The Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

January 14, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Kalkin, Nelson, J., Nelson, V., Meissner

Absent Unexcused: Mueller, Suzara

Meeting called to order by President Ilko at 7:09 pm

Public Comments

Comments by Terri Wyatt running for DA of County of San Diego. She was a Deputy DA and retired in September to run for office. Gave her background.

Mission Trails North Regional Park part of Rancho Encanto (Stonebrige). They would like someone from SR to be on this committee. Discussed with Tiffany Vinson who made it happen and the new person hikes the trails and cleans the trails. Appointed Jim McGinn. They meet 6-7 times a year. Dorothy Leonard prepared a master plan.

Miramar Ranch Elementary Marque sign – Neighbors across street did not want a new digital sign being installed by SD Unified School District. Met about 8-9 times with neighbors and others and recently held last meeting. A digital marque LED sign full color sign will be installed. Limitation on how often it changes, number of characters, turned off after certain time evenings and weekends. Lots of restrictions. Wally, Gary and Gordon worked on this compromise. Cost of sign is now considerably higher.

Fred Simon running for 52nd District of Congress. Gave information on his background which included being a surgeon.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:

She has become our exclusive representative for the Councilman to Scripps Ranch.

Big bond ($120M) proposed which would provide monies for a couple of fire stations, road improvements etc. Council unanimously voted to proceed. Hope to have bond going out in April to secure one. Want to move forward now before rates go up more.

Kersey report was handed out to members.

QA at 1:00 pm this Thursday via Facebook, twitter etc.

There are 5000 miles of sidewalks. Want to have them walked and take pictures to catalog so will have a report by end of year. Allocate $100M towards sidewalk repair.

Toy drive for stuffed animals but specifically bears which are given to Police or Firefighters. They in turn give to a child that has been involved with trauma situation to calm them.

Re-paving more streets May thru July.

County Supervisor – Evan Bollinger reported:

Passed out Supervisors report – end of year review.

Board of Supervisors adopted $5M budget unanimously. New State and Federal for training fire.

Whooping cough going around again and make sure children have recent vaccination

County’s representative member of committee of SD Water Authority.

Chairwoman Jacob, Vice Chair Bill Horn and Vice Chair Pro Tem Dave Roberts

SDPD – Officer Shana Kanoa

Recent activity of vehicle break-ins at Miramar Lake are continuing. Don’t leave things in vehicle. People watching putting property (wallet, purse etc in car).

Residential burglaries still continuing, most when garage doors open. Lock door from garage into home. Bicycles being taken.

Parking car in driveway or street do not leave valuables or garage door opener. Breaking windows to get access.

Free program Yanni you are not alone – this program set up through police department. They make sure residents have food, medications, utilities etc. If something not right, then they can contact emergency contact Shana at 858-538-8038 to get information on contact for this service.

Every January 1st because the Lake is closed, cars park illegally on the street. It was especially bad this year. Please be sure to call the non-emergency number to report. Non emergency number 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154

VP Digital Communications – Interview on February 1st so can report at February Board Meeting.

Next Board meeting time to be determined.

Recognition Night – Vince Petrucci will be Chairperson but will be spreading out workload among committee members. Starting to get information out for nominations. Then need to get those nominations written up. Looking at probably mid April at the Library.

4th of July – Not currently budgeted but in conversations to find funding and hopefully this year’s membership drive will allow for it to be added. Things need to be started up and planned if we get the funding. Looking for Chair or Co-Chairs for the event. No one volunteered but must have this to move forward.

MRNPC – Lorayne Burley report

Did not meet in January but meeting February 4th

Med Impact approved by City Council December 6th unanimously. Keep working with Developer and City on mitigation. Mitigation information is on website and in recent issue of Newsletter. SRCA supports that website. They receive reports from developer twice a year.

Carroll Canyon Site – will be on Agenda in February

Stop Sign evaluations did not approve any at Watkins Court and Scripps Creek Drive.

Elections in March and have openings. Meetings at SRCA Community Center.

SRPG– Wulfeck reported:

Nothing new to report on Carroll Cyn. Business center. EIR has not been released but should be sometime in February.

CLC (Continuing Life Communities) EIR should be released shortly.

Elections up and have 9 expiring terms and several want to come back. Bylaws state if member has been on Board for 8 years or more then should look for new members – 4 qualify for this. Nominations February and election in March.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

January – Focus water wise issues as this will become more important in future. Water Department January 25th 9 am till noon at SRCA Community Center.

Water wise tour – Sunday, April 6th. Looking for gardens that they can use for tour.

February 12th lecture on “Soil As A Living Organism” at SRCA Community Center at 6:30 pm. Talks about how to build soils holistically and healthfully. Understanding how to keep your soil healthy.

50 Plus – Drummond reported

February 5th 10-11:30 in SR Library second part of Aging Successfully Lectures “So you think that you are a San Diegan by Linda Canada of the SD History Center.

March 5th 10-11:30 in SR Library Kathy Holmes of Hardy, Outreach and Education Coordinator for San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services (AIS) will present “Live Well in San Diego”.

February 21st Sr. Living tour of Seacrest Village – RSVP mandatory

PAWS club – new location 1st Saturday each month at 4:00 pm at Lakeview Park. Pet dental disease subject matter.

Financials – Allman

Things very slow income and expenses

Ads up for January – almost equal to our budget after 4 months

Community Center operating well

Schools Committee – Elissa reported:

No meeting in December but next meeting next Thursday at Marshall Middle School

Fundraising – McGinn

SRCA membership campaign has started. Will be the centerfold for February Newsletter. E-mails going out to last year’s contributors. Website has been updated. New dollar amounts and new graphics. Word respect was changed to reliability as one of the words on gears. As part of campaign sending out to everyone on board talking points as Board members can reach out to your social contacts as to general membership and volunteerism. Businesses may want to advertise or promote their business more – like help in pursuing this portion of fundraising. Send in your check for membership.

Need one more Strategic Planning meeting to establish goals and objectives. Two proposed dates 1/25 or 2/1 and wants show of hands of who can make which date.

1/25 9-2 with lunch at Recreation Center 14

2/1 at Community Center 6

Meeting will be set up at Recreation Center on January 25th for this meeting.

New Business

Motion by Paterniti and Ernie Burciaga to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley