Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
January 8, 2013

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.

Absent Excused: Bastien, Engler, Lichtenstein, Lowery-Cunning, Morrisey
Absent Unexcused: Suzara

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Ilko reported that on New Years’ Day Miramar Lake gate was not opened. Cars were lined down the street with many obviously parking illegally. Police need to be informed ahead of time for this situation so they can take corrective action.

Comedy House in La Jolla – This activity started with 10 free tickets and them being offered on an E-blast. They went very quickly and ended up twice obtaining more tickets. In all we received 100 free tickets that were distributed to residents from the 114 that signed up. The club holds 185.

American Red Cross – Ilko meeting with Barbara Ferino to find out if there are any opportunities to partner with them towards Fire Protection. More to follow.

Scripps/Mesa Fireworks – They are looking for more volunteers to be on their committee which is pretty much Mira Mesa residents. We now have one SR resident Steve Smith who has volunteered to be on the committee. They would like more SR participation.

The recent bond measure passed for schools & would eventually cover costs to put A/C in SRHS but projection was would not be till 2017. Work is being done to see if it can be fast tracked to move up to 2014.

Superior Court Judge – SR resident Dave Berry was recently swore in for this court position.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:
Council returned to session this week. Councilman Kersey will be Chairing the new Infrastructure Committee. There will be a committee meeting on January 28th at 9 am on the 12th Floor of City Hall.

Supervisor Dave Roberts – Evan Bollinger introduced himself and reported that he would be the
Supervisor’s Liaison to SR.
The Supervisor is working on Fire Management with Diane Jacobs.
Solar program – recommending one that has a no money down through a private company.
Paid through taxes over 20 years. It is Renovate American located in Rancho Bernardo.

Neighborhood Watch: Ilko reported:
There were three attempted burglaries in same day and neighborhood. There have been 16 burglaries in past 30 days. Many are through the sliding back door.
5-7 new neighborhood groups are being added to Neighborhood Watch.

District Representative – Drummond reported:
Jay Wurtzler of District 18 has resigned. This now gives us vacancies in 4 Districts (2, 13, 17 & 18).
Bob Cronk has indicated he would like to be District Rep for District 14. A motion by Ilko and seconded by Mueller was made to accept Cronk as District Rep. for Area 14. The motion passed unanimously.

Recognition Night – Cavanagh reported:
Nomination deadline is February 6th. Event will be March 6th at Marshall Middle School. Info in February Newsletter and E-blasts.

SRPG – Ilko reported that the group was dark in January.
Watermark Project – The EIR document has not been released yet. Developer wants to build a high end shopping center that would include a Boutique Theatre, retail, parking structure etc. The February 6th Planning Committee meeting will be discussing this project.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:
Aging Successfully Lectures – next one March 6th from 10 to 11:30 am at Scripps Ranch Library. Subject will cover benefit law, estate planning and asset protection.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:
January 9th at 6:30-8 pm at the SRCA Community Center there will be a speaker who is a master gardener will speak on sustainable landscaping.
February 13th will discuss building a healthier community and reducing carbon footprint.
February 23rd will have a tour of the Greenest Home in San Diego and 2nd in California.
MTS (Metropolitan Transit System) – looking at setting up a group to investigate whether there is support to have a bus route established in SR.

Fundraising – McGinn reported
Added automatic renewal as an option for those becoming supporters. $1,900 is cost to cover Focus section in Newsletter. About SRCA – look at stating what the SRCA does in the community. Looking to send out a targeted mailout to those that have been supporters during the past 5 years.

New Homeowners – Ernie Burciaga stating they have begun the new program of sending out letters to new owners (144 first time). These welcome letters will be sent out twice a year for those who have moved in during the previous 6 months. He along with a few other volunteers (including 5 District Reps) are following up with a personal visit to the homeowner. The welcome letter includes the name and contact information for the District Representative that is applicable. Additionally Ernie has distributed a list to each District Representative of who has recently moved into their area. We hope more District Representatives will pick up the challenge and offer to make a personal visit to new homeowners in their district.

Financials – Allman passed out a Financial Report covering November/December 2012.
Major expenditures have been our donation to Taste of the Ranch, expenses for Holiday Light Celebration and Fundraising.
Newsletter lost money in December and January. There was an additional cost of $1,700 for the color edition in January. The January edition also had the lowest number of ads in almost three years. On the other hand we have not had any complaints to our notification of the raise in ad rates.
Community Center is still on budget. The painting of the large room, hallway and conference room will be done in January.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:
There was no meeting in December. SRHS had a 900 API which is the highest in the County.
Taste of the Ranch fundraising event will again not be located in SR but rather in Carmel Mountain.

Remembrance Page – Ilko wanted to remind everyone that is they know of someone in SR that has
passed away to remind residents that they can submit a picture a short bio that will be put
on our Website.

A motion by Paterniti and seconded by Allman was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary