The Scripps Ranch Information Center

What is the Information Center?

The Scripps Ranch Information Center provides answers to your questions about Scripps Ranch and the City of San Diego. It also provides many of the City services that you previously would have had to go downtown to accomplish. And we are committed to making the Center even more useful to you. Your suggestions will help determine what the Center becomes.

How do I contact the Center?

You can stop by or call. For information about City services, please call the City services desk at 538-8200. If they cannot help you with a question about Scripps Ranch, please call the SRCA office at 578-0430.

Where is the Center?

The Scripps Ranch Information Center is located on Cypress Canyon Road about 1/2 block south of Scripps Poway Parkway. The Center is patterned after buildings constructed in Alexandra, Virginia, about 1820. When you stop by, notice the double cupola, widow’s walk, columns, and architectural details on the front gable.

When is it open?

The Center currently is open during the hours that it is staffed by a City services person. These hours are:

  • Monday through Wednesday, open from 8 am to 5 pm, closed for lunch from 1 to 2:30 pm;
  • Thursday, open from 10 am to 7 pm, closed for lunch from 1 to 2:30 pm; and
  • Friday, open from 1 to 5 pm.

SRCA is working with the City so that the Center can remain open during lunch hours, and ideally during evenings and weekends through the use of SRCA volunteers. If you would like to help as a volunteer, please call 578-0430. Note that some City services will not be available without a qualified City employee present to receive payments and process forms.

Who operates the Center?

The Center is a City building operated though a combination of efforts by the City and the Scripps Ranch community. From the standpoint of a resident stopping by the Center, you should not notice the details, but here they are in case you are interested.

The City manager’s office operates 13 “community service centers” in San Diego. These centers provide a common set of services including those described below. Much of the Information Center is devoted to fulfilling these services. Clay Bingham, pictured on the front cover, is the service center manager and is responsible for operation of the building and providing the City services.

When you stop by the Center, you likely will meet Janice Lavallee, a City customer service specialist, trained to provide you a wealth of service and information. You also may meet one of the SRCA volunteers who is learning to provide selected City services and to answer questions about Scripps Ranch that the City may not be familiar with.

The Butterfly Gardens pocket park that surrounds the Center and the hills overlooking the Center are maintained by the Miramar Ranch North Landscape Maintenance District, an assessment district paid for by local residents of Scripps Ranch.

The building itself and the surrounding land is owned by the City Park and Rec Department who is responsible for their long-term maintenance. The Scripps Ranch Rec Council advises this department on its actions and expenditures.

Who funds the Center?

Depending on the item, funds are received from the City manager’s office, the Miramar Ranch North Landscape Maintenance District, the City Park and Rec Department, and the SRCA.

What City services are available?

Taking care of City business has never been easier. City services and resources are available right in your neighborhood. The following is a partial list of what the City customer service specialist can help you with.

  • Payment of water and sewer bills, parking citations, or business licenses.
  • All federal and state tax forms are available, or we can download and print special forms from the IRS website.
  • Voter Registration forms are available for new registrations or change of address or name due to marriage.
  • Minor electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and no-plan permits. In the near future, we will be planning homeowner’s nights with the City’s Development Services Department in the evening hours for local residents.
  • Employment applications for City employment are available and completed forms can be returned directly to the Center.
  • Applications for dog licenses and marriage and birth certificates are available.
  • City documents including City Council meeting agendas, City budget, Municipal Code, and Council policies are available for review.
How can I report a problem?

Report any type of community problems such as building or zoning code violations, damaged sidewalks and curbs, potholes, graffiti, noise complaints, or street light outages. Not only do we take your complaint, we do all the follow-up to ensure that it is taken care of quickly. In addition, we will contact you to update the status of your request.

Do you have meeting rooms?

Two meeting rooms are available for your use. Non-profit and charitable organizations as well as local community groups are welcome to use the rooms. Please contact the City services desk at 578-8200 to schedule your next meeting

What computer resources are available?

A City computer is available for your use so that you can search in-house City information as well as the City’s public website. The Center soon will receive a geographic information system (GIS) computer dedicated to providing map data from the SANGIS database. Customized maps can be created and viewed on the monitor, displayed on a large screen, or printed in color on page-size paper. Scripps Ranch is the pilot program for providing GIS capability at all other City service centers so the use and capability of the GIS computer is expected to evolve over time.

An SRCA computer also is provided for your use, as shown in the photo to the right. This local computer will provide community information that cannot be stored on the City’s computer system. Such data likely will include information about Scripps Ranch organizations and events, detailed maps of the area, CCRs for the nearly 100 neighborhoods on the Ranch, applications for local sporting events, and so forth. Some of this information is now available, but most is awaiting volunteers to compile it. If you are interested in helping, please call Gloria at 578-0430. All the computers in the Center have Internet access and are linked to printers.

Can I talk to a live person?

The City’s customer service specialist, Janice Lavallee, is knowledgeable about San Diego and can provide answers to your questions. Her former background with the City Water Department provides increased expertise in the areas of water conservation and water reclamation. Feel free to contact her directly to let her assist you with your questions and concerns.

As SRCA identifies and trains more community volunteers, we expect to staff the Center with residents knowledgeable about the specifics of Scripps Ranch, in much the same way that volunteers have made hugh differences in the City library and policing programs.

What’s next?

SRCA has made a commitment to making the Information Center the place to gain knowledge about Scripps Ranch and the City of San Diego. We are well on our way, but there is much we have left to do. In the future, with your help, we plan to have:

  • A complete set of SRCA Newsletters from 1970 to present;
  • Historical scrapbooks to peruse;
  • Additional historical photos memorizling the Scripps Ranch area; and
  • Scripps Ranch forms, license plate holders, T-shirts, maps, and other hard-to-find items.
Please stop by!

Please stop by the Information Center and ask either the City customer services specialist or an SRCA volunteer like Gloria Tran to show you around. We think you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer you.