January 12, 2016


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members.


Absent: Cronk, Drummond, Honeycutt, Rohrer, Szeto

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. It was a good December from SRCA perspective. E-mails went out for membership drive. City wanted to increase speed limit on Timberlake and then info sent out to 182 residents if they wanted this raise. Next step to let the City and State know we do not want these speed limits automatically raised because of current law.

Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported:

Disaster preparedness for El Nino and Supervisor meeting with Governor this week. Last week first series of storms and were inundated with calls. This was a wake-up call and need to prepare better. Anyone experiencing any property damage let the Supervisor know.

County grants – several different types and difficult to navigate. Supervisor hosting two workshops on how to apply for grants. Jan. 21st in Encinitas 12:30-1:30 pm in Cardiff by the Sea Library and January 29th in Escondido at the Chamber of Commerce from 10-11 am.

Colonel Dingeman sent letter that had to do with state prison inmates being used on fire crews and to clean debris. Wanted to look into revamping as the program has gotten smaller. Less prison inmates but Chief with Cal Fire can have 18 crews with a minimum of 12 inmates on each crew. Will look at any ways to better utilize these crews.

Supervisor first Vice President Seacat and next year President California Assoc. of Counties. Focusing on regional coordination on emergency agencies.

Congressman Peters – Robert from Congressman’s office reported:

Final date 2015 legislature session focused on biotech jobs, make college more affordable, the military.

Leading charge in approving the budget spending bill. Investment for science, tax credits on private investment for green energy.

More $3 billion for Institute of Health. Provides funds for wild fire prevention.

Voted in favor of large tax policy, makes permanent several tax credits. 2016 legislature begins foster San Diego innovation economy and support our military.

SDPD – Shannah Oliveras introduced Officer Nathan Wentz and Mark Sullivan who work in the Northeast Division. 110 sq. miles is Northeastern area. 254,000 residents in this district. December there were 10 car break-ins which are a crime of opportunity. Don’t leave valuables in the car. Five occurred in one night. Stolen vehicles 2, recovered 1 vehicle. One bank robbery at Island Credit Unit. Five residential burglaries. Unsecured garage doors (2). Residential burglaries on Sunday and early Monday morning. Unsecured side garage doors. All three cases were home. Recommend camera as cost have really come down. Need information on suspicious activity. Recent rains – do not drive through standing water or around cone barricades, yellow tape. Know alternate routes between school, work and etc. Officer Sullivan about vacations Vacation Home Check Offices or RSVP can check the house for you. Fill out the form with several questions. Want 7 day advance notification. Non-emergency numbers 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154.

Councilman Mark Kersey reported:

Rebuild SD Initiative – Chairman of City’s Infrastructure Committee for last 4 years. Worked to get a handle on how large the deficit is. 300 miles street repair this year and 5 miles over the next 5 years. Deficit facing was not created overnight and will not be solved overnight. Give half of any new dollars that come in would be devoted to this infrastructure. How do we find the money for this issue? Set 50% aside out of additional money that City received and dedicates to the infrastructure. Come out of natural sales tax growth and as City sees pension payments declining take that savings and put into neighborhood infrastructure. $260 million a year for City’s pension and will reduce in the future to $85 million. In the future City must prioritize Charter Amendment. Rolled out in November and went through Committee and go to full council in two weeks and then be on June ballot. Needs simple majority. Charter Amendment will not give City Hall the option to underfund infrastructure in the future. Council declaring a state of emergency read a second ordinance deal with El Nino Storm drain and storm channels. Must get permits from 5 different agencies and take up to 5 years to obtain. Every square foot of habitat must create 4 sq. ft. somewhere else.

Chargers – NFL approved Rams moving to Inglewood. Less clear on the Charges option to move to Inglewood with Rams or do something else for one year.

Sean Hodgson of Troop 664 Sean Hodgson introduced himself and attending meeting working on Eagle Scout Project.

Assemblyman Maienshein – Rob Knudsen reported:

Sacramento back in legislature finalizing the package for the year. Have a fantastic internship program for anyone that has high school seniors who may want to enter program. All 3 SR Interns now in college.

John Horst introduced himself as he has decided to run for Congress. Gave reasons why he wanted to be elected to represent us in Congress. February 1st at Green Flash 6-7:00 pm kick off campaign.

Innovations site development – Jim Melville taken over as lead for the SRCA. Several meetings with the grass root groups in writing opposition to the development. Also started a petition on website that is against the development. Been to both planning group discussing these issues. MRNPC has voted against the initiative. SRPG has asked for a 60 days postponement to have better opportunity to look at the project in more detail and maybe offer alternatives. IF SRPG finds the postponement is not approved then they will vote against.

Midora from the SD Unified School District passed out some information and available to answer questions. If postponement is not approved then recommend not approve the lease agreement with the Developer. Motion by Vinson and seconded by McGinn to support the two planning groups opposition to the proposed development. Traffic study is on the SRCA website and it only relates to the current site traffic versus what the new development will generate. Some peak hours are projected to have a reduction in traffic. This project is under a ministerial permit and all that is required is a building permit. Does not require a full blow CEQA.

Mello roose monies do not go to the school district. Where are the funds coming from to purchase the property? Did not receive an answer to this question. 350 students attending Innovations about 70 live in SR cluster and 10 in Dingeman cluster. Community Garden option is whether SR Sustainable interested in maintaining. No communication since November 2014 as to details on involvement by SRCA. Went with RFP and got one response. Came back in November with the proposed project and made a deal with the developer that maybe cannot be changed.

Vote to go along with the SRPG Planning group to request postponement for 60 days if they do not delay then vote against the project.

No – 1, Approved 18, Abstentions 1

Membership – McGinn reported:

Membership through January 11th generated $12,000. Bulk come within the last few weeks. Interesting how many people go to website to print form and mail in. 227 members 18%. Less in e-mails this year than last year. Letters will also be going soon.

SRHS wanted to name the street in front of high school One Falcon Way but could not afford the cost involved. Kersey is covering the approximate $1,500 permit cost. Latitude 33, Randy Coopersmith Principal Engineer. Bob asked if his engineering students could prepare the plans for the City for an in kind $2,500 membership to the SRCA.

Dave McClure, Executive Director from the SR Theatre – Were interested in the Innovations site for a new Theatre and were just ignored by school district. Performances are on the Aliant University and have been exclusive tenant since mid 90’s. Begin in 1978. Theatre now pay actors and crew members a stipend. They have operated in black every year that have been in operation. Managed by all volunteer Board of Directors. Puts on five productions a year and each runs for 5 weekends. Coordinating with YMCA for a theatre camp. They have outgrown the existing theatre and reason for looking at potential sites. Scrippsranchtheatre.org for more information.

Long Term Planning – Peranich reported:

Talked about greet and meet and the first one is this coming Saturday at Farmers Market. Looking for volunteers for February or March to help out. Plan to have a training session to pass on what learned.

Community Fair – McGinn reported

Third week of May. Brian Hoffman and ASI will be key sponsors. Still looking for volunteers.

Schools Committee – Barber reported.

Mission Federal support teachers – provide breakfast meetings and personal finance information.. They also provide for students information on savings accounts and banking.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

CA Friendly Landscape Class on Friday, January 15th from 5-8 pm at the SRCA Community Center.

Fun on the Bus and Troll on Saturday, January 23rd and Saturday, January 30th. Event is co-sponsored with 50 Plus.

West Sycamore Hike Sunday, January 17th 8 am end of Stonebridge Parkway. Also new event at West Sycamore Mountain Bike with a Ranger on Saturday, February 6th from 9-11 am.

Star Gazing event at West Sycamore on Friday, March 4th with more information to come.

Hawk Watch at Wildlife Research Institute at Begent Ranch at Ramona Grasslands on Saturday, February 6th 10 am – 1 pm. Carpooling from SR available.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported

Have had two meetings so far. Event April 5th 6:30 pm at the Library. February 28th deadline for submissions. Mayor’s office accepted to come and present one of the awards. Miss SR and Junior SR will have two new representatives. SRHS providing video service. Something new this year by asking for sponsors and if get enough will have a banner showing their names. Have 40 nominations so far.

MRNPC – Burley reported:

SDUSD Joint Occupancy Property – committee voted unanimously to oppose the proposal between SDUSD and Monarch Development Group.

Elections will be held in March.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

Met with City Planning on Library parking expansion. February or March on financial aspects.

Oakmont Senior Living is proposed 81 apartment senior living units at corner of SR Blvd and Scripps Lake Drive. Wanted to research the zoning changes they would be requesting. Want to change to IB3. That could open up to any type of residential units. Continued till February

Glenn to City Council on January 26th.

Chabad Educational Complex – dormitories will be 1, 2 3 bedroom units for students and their family.

Carroll Canyon draft EIR should be out in a couple of months.

50 Plus – Holmes reported:

Aging Successfully in SR Lecture on Friday, January 15th from 10-11:30 am in SR Library.

Scripps Ranch Travel Group – looking at the possibility of forming a Social/Travel group.

Pickle Ball – Starting February 1st there will be a new beginner’s class on Monday’s from 4:30 to 5:30 at the SR Recreation Center.

Financials – Allman reported:

Sent out a November/December Financial to Board. Received the money for the smaller grant and City processing paperwork for the larger grant. City lost one portion of grant and that has been resent. Spent money on t-shirts for Newsletter Distributors. December Newsletter 68 pages, January was 60 pages and February may be only 58 pages. Budgeted a higher level for ads and have fixed costs and so there are some concerns.

Community Center is doing very well. Bridge club has expanded and running 5 days a week. Should be very profitable this year. Renewed lease with City.

VP Communications – Interviews scheduled for January 25th and 26th. May have as many as 7-8 people.

Motion by Vinson and seconded by Little to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary