Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
June 10, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Allman, C. Burciaga, E. Burciaga, Colmenero, Downs, Lichtenstein, Suzara

Absent Unexcused:

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:07 pm

Jan Kane asked when incorporating Stonebridge into the SRCA and Ilko indicated there will be two districts. Waiting to try to get more residents to know about SRCA so they can get involved and increase interest in new positions. Collecting e-mails and also communicating through HOA. Jan suggested e-mail Property Mgmt. company to distribute information. HOA Mgmt. Company now has a Newsletter that they are sending out with the monthly bills.

Ilko attended grant meeting today where Todd Phillips and Lorayne Burley made a presentation for funds for the 20th Anniversary of Miramar Ranch North. Applying for grant through community enhancement program. About 250 groups vying for funds. The grant money would be used to sponsor a 5k run in the Fall as the anniversary celebration. We should know within next couple of weeks what amount we will receive.

Andrew Erickson introduced himself as a freshman in college and also working in Brian Maienshein’s office. Bill AB 264 would allow homeless 16 days to live free in a hotel non-consecutively. This allows that if they have to leave for any reason can still have access to hotel for however many days left.

AB 1733 bill establish fee waiver for homeless to get state ID’s and birth certificates to apply for state benefits.

Officer Fisher introduced herself. We reported that we have a new Captain in Northeastern Division who is Acting Captain Dawn Powers. Requested if you see someone camping out or even hanging around in canyons then you should call the police so they can go and check out what is going on. Burglaries are down and have not had one in SR since March. 619-531-1000.

Elder Care – Rob Holmes few years ago formed SR Elder Care Alliance to bring volunteers and paid supporters for elders in their homes. We did not have the personnel, training etc. to do this. Once Eldercare transitioned into SR 50 Plus the decision was made to focus on things the group could do. Involved in providing lectures, yoga classes, PAWS, exercise classes etc. Also looked at opportunities where group could offer services and communication of Elder Help of SD. They have established programs in many areas of City to provide services to residents. Services are provided by volunteers in the community. They recently opened up programs where residents could sign up to be a volunteer. Recently Officers of SRCA signed a MOU with the Elder Care specifying which organization is doing what (SRCA/Elder Hel SD). This month the services are available here in our community. The goal is to help those that want to age in their homes and stay in their homes. Home Share Group volunteers in community to service those in their own community. They brought some of their brochures. Concierge Club includes transportation and other services. Volunteers come into the homes help pay bills, read mail, get calls they don’t understand. Home Share program where a resident has an extra room or separate residence that can provide a place for an older person. They would pay rent. They have now gotten first member and have 6 volunteers.

Congressman Peters: Shea Benton reported Scott attended the recent Community Fair and will be in the 4th of July Parade. Today passed HR reducing patient wait time at the VA. Veterans will have option to utilize private hospital

Disaster Preparedness June 30th 6:00 pm Library with several agencies.

Mission Trails Park – 200 acres went to City to extend size of park. Jim McGinn is now SRCA representative to the Board. Creating a page on our website showing maps. Jim Executive Director of the Foundation indicated helping with education, communication, maintain and grow the park. Park is currently 1000 acres and the border stops at Hwy 52. Ultimately looking for a connection through Goodin Ranch. Henry Miller, Selle Dominiguez two Rangers were introduced and brought a map showing the access points. Have about 7 miles of trails out at west Sycamore. Trailer located at the end of Stoneridge. There will eventually be some porta potty’s and work with security company to open gates at sunrise and close at dusk. Have one ADA and one regular porta pottys. Crews are out their cleaning up the areas. Looking at community to plant native plants and work with schools for opportunities for education. Steve Haymon ex teacher working on being a guide and represent the community aspects. All levels of volunteering available. Some work in Visitor Center, Trail Guides and work with various youth groups. Working with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for their Merit Badges. Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday there are walks at 9:30 for anyone that wants to join. Campgrounds opens this Friday at southeast end of park. Then will have an official opening.

Community Fair – McGinn thanked everyone who helped out. Weather was good but attendance was down a little, however only heard positive comments. Three was a conflict with a youth soccer tournament. Net $1500 profit. Meet in July for lessons learned and improvements for next year. Any ideas give to Jan. Set up a little differently with a number of new vendors. Packed with community entertainment. Opportunity bean chair drawing. 50-50 drawing and received about $160. Look at doing it again.

Membership – McGinn reported as of end of May we generated $53,000 from membership with 1,200 members. Went past budget approved by Board. Doing one more e-mail blast and which will only go to those that have not contributed yet. Jan has done a great job of cleaning up our database.

Symphony in the Park for SRCA have a group July 13th at 5:30 am. Let Ilko know so he can set up an area for group.

Budget – Staley reported have started the budgetary process, receiving input from Committee Chairs and then will begin preparing draft budget. From there will present to Officers and then send to full Board for any questions or comments before it will be presented in September for a vote of the Board.

Renzulli Family – 6 residents met with them walked through old house and property. They gave group old pictures of ranch to have for Community Center. Cost $250 and 5 folks contributed so no cost to SRCA. Renzulli property is now up for sale.

Long Term Planning – Paterniti now has goals and strategic planning process. Goals are very broad and require oversight. Paterniti as information to Board that the Executive Committee is comprised of existing Officers and Past President. Each member has a vote except previous President. Decisions made at EC are binding to organization. Oversee programs and activities to make sure in line with Goals, which includes all Committees. Each committee is invited to a meeting to go over their upcoming activities or event. Others also can attend a meeting to ask questions if they have any. Meetings are held the first Monday of the month. Jim re-establishing the Long Term Planning Committee to follow through with the strategic planning dash board and goals we established. We would like to have a little seasoning in the organization as a member and interested in being on committee – email Jim.

Schools Committee – Barber reported they met in May but do not meet in June, July and August. SRHS 1100 AP exams were taken. 515 attended prom. June 11th is graduation and Friday last day of school. Jerabek last day is July 21st. Committee looking at changing schedules and look to put everyone on one schedule. Days schools closed for fire emergency does not affect school curriculum. Informed schools that due to Membership drive improvements the SRCA will be able to provide $500 grants. Only received 4 of the 7 letters so far.

4th of July – Ernie has pneumonia was in the hospital for a few days.

MRNPC – Burley reported they have a new member Robert Gilman.

Urban Forest Management Plan. Representatives from SD Children & Nature Network presented to MRNPC about this program.

AT&T Wireless – The Board was asked to reconsider their March recommendation for approval (11-0) at their June 3rd meeting. Two motions were made (1) to rescind previous recommendation in favor and motion failed (6-2-1). Second motion was to recommend denial of project as presented and it failed (4-2-3). Thus the original approval stands.

MRNPC is 20 years old this month. First house closed escrow on June 24, 1994. This event was recognized with a proclamation presented by Councilman Mark Kersey and a reception before the June meeting.

Sycamore to Penasquitos 230 volt Transmission Line – SDG&E is proposing a project which includes the replacement and/or relocation of existing power lines with existing easements. Project would start in June 2016. Project pending CEQA review.

Digital Communications – Barnes reported there have been updates to Facebook and website. Supporting upcoming events by posting in these sites. Car show coming up on Facebook. Committee met last week and plan in going forward with priority e-mail clean up of database. Will be sending out e-mail asking folks on what list they want to be on. Streamlining information from sign up forms into data base. Before this was a manual process and it is now an automated process. Short term versus long term goals. Website looking to post Officers bio’s and profiles. Also throwing out an idea of a business directory even for residents that may have a home based business. Membership and Digital Communications will work together on coming up with the criteria and rules. Final report of Recognition Night now posted on the website. Also looking at an option of a drop box available to Board. One Drive main file sharing depository. Mary has file structure by committees with folders and Committee Chairs be the editor of those files. Hope to have out in July.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported group had presentation from Fire Chief at Miramar. He told about dispatching of their firefighters and safety on base. Recent small fire off Canyon Lake in SR responders were Marines and Poway. Talked about deployment of personnel to Camp Pendleton fire.

Rick of Continuing Life Communities plans going forward working with City on draft EIR. Only senior community planned here in SR.

Caltrans original comments were mostly negative but won’t comment further until final comes out. If their comments were addressed will make no further response.

Jerome’s Furniture planning doing some exterior modifications to their building. Signage will be improved and add room showroom. Not required to come to Planning Group but did.

Verizon has proposal to relocate a facility by Chabad. No one has been able to get information from Chabad on what is going on. Be hearing more in next few months some residents very upset.

AT&T antenna at Sycamore Estates held off vote because several residents were upset about it. The information on location was incorrect. Rescinded previous approval and recommended to give denial.

Speed reduction City traffic division to reduce speed limit but ultimately voted to keep Old Creek Road to the end to remain at 35 MPH. Tribuna wants to look at speed control there.

Established subcommittee on public safety – lot of brush overgrown in canyons and along Pomerado Road. Look at coming up with a plan to reduce the brush.

Three potential sites for traffic slowing signs Aviary, Scripps Lake Drive and one at tot lot on Forest view.

50 Plus – Drummond reported next Aging Successfully Lecture is June 4th from 10-11:30 am at the SR Library “Intergenerational Programs-Opportunities for SR”.

Aging & Independence Services is holding an Aging Summit on Thursday, June 12th with the theme “Creating a Safe & Caring Community”. This will be held at the Town & Country Convention Center. For more information or to register go to http:/aarp.event.com/AgingSummit2014.

Relay for Life at the Community Park on June 28th.

Motion by Boerner and seconded by Wulfeck to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary