Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
June 11, 2013

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board members.

Absent Excused: Allman, Kalkin, Nelson

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm

Tiffany Vinson reported:
Mark will have his second Twitter Q&A this Thursday at 1:00 pm. 619-236-1155.
Infrastructure Committee – No formal process was in place to get input from Community via Community Planning Group meeting and infrastructure Committee meeting. New process will get approved next week. Each Planning Group will be authorized to gather information on what things the feel need done in your community. This year City will be hosting workshops. Workshops to educate everyone on how the process works, where funding can come from etc. New computer program to go on line so any resident could give their input on needs.
Budget had been passed by Council and waiting for Mayor’s signature. Labor contracts approved for 5 years. Savings anticipated to be $25 million this year.

Supervisor Dave Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported:
Dingeman spoke on behalf of SRCA on our grant submittal. Final decision will be made next week.
Budget month at County. Balanced budget with AAA bond rating also increased revenue.
Land Use – need to keep look out for standing water due to mosquitos.
Exceptional family event July 2nd Supervisor will have a booth.

Congressman Peters – Shea Benton reported:
June 22nd at 10:30 am-noon town hall here in Scripps Ranch at the Recreation Center.
Bi-partisan strong act introduced by Congressman which deals with speeding up disaster relief.
Process to have everyone working together.
Congress has sequestered his paycheck each month and taken 8% each month and donating to San Diego Sr. Center.

SDPD by Ilko
18 year old failed to stop when leaving a party hit another car and fled the scene. Later returned to scene, but denied driving car, cut on finger, blood on ignition which matched to him. Showed he was driving. Hit and run felony.

A 10 year old boy was accidently shot in chest and died. Investigation taking place of owner who owned gun.

Mira Circle above lake a 3 yr old jumping on bed pushed against window and window open and fell 2 stories and fractured his skull. Children’s protection services involved.

Community Fair/Fundraising – McGinn reported:
Thanks to all the committee members and volunteers. Had a lot of good comments and generated almost $2,900 in profit. Kept tight control on expenses. Had 125 vendors and also generated good sponsorships. Opportunity drawing for 4th of July raised $213 and there was also $200 in sales for license plate holders. Beer and wine garden made $230 and more participants. Free wine and beer tickets went to sponsors. Cost of the fencing is big expense.

MRNPC – Lorayne Burley reported:
Watermark – still waiting for final EIR to come out. Two planning groups will meet together to discuss project. Colton Sudberry came to meeting and Ilko gave suggestions on alternates for traffic that were well received. Parking may change here and there. Final EIR should be out in a couple of weeks. MRNPC would respond to final.
Lorayne is new Chair of MRNPC. Still looking for a few more members. Will now put MRNPC back on the Agenda as either Lorayne will attend and Tom Meissner is also member of group and can report.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:
Carroll Canyon proposed development (N/E corner I-15 and Carroll Canyon Road. Currently zoned for industrial and owner proposing zoning changed and amended Community Plan. Proposed development is for a large store 122,000 sq. ft. and few shops. Two levels. Parking first level and store above. Current rumor was Walmart was prospective tenant. Some attending meeting were against this. Very early in the process. Developer has a non-disclosure agreement and thus cannot confirm nor deny that it is a Walmart. He also has another backup tenant. Bottom line we don’t know. Initial EIR probably out in August timeframe, 45 day review. Then goes back to Planning Group before go to City’s Planning Committee. One advantage is project not in the middle of community, near freeway access etc. The project would north side of Carroll Canyon, center lane would be double left turn and add a right turn in and out. Carl’s Jr. would have a median break. Anticipating 10,000 per day additional cars. Regular Walmart is 150,000 square feet. Unknown effect on other businesses, traffic, country living.
Sandag has an $8M analysis on traffic flow getting onto and off freeway as to do with signal lights. Planning Group would need to bring up these issues on existing strategies. Only thing available are renderings and to publish need developers permission. Still might not be what final project would look like. Community input will be available at each group. Planning has some influence in indicating what type of project (ie store). Another argument on how it affects local small stores in the community. Ron Curry head of the business organization said they feel it would be beneficial to the community.

Rich gave CLC community update. Concentrating on their traffic report. Argument is 55% reduction in traffic over if the full use of current owner was there. No mitigation required for Pomerado, but there will be some impact. Some proposals to balance type of communities mostly not residents. 163 employees with staggered work times and low traffic input. Van and car sharing for shopping trips etc. Most trips for appts. would between 10 am and 2 pm. Worst scenario 1,880 trips per day. Scoping meeting July 10th and begin EIR process.
Wulfeck attended Community Planners Council meeting. Bicycle master plan update voted on and had not been done since 2004. 13-12 in favor. Nothing east of I-15 in the plan and reason he voted no against it. Planners not very happy with the update.
Planning Groups subject to more reporting due to Brown Act. Require more record retention. Fairbrook new 4 way stop sign . City has not awarded any tree contracts for MAD groups. Requested to approve getting our own contract.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported.
June 1st Home energy efficiency tours and good turnout in conjunction with California Center for Sustainable Energy. Last one June 29th. Committee meeting to decide what events or programs they will offer in the fall. Can only put signage out the day of an event but will try to see if we could out the day before rather than same day.

4th of July – Suzara
Committee meeting held last night and committee looking for help putting out No Parks and flyers on Sunday, June 30th. If can volunteer contact Ruben or Jany and pick up ice cream. Still need 2-3 younger folks to help hand out ice cream. Starting a new tradition this year to carry banner which indicates SRCA sponsors event at front of parade. Bob and Gaye Dingeman will be Grand Marshals.

Schools Committee – Elissa reported: Last month principal of HS attended. Recent scandal overshadowed a lot of good things going on at the high school. Interesting to hear about the aggressive TV reports on sidewalks to interview and stop students under 18. Students were suspended but allowed to attend graduation and prom. But the harassment designation would still be on their record and follow to the colleges they want to attend. Other principals were in support of her decision. Seven schools in SR are all eligible for school grant from SRCA. Announced that grant would be reduced to $750 this year. To date have received wish lists from all schools except Jerabek. Most of the items are very basic.

SR 50 Plus – Paterniti reported the PAWS group is going to be meeting 1st Friday of the month at 4:00 pm at SR Community Park beginning this month.

Olive Trees – up to 61 trees have received designation and agree with City staff that little to no maintenance required. Just want trees preserved from Fire Department having Park & Rec. cut down. SR Environmental fund paying stipend to help us and also towards maintenance of trees. Settlement funds from a previous suit Planning groups won years ago can be used for issues in SR.

CERT – has a lot of excess supplies due to folks getting out of organization or moving out. Looking for a place to store these.

New Business – Ilko . Bob Cavanagh position a position at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan and moving in August. Wanted to thank him for all his years of volunteering. He will be missed.

Motion by Ernie Burciaga and Cathy Burciaga to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary