Published On: April 27th, 2015Categories: News

Wednesday, May 13th 2015, 6:30 pm  
SRCA Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Rd 92131  

Are you interested in growing food in your yard? Aquaponics/hydroponics is easy, fun, and productive:

  • 6 to 10 times the harvest compared to traditional gardening methods
  • 95% fewer pests
  • 90% less water, fertilizer, and labor

Despite our shrinking water supplies, you can still grow fish and vegetable food crops. Aquaponics/hydroponics uses about 1 gallon of water to grow a head of lettuce in about 3 weeks. Conventional growing takes 10-30 gallons, and up to 6 weeks to produce the same lettuce. AgPals will explain the basics of this bio-integrated system that links recirculating aquaculture with hydroponic vegetable, flower, and/or herb.

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