Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
January 13, 2015


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Allman, Cronk, Downs, Meissner, Mueller

Absent Unexcused: Clark, Colmenero, Suzara

Resignation: Cathy Burciaga (December), Ernie Burciaga (January)

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:05 pm

Miss Scrippss Ranch Alexandra Kennedy introduced herself and told a little about herself and her role in her position. She stated she enjoyed being Miss Scripps Ranch and attending many events and helping at SRCA events. Looking for someone from SRCA to be a judge for upcoming pageant. Elissa Barber volunteered.

5th Council District – Tiffany reported the following and passed out monthly bulletin.

City Council approved changes necessary to accept Fairbrook Park.

Traffic Engineering is review the traffic situation at Scripps Ranch Blvd & Mira Mesa Blvd.

As well as Hibert and Mira Mesa Blvd.

Last month was the grand opening of the West Sycamore Staging Area to Mission Trails. Gates are open 8 am to 5 pm (November to March), 8 am to 5 pm (April to October) and closed rainy days.

Drought alert for watering: Odd numbered homes can water on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and even numbered on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Apartments, Condos, Businesses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Report Waste by calling 619-533-5271 or e-mail [email protected].

Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported. Community Enhancement Grant is now open and March 1st deadline. Changes Dave was swore in as Vice Chair and also elected second VP of California State Organization of Counties. Hosted a league of Fire Safe Councils alons along the Hwy 15 corridor to get idea of what different councils are doing. Look at sharing resources. Asked each council to send what their annual event is.

Introduced Deputy Director of Animal Resources for County of San Diego Dan DeSousa. Coming to talk about coyotes. Seeing more coyotes but don’t know if we have more . Canyons are coyote hideaways. Very intelligent species of animals. Adapt very easily. Things you can do to make your yards not as appealing. Don’t leave cat or dog food outside. If you have fruit trees be sure to pick up the fruit dropped on ground as they will eat anything. They do go after pets. Can jump a 6 ft. fence. Stay outside when you have your dogs go outside at night. Have lights on. Do coyote hazing, yell at him, have stick you swing around to make them uncomfortable being around. They kill rats, mice and rabbits. They work in packs or teams.

He is available to come out to talk about animals during a disaster. AKC has 6 local dog groups that offered to buy kennels to use during disasters. Taking position of 3 trailers – one at Gaines, one in Carlsbad and one in Mission Bay.

Colin Leman Troop 616 attending to earn citizenship merit badge.

Robery by knifepoint at Z Pizza. Black mast etc. got away.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported: Date March 2nd at SR Library. Sent e-mails out requesting submittals and slowly am getting responses back. Some officials in session so may look in future changing to April. Have 50 submittals so far. Do not have firm food service caterer.

Membership – McGinn reported:

Newsletter went out and collected $2000 the first week from Newsletter. E-mails will be going out this month. Looking for $61,000. Couple of issues came up. One issue was ability to bring up a family name and working with resolve with PayPal. On line enrollment has increased. Will look at wording on webpage that it is a family contribution. Other item volunteers missing on Newsletter form. Did not have enough room to put in that area but it will be on website. Current Paypal we can do sustaining or re-occurring payments. 52 people signed up for this. 11 more this year.

District Representative – Drummond looking for help to find new District Representatives. We have 5 openings.

4th of July – Staley reported that Ernie Burciaga has resigned as District Representative and Chairperson of the 2015 4th of July Committee. We are seeking a new Chairperson. Additionally will need to look at whether we just go with sponsoring the parade and allow the festivities in the park either not take place or see if another group wants to take over that portion of the event. Suggested to set up a meeting with the committee to discuss the options and see if someone will step up to be Chairperson.

Schools Committee – Barber reported: They discussed restorative justice to be more flexible and reduce suspensions or expelsions. Do we want to follow LaJolla cluster as they were being allowed to have more flexable in their community on various decisions. Even if you got new decisions you would have to go to District for approval so it was decided not to go their plan. Jerabek will now be under traditional calendar for the 2015-16 school year. Initial switch over costs money. Principal of Dingeman Kimie Lochfield has been selected to be an Area Superintendent. Have interim Principal right now. Next meeting is next Wednesday at 4:30 at Marshall Middle School.

Digital Communications – Barnes reported last week sent out digital newsletter to the Board and only received one response back. They will go live in February. There were 589 responses to the Newsletter survey. Committee looking to meet at end of month to go over the results. Question asked about having a dialog or editorial section Have sub-committee that works on traffic issues.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported did not meet in January. Having a subcommittee meeting to discuss how to include Rancho Encantada into the Scripps/Miramar Ranch Planning Group. Has to go through Planning Commission and City Council. Technology Park only required to approve is the conformance review. Looking at two story buildings on the two lots.(Lots 7 & 8). Planning group will vote on February 5th.

Carroll Canyon apartment complex – At December meeting Planning Group approved the community plan variation. They can now proceed with community plan amendment. Goes to Council on Thursday.

Traffic – lots of problems and speed is a big issue. February 5th next meeting

Long Term Planning – Paterniti determined we needed two tools which were job descriptions for all committees and the dashboard. Then will be working to get dashboard up and running .

50 Plus – Drummond reported”

February 20th 10-11:30 am at SR Library Lecture “Maximizing Your Brain Health” with speaker from the SD/Imperial Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Assoc.

Senior Living Tour on February 17th from 10-11 am at Poway Adult Day Heal Care Center. RSVP required. Either e-mail [email protected] or call 858-397-5747.

Sustainable SR – Helen reported: Tomorrow will be having the3 first meeting of the year on Rainwater.

Also have short presentation Good Neighbor Gardens. If you interested in having one but you are don’t like to garden, they will have someone else plant and take care of it. You would be able to keep a portion of vegetables or fruit.

January 31st from 9am-noon having a California friendly Landscaping Workshop landscape at SRCA Community Center, will need to RSVP. Information on how to do design, irrigation and more. February 11th at 6:30 pm will have talk on Landscaping SR, Zero Waste.

Facebook now have 1,900 fans. More organizations asking for us to post items.

New Business – SR Spring Garage and Clean up Day. There will be two dumpsters – one at Community Center and one in Business Park. April 18th Garage Sale and April 25th for Clean-up.

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting – Bob Dingeman asking for help in taking over this annual event.

Motion by Lichtenstein seconded by Paterniti was made to adjourn the meeting

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary