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We are already experiencing dry conditions all across the state that we would not typically see until August. That is why it is extremely important to be prepared for fire season this year.

First, I want to tell you about some easy, yet important actions that everyone can take to protect their loved ones:

  • Register for Alert San Diego, which is a reverse 9-1-1 system. Register your cell phones and email addresses.
  • Download the free San Diego County Emergency App on your iPhone or Android. This updates you about what is going on in the county in the case of a major emergency.
  • Go to to register for Alert San Diego, find the SD Emergency App, and prepare a disaster plan.

A family disaster plan is something that must be discussed well in advance. You must make sure that everyone has a way to remain in contact in the event that you are separated.

Preparation should be done around the house as well. It is very important to remove leaves and pine needles from your gutters and rooftops. Remove identifiable ignition sources such as piles of wood and propane tanks.

When an evacuation is ordered, you must obey. Evacuation orders are issued in advance to give you and your family time to leave. This allows you to find a safe spot so that firefighters can protect your property. When you leave your house, make sure you close ALL doors and windows! This helps prevent burning embers from flying into your home and catching fire.

Finally, if you think you might be ordered to evacuate, collect the things you think are most valuable to you and put them in a close, safe spot for easy access.

Supervisor, Third District
San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Click here to download the PDF with fire preparedness tips

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