1. WELCOME  call to order 7:02
  • Roll Call    
  • Modifications to the Agenda
  • Non-Agenda Public Comment: Scout

               Gwen bandt – concerns about condition of Hendrix pond.   Off leash dog run     Ads on trees at Pomerado and Willow Creek.

  • U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) E. Magee    Not present
  • CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) R. Knudsen    Not present cal legislature reconvened yesterday. Brian’s office will send link. Brian looking for another productive year.
  • County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) D. Steiner    Not present
  • San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Q. Grounds     following up with mayor’s office on roads, especially Scripps poway pkwy.
  • San Diego Police Department Officer C. Santos  Decembere no stolen vehicles, 9 car breakins,   secure cars at night. 2 residential burglaries affinity court, Spencerport way, 0 commercial burglaries.
  • San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) DCA A. M. Council  not present
  • Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck and Abella-Shon      no meetings in January. Alliant property sale in process. We will not have a community planning meeting.
  • MCAS Leaders Forum D. Mildice


  • Approval of December 11, 2018 Minutes All    approve 15-0-1
  • Appointment of Qualified Residents to SRCA Board Vacancies – Candidates: Lane Vance (District 12), Becca and Michael Tomcho (District 15), Tina and Jeffrey Hunter (District 10), Lizzie Le (District 18) all appointed as District Reps. Amanda Crider and Karen Hancock attended for the first time.     Elected unanimously.   Thank you new members.
  • Contact Relationship Management System Philips    4 Commercial vendors of CRM systems:  (Jan McGinn likes NeonCRM) These are mostly designed for non-profits doing fundraising.   two require a contract.   Currently we use Access and Constant Contact. New system woul update, consolidate, integrate functions.     All have ability to email on our behalf. Templates for contacts, communications, website update. Monthly cost are $300 to $480.   All have a startup fee. Some allow import of phone data. All would help initial integration for a one-time fee for data migration. 3 of 4 have open API.

All allow for multiple users and tiers. All offer training for fee. Some have payment system for fee.  

Can we ask for references? (yes).         Can they integrate with PayPal ? (Most want us to use their own payment system).  Do they do US mail? (no but provide mailmerge for our own mailer).   More info to be sent to Board.     Who retains ownership of the data?   TBD.     Maybe vote next month.

  • 2018-19 Budget Ilko/McFarland .         Budget on screen and handout.        Comments:   Thanks to Chris for his work on establishing the budget.       Question: what about the grants?   Restricted grants e.g. Christmas tree from the county.   Some grant money is used for something that was funded otherwise and then that money is freed up. E.g. 4th of July last year.   At this point, one grant is coming in. 4 others are being sought.   Most will be restricted. E.g. grants for the alarm at the community center, AV equipment, etc. See budget detail.  Motion to approve the budget as presented:   Unanimous.
  • SRCA President’s Report Ilko    Committee membership update.     Several members are working on website update.   May move to WordPress.  

New Brewery   Harland ??

Recognition night: go to the website and submit nominees.

Community Faire: plans ongoing. Still looking at locations.

Membership: worked out issues on mailings. 90 new, 805 non-renewals. Working on maximizing ROI for mailings. Newslettrer centerfold: Most new memberships coming in on PayPal.

  • Operations Oversight Advisory Group Philips
  • Budget Advisory Group:   Met multiple times on budget presented tonight.
  • BRM Report Ilko    To date: total cost $5200 including $2000 recruitment. He has brought in 2600. This month: 5 half pages.  

Adjourn: 8:40

No closed session VI. CLOSED SESSION / INTERNAL BOARD ISSUES (if needed)

  • State of the SRCA All a. Communications/Social Media/Website
    1. Other Business