January 10, 2017 @ 7:00pm


  2. Opening Remarks Ilko
  • Talks are continuing regarding the Innovations School development site
  • An email from a school district employee was found in a FOIA request. No response has been received in writing from the district’s PIO.
  • February newsletter will have a new centerfold: a trivia quiz about Scripps Ranch history to show people what SRCA does, but also inform people about the history and culture of the community
  1. Public Comment regarding non-agenda items


  2. 5th City Council District (Councilman Kersey) Alex Vivona
  • There is a new Council President: Myrtle Cole
  • Mark Kersey was elected by his peers to be Council President Pro Tem and was re-appointed Chair of the Infrastructure Committee
  • If you notice storm drains with debris, please let our office know at (619) 236-6655
  1. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) TBD
  2. State Assembly 77th Dist. (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen
  3. U.S. Congress 52nd District (Congressman Peters) Jennifer Sosa
  4. San Diego Police Department Officer Shannah Oliveras
  • December stats: 9 car break-ins, 2 commercial burglaries, 0 residential burglaries, 0 auto thefts
  • New Acting Captain of Northeastern Division is Charles Lara
    • Been with SDPD for 17 years, worked in the Leadership Development Unit, Southern Division, Mid-City Division, among other assignments
    • Coordinates the Inside SDPD program; the next one will be publicized for anyone who would like to participate
  • If you would like to do a ride along with SDPD to see what firsthand police officers do, contact Shannah Oliveras



  2. 4th of July Committee Clark
  • First meeting is tentatively planned for next week to start planning
  1. Membership McGinn
  • Membership campaign started; emails went out and letters will be going out
  • Over $10,000 collected, we are on track to meet our goals
  1. Activities McGinn / Petrucci
  • Meet and Greet in May
  • Community Fair is back on; Brian Hoffman has volunteered to Chair the committee
    • Date is tentatively moved to June 4
    • Brian would like to change the location to Alliant University soccer field
    • Goal: generate enough profit to pay for 4th of July Parade
    • Additional volunteers are needed for planning and day-of the event
    • Any questions/comments/volunteers can reach: [email protected]
  • Elissa and Barbara are working on the cleanup day for April
  • Details on the garage sale day need to be worked out
  • Event pictures are needed for the website
  1. Digital Communications Fregoso
  2. Financials Allman
  • Financials to be emailed separately
  1. Recognition Night Petrucci
  • Date is set for April 3, nominations due February 28
  • Committee has started meeting and needs nominations
    • 13 nominations have been received so far this year; last year there were 45 at this time
  • Sponsorships needed
  • Day-of volunteers are needed for setup before the event
  1. 50 Plus Holmes
  • Events are in the newsletter
  • 50+ Committee meeting next Thursday (tentative); will be discussing plans for the upcoming year
  1. Schools Barber
  • Crisis kits are ordered but not yet arrived
  1. Sustainable SR Plutner
  • Sustainable will be getting Green Street together for the community fair
  1. Planning Groups Wulfeck / Burley
  • SRPG
    • New member: David Munoz
    • Member elections are in March for 10 of 20 seats
    • SDGE Public Affairs Manager Todd Voorhees provided a report on project: night work will be done for west of 15, day work for east of the 15 (along Pomerado Road and Stonebridge Parkway). SRPG is working with SDGE to try to avoid school traffic peak times. If there is an emergency, SDGE will cover trenches and open road for emergency traffic. 18 months estimated total construction time. Work is starting soon.
    • April 2017: likely beginning of EIR process for new SDGE gas line
    • Bob Ilko: SDGE will be unable to close off certain roads connecting to Pomerado due to EIR
      • PUC may review the traffic control plan
    • SDGE will have a pre-construction meeting on January 28 at the MM Senior Center
    • Carroll Canyon Rd project: Draft EIR should be out soon and will be reviewed by SRPG
    • The Glen grading permit was issued, grading will begin this month. Site prep will be done all year and building in 2018
    • Chabad: grading is mostly complete; 84 apartments should be done this year
    • Greg has broken ground on their new preschool in Stonebridge
    • Because of runway work at North Island, some squadrons have been temporarily relocated to Miramar for the next month
    • Feb 2: next meeting
  • MRNPC (Ilko):
    • A 5-year extension was approved for Sudberry to file a vested tentative map for the Watermark Project
  1. Long Term Planning Peranich
  • Full document was sent out to the board this afternoon
  • This Saturday 10am: meeting to review the goals and strategies of the existing plan and to determine how to make progress on goals and strategies that haven’t been focused on; full SRCA board is invited
  2. None

Meeting adjourned to next meeting on February 14, 2017.