Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
June 12, 2012

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.

Absent Excused: Bastien, Buck, Cathy Burciaga
Absent Unexcused: Lowery, Mueller

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Ilko mentioned Bob Fitzgerald a member of Old Pros was playing softball when suffered a heart failure due to bad pace maker. One of players from another team was a doctor and performed CPR to save his life. Our Recreation Centers, Library, Community Center and a couple of storage units for sports leagues have defibrillators.

SRCA has Country Living license plate holders (250) that we are selling for $20. Info will be in next Newsletter.

Open Space brush management, taking place off Canyon Lake Drive west of Ironwood and other streets in that area on Friday. A misjudgment was made of clearing area behind home 150 ft instead of the required 100 ft. Some trees were cut that should not have been.

Bob Dingeman – It is Bob’s 90th birthday. Please consider signing up to prepare dinner for him and Gaye through Gloria Tran.

SR Theatre – They are looking for volunteers to be on their Board. They will be looking to do fundraising to create fun for another location once Aliant University property is sold.

SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan reported:
Captain Ball will be retiring in two weeks after 35+ years of service. At this time they do not know who his replacement will be.
There was a shooting in Mira Mesa which was due to domestic violence. Call made at 7:00 am.
Suspect opened the door and then bolted. The Officer pursued. Small pistol on his ankle holster came off during a scuffle. Suspect was told to stop, he did not and was shot and killed.

Neighborhood Watch – Meeting held in the Stonebridge community and another one on Frank Daniels Way.

4th of July – Suzara reported:
Ruben and Jany met with Old Pros at the Park to go over the layout. Food vendors will be: Tommy’s Mexican Food, Harvest Jack’s, Kaminiski’s Super Q truck, and Finest Kettle Corn. Ronald McDonald will be special guest in parade and the DeLorean cars will be back. Only 20 entries so far and will be sending out E-Blasts.

Financials – Allman passed out the monthly financials.
Newsletter staff ran a sample color front and back for a $525 charge (250 copies). Currently talking to advertisers who normally pay for ads in this area to see if they would pay the higher cost.
Community Center shows a slight loss due to taxes that has been corrected and renewing alarm system.
New permit fee is $600 and will have a monthly rental fee of $140. Old SDG&E costs will be covered by money set aside by Brian Mainsheim to cover center expenses. The permit will be renewed yearly. Next item is to sign the new agreement.

SRPG – Ilko reported:
Planning group recommended to support changing open space to a dedication rather than designated. This would stop any future development in these areas. The City would need to pass a resolution.
Committee will not meet in July.
Med Impact – They need to begin the EIR process for the remainder of their property.

Fundraising – Braunstein reported:
Passed out a summary of the new fundraising activity – a Casino Night October 6th at Harrarh’s Casino. The event is $99 and includes your meal and chips. Bus transportation will be available. Looking at new ways to raise revenue and also if popular to making it an annual event. Also looking to set up a sub-committee that will work on obtaining donations for items for the Opportunity Drawings or sponsors. At the end of the gambling attendees can participate in bidding on items with their chips.
A motion by Braunstein and seconded by Paterniti was made to move forward with the event.
Vote was Yes – 13, No – 2, Abstentions 3. Motion passed.

Elder Care Alliance – Hunt reported:
May had a Senior Housing Fair and unfortunately the attendance was disappointed. Some vendors wanted a refund. Had hoped to raise $1,500 to $2,000 and then transfer the funds to the SRCA.
Monthly visits to premium facilities in the County. Generally have 10-15 attendees and they go to lunch afterwards.
PAWS – Pets Advice Wise Seniors. They had 40 attendees this year but over 100 2 years ago.
Technology Fair – In the planning stage for one in 6-9 months.

Supervisor Slater-Price – Steve Hadley passed out the Supervisor’s Newsletter.
Reminded us of the 211 number to call for County Social Services. Also can call for info on
Registrar of Voters – there was trouble with website night of election. Homeland Security indicated it was an attack on the website. Paper reports were prepared instead and passed out.
Power plant proposed near Mission Trails Park. It would be a peaker plant with natural gas. Requires an EIR. It would be close to Hwy 52 & Mission Trails Regional Park east of Miramar.

Communications – Cavanagh reported:
June 7th & 8th was the annual Thank You to the volunteer Newsletter Distributors with a night out at the SR Theatre.

Sustainable SR – No report this month.

Schools – Barber reported:
Graduation requirements will be changed to meet UC requirements. Now requires 2 years of
language. Tougher requirements.
Union negotiating with School District as to length of school year and whether there will be raises in the contract.
Cutbacks will mean most schools will not have a nurse.

Reminder that SRCA Board Meeting will be dark in July

A motion by Morrisey and seconded by Wurtzler was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary