Maienschein Looks At 2002 Accomplishments

As your elected representative on the San Diego City Council, I have actively tried to complete several projects which have made Scripps Ranch an even better place to live in the year 2002.

In early 2002 I secured $60,000 in funding to help with the removal of dead eucalyptus trees all over Scripps Ranch. I also secured funding to complete the Learning Center at Fire Station 37, and played in the basketball fundraiser at Scripps Ranch High School.

I worked diligently with the city’s traffic engineers to make our streets safer. I directed a study to reduce the speed limit on Scripps Creek Drive from 30 mph to 25 mph. I directed the correction of signal timing on Scripps Lake Drive at Red Cedar Drive to alleviate congestion, and directed the installation of speed limit signs on Blue Cypress Drive and stop signs at various locations throughout the Ranch.

I secured funding for flashing beacon speed limit signs on Scripps Poway Parkway near our schools. I also worked to have a new stoplight installed at the intersection of Spring Canyon Road and Scripps Creek Drive.

For traffic congestion, I continue to work regularly and closely with CalTrans officials to make certain that all Interstate 15 improvement projects are completed on time. I have spent a good deal of time keeping the opening of State Route 56 on track for mid-2004.

I directed traffic engineers to review options to relieve congestion at Scripps Poway Parkway and I-15 and at Pomerado Road and I-15. At Carroll Canyon Road, I convinced CalTrans engineers to install a "No Right Turn on Red" sign at the I-15 south ramp for eastbound drivers. At Mira Mesa Boulevard, I directed the removal of curbside parking on the north side to allow safer access to I-15 on ramps.

I also worked closely with Bob Dingeman to have Evans Pond filled with water after its levels became very low. And, I worked with Save Our Scripps Ranch to ensure that the historical designation of Meanley Wall stays in place.

I worked with library staff to place a sign at the library to inform patrons of the additional parking lot behind the library in the business park. I am currently working with city officials on a plan to increase parking at the library.

After the near-disastrous fire in Scripps Ranch on June 25, I instituted a brush removal program to clear the heavy brush areas in our open spaces between neighborhoods. I plan to revisit this program after the rainy season.

I was successful in opening the path across the dam at Miramar Lake for the Old Pros’ annual July 4th Bike and Run event. Work is still underway to open the dam on a regular basis.

At City Hall, I voted against measures that would increase housing density in the city without planning new roads or infrastructure needed to accommodate new residents.

As your councilmember I will focus on relieving traffic congestion this coming year, as well as work to restore the full recreational use of Miramar Lake that has been enjoyed for years. I look forward to working with the Scripps Ranch community in 2003.

Councilmember Brian Maienschein

Open Letter to the Scripps Ranch Community

It has been my honor and pleasure to represent the students, parents, teachers, staff, and community of District B, which includes Scripps Ranch, for the past 12 years as a trustee on the San Diego City Schools Board of Education.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for all the support, involvement, and dedication in helping me to serve our students. From school visits to advisory committee meetings to events in the community, the Scripps Ranch community has demonstrated a true commitment to seeing our schools succeed. I take great pride in the fact that all of us, working together with our administrators and staffs, have enabled our schools to become so outstanding.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a trustee has been the opportunity to meet and work with so many of you. I wish I had had even more time to attend community events and meetings, and I thank the parents and community members who attended on my behalf.

Together, we have made great strides, and I ask you to continue your commitment to our schools and the education of our children. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with the community on various projects and hope to see many of you again in the near future. Sincerely,

Sue Braun, Past Trustee, Board of Education, District B, San Diego City Schools