January 14, 2019 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room



  2. Meeting convened and Roll Call at 7:02pm
  3. Modifications to the Agenda
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment – Ryan Cunningham introduced himself as Independent candidate for CA 52. Issac Wang introduced himself as candidate for City Council District 5. A. Grady asked about when the needed repairs for the SRCA SR Community Center will occur? B. Ilko mentioned it is a sensitive issue being handled with the Mayor’s office and City Attorney’s office as to what repairs will be handled by the city and what repairs will be handled by the SRCA.


  2. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – J. Brown introduced herself; she came over form Susan Davis’ office; the office can assist with federal issues; Peters vo
  3. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) – T. Philips read R. Knudsen’s email to the community.
  4. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) – no report
  5. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) – no report
  6. San Diego Police Department – Ofc. C. Santos – promotions and movement within Department is coming up; new officers finishing up training and will soon be patrolling; issues with Beeler Canyon and kids going down there has had the Department in the canyon quite a bit recently; complaint was received about the SRCA withholding information from the community; December – 1 residential burglary, 0 commercial burglary, moving truck stolen but recovered because of OnStar; Traffic concerns can be reported on the City’s website; Neighborhood Watch – new presidents in Mira Mesa and Rancho Bernardo want to model their programs after SR’s.
  7. MCAS Leaders Forum – T. Garcia – dark in December.
  8. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) – W. Wulfeck – December meeting in December was devoted to fire safety in Stonebridge…looking at issue of a second entrance/exit into and out of Stonebridge; overgrowth management is paramount this year; Planning Dept. is seeking input on planning groups on their website; SB50 is rearing it’s head again…SRPG voted to deny the bill and will likely vote on it again…takes local planning powers away from locals and gives to state; next meeting is Feb 6th; both planning groups will have elections in March; Renzulli property development is coming back soon. B. Ilko said C. Sudberry reported the Watermark project will begin grading at the end of January.



  1. Approval of November 12, 2019 Minutes – motion by W. Wulfeck to approve the Minutes as presented, 2nd by L. Vance – passed: 17-0-1


  2. Appointment of Qualified Residents to SRCA Board Vacancies – T. Philips and B. Ilko reported out the vacancies (3) on the Board as well as the Treasurer position. They encouraged Board members and community to consider asking friends who may be interested to think about the SRCA. S. Belt introduced himself to the Board and community and expressed his interest in sitting on the SRCA Board. Motion by B. Tomcho to appoint T. Garcia to Board, 2nd Ilko
  3. Shaw prepared a report to the Board re: CRM system and wanted to get input from the Board on his plan. Plan was circulated to the Board and D. Shaw discussed his proposal. Board members asked a number of questions and D. Shaw was encouraged to try out a pilot program to work out bugs and bring it back to the Board for further consideration.


  2. SRCA President’s Report – B. Ilko gave his President’s Report; we need assistance with Recognition Night and we need nominations for awards; Tuesday April 7th is the date of RN; 4th of July is being planned; 50th Anniversary needs to be planned and B. Tomcho and D. Neaves both expressed interest in chairing the event; Cedar Fire project – need some people to assist in making a pdf picture book for the SRCA website; volunteer has been identified for Quickbooks and SRCACC; 50+ had first event of the year which was successful; SSR has a woman planning for a talk on birds and one coming up on electric cars; a walk with the advisory council will be planned for West Sycamore; L. Vance designed new license plate; Membership – Dec NL had remit envelopes have been coming in with approximately $10,000 coming in; Constant Contacts is how we communicate with residents so please forward contacts DLs have with residents; 200 new NLs will be printed for the commercial properties and the Glen; Volunteer Group has Spring Cyn. Rd. median clean up on Saturday (1/18); Neighborhood Watch – how to set it up: the block captain model has gone away and SR remodeled it; no longer require block captains, but streets can have one if they want one, but all members have direct access to Cheryl Shaw as the person who runs the program who works with the SDPD and Constant Contacts; SR has 3,215 people in the NW program.




Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm.