34 emails.
a. Still need a Chair person.
b. People are looking and booking.
11. Community Fair update
a. Stephanie Wooding is our CF Event Planner. Engaging with her now to get her started to stay on her Preliminary Deliverable Timetable:
b. By 15 DEC 2018 – Secure Event Location, Obtain necessary permits, Milestone Timeline for Deliverables, Begin Vendor Recruitment, Establish Overall Event Budget / Management, Conference call with key leaders (Sponsor Chair, President, etc) — continued monthly
c. By 29 FEB 2019 – Identify Team Leads / Delegate Specific Area Oversight, areas of involvement for Community Organizations / Elected Officials
d. By 31 MAR 2019 – Logistics Maps of Site Due — First Draft, Identify any logistical “blindspots” — Review with Team Lead, Establish volunteer / organization sign up list (TBA),
e. FEB-MAY 2019 – Recruitment / Coordination of Community Organizations / Elected Officials
f. MAY 2019 – Walkthrough of Site – TBA, Logistics Maps of Site Due — 2nd Draft, Lists Due – All Areas
g. By 30 JUNE 2019 – Draft Event Promotions with Association Team, Marketing Strategy, Place Preliminary Order for Rentals (tables, chairs, canopies), Place any necessary orders // Budget Review with Association
h. By 31 JULY 2019 – Finalize all Vendor Partners, Marketing Strategy DUE, volunteer list signups (TBA) — perhaps recruit at 7/4 event?, Finalize Event Promotions with Association Team
i. By 31 AUG 2019 – Place FINAL Order for Rentals (tables, chairs, canopies) — can change up to 2 wks prior to event, Event Promotions with Association Team – BEGIN, Event Management (Pre-Event)
j. SEPT or OCT 2019 – Event
k. OCT or NOV 2019 – Event Management (Post-Event), Budget Finalization, ROI Review, Ensure Invoice Payments, etc.
12. Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteers
a. Deb Carlson who rents the SRCACC and a SR resident offered to assist us in doing short Facebook Live interviews. Waiting for her written proposal.
b. Received 3 emails asking to volunteer. Referral to Volunteer Coordinator to follow up with up.
13. A few odds and ends to tell you about (177 items since last board meeting).
a. Summary of requests from residents:
i. Dead bird on Semillon near Scripps Trail
ii. Removed 2 chairs and bench from Hendricks Pond
iii. Repeat offender blocking sidewalk with truck on Avenida Magnifica
iv. Street light out on Pine Cliff, Porcelina, Pinetree, Rue Touraine and Silver Ridge Place
v. Frustration with USPS not delivering mail on time
vi. Email from Welcome Club that Bob Brennan and Bob Hallock passed away. Offered to include them in our Remembrance page.
vii. Email asking about water line replacement project on Handrich
viii. Email from SR Bus Cmte requesting to post info to Facebook and website
ix. Open space trash can full and needs to be emptied (Negley Ave)
x. Request for larger parking spaces at Jerabek Park when city resurfaces the parking lot. Can there be some spaces for SUV’s and trucks?
xi. Inquiry from SR Librarian as to Do Not Feed the Ducks signs for Kit Carson Park
xii. Post SRHS supply drive on Facebook
xiii. A resident sent us 1970’s video from the city public works of Pomerado Road. Posted to Facebook and website.
xiv. Facebook message from MMS and SRHS social media coordinator asking SRCA to like their pages. Sent request for them to follow SRCA.
xv. Emails and Facebook message requesting country living license plates. Sold 3.
xvi. Email requesting to remove sidewalk plant obstructions along Scripps Lake Drive. Resident with walking disabilities having difficulty.
xvii. Mtg with City Pure Water project staff re finding more parking at Lake Miramar
xviii. Facebook message re signal timing off at Spring Canyon at Scripps Ranch Blvd. Also signals flashing red on Scripps Ranch Blvd at Meanley. Contacted the city.
xix. FB message and email to SDPD requesting update when speed trailer to go to Mesa Madera.
xx. Meeting with Mission Fed Credit Union re corporate support, sponsorship, advertising and volunteer help.
xxi. Down tree on Scripps Trail early evening and another early am Avenida Magnifica and Mesa Madera.
xxii. Open space tree evaluations for Chardonnay Court, Creekside, and Sunset Ridge.
xxiii. Request of SDUSD Facilities Director Dulgeroff a mtg w/ SDUSD Architect for site walk and evaluation of improvements to SRHS security fencing.
xxiv. Email requesting assistance with SDFD notice of abatement for brush management
xxv. Facebook message re students trapped inside elevator at SRHS.
xxvi. Email from SR MAD Supervisor re replacement of rotted bench at Jerabek Park was replaced with vinyl coated metal bench.
xxvii. Email requesting SRCA participate in military housing expo.
xxviii. Meeting with new SR resident re NL advertising and sponsorship for pilates instructor.
xxix. Facebook message requesting help to resolve barking dog issues. Recommendation for National Conflict Resolution Center.
xxx. Email from residents (3) asking what to do with trash can pick up when street being slurry coated (Legacy Canyon area).
xxxi. Facebook message about smoke seen from Stonebridge on MCAS Miramar. Control burn.
xxxii. Facebook message about SD Reader article re Hoyt Park and not a SR hit piece!
xxxiii. Emails asking for help with home/fire insurance non-renewals.
xxxiv. Facebook message requesting referrals to Scripps Poway Rotary for a possible scholarship
xxxv. Facebook message requesting to place business card ad in newsletter for 12 months. Referral to Ad Manager to execute ad contract.