Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association

June 9, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members.


Absent excused: Allman, Barber, Cronk, McGinn, Melville, Staley

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Colonel Dingeman wanted to give credo to Scripps Ranch for doing their homework and research when needed.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:

She introduced her new replacement Alex Vivona.

· As Always, you can call our office to set up coffee or a meeting with Mark – (619) 236-6655 and ask for Heidi

· Budget approved –

o Scripps Ranch Rec Center will get extended hours

§ Going from 45 hours/wk to 60 hours/wk

§ Working on scheduling those hours

o Do Your Homework at library – will continue at SR and will be year-round

o 300 miles of street repairs

o 4 Police Academies

o 3 Fire Academies

o Sandiego.opengov.com

Congressman Peters – Evan Bollinger reported: Congressman has been working with defense budget and working with brush management. Brian Elliot will be replacing Evan and starting work on Monday. TPP bill – Trade Partnership with south pacific – Congressman reviewing for consideration. Won Legislator of the Year for the County of the Arts.

Symphony in the Park – Lisa indicated first concert will be on Sunday. 15 athletic scholarships. Girl Scouts are starting a recycle program.

Fire Safe Council – Karen – Commitment from Marshall Middle School working in September with SRCA to work on Fire Expo and 9th Annual Golf Tournament in August

SDPD – Shannah Oliveras – If interested in getting a speed trailer, email Shannah. Incident command boards – will be in all of the police cars to be able to work with fire and swat team.

May stats – 5 commercial burglaries, 6 residential burglaries, and incident in SR on the 11th – 1pm. Resident sees a vehicle, passenger gets out and jumps out. Commercial burglary x 5, Car break-ins x 10, Residential burglary x 6

June stats so far 2 residential burglaries, bikes are being stolen again 5 recent cases.

Next door.com – will get a notification on your account of the helicopter announcements. Video cameras – all control officers will have cameras on their person.

Inside SDPD – event this Saturday – Police academy – how officers respond to things. Project child safe – donated gun locks to PD. If interested, call Shannon. If going on vacation or having house tended, fill out a form with Shannon.

District Representative interest – Lenore – 1 , Karen – 20 , Alex – 21 , Jim – ?, Tiffany

Job is to represent the neighborhood and raise issues. Board and be a part of events and the community.

Community Fair follow up – Plutner on behalf of McGinn. Total for the year brought in $785 due to last minute sponsors and reduced expenses.

Membership – Drummond on behalf of McGinn – exceeded net membership goal. Short on the number of members for the goal. Next campaign phase in June and July. Pursuing new database options to reduce data entry time.

4th of July – Clark reported looking for volunteers for Parade Marshalls 9 am – 10:30. Job is to be the eyes and ears on the parade path. Old Pros want to do face painting and jumpers at the park. Still looking at getting permit for the ice cream – need volunteers to hand out ice cream 11:00 – 1pm.

50 Plus – shared with SSR, SDG&E sponsors on the June 19th for Emergency Preparedness. June 25th Senior Living Tour. Need Volunteer to coordinate the PAWS program. Next month in the July NL – promote elder help – matches up seniors with those who want to rent out their house. Coordinate with Alzheimer’s Association there will be some volunteer opportunities

Sustainable SR – joint lecture with 50 Plus with SSR. Garden share will be picked back up with July and August. SDGE has provided $500 for the fair.

Long Term Planning – Peranich – dashboard on the progress of the strategic plan belongs to the Executive Committee – Micro meetings by district. Reach out to realtors to partner up with residence. Recruiting and retaining volunteers – improving marketing for potential volunteers.

Digital Communication – Barnes – Committee met last month to discuss the results of the survey. Next steps for redesign is homepage content and design. 2250 people on the Facebook page.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported planning group met last Thursday. Water district. Community planners committee – subcommittee to change the city charter. Report from traffic sub-committee for the traffic action plan. Relocating the entrance to Sycamore Park. May revisit the stop sign as there are mixed opinions. Technology park – expansion of parking moving along. Also looking at alternatives across the street. Carroll Canyon Center – proceeding with planning and documentation efforts moving. Water restrictions around the schools and parks. Water around Hendrix pond will continue. Approval on extra water for the Jerebek Community Park. Closed all summer as well as other schools. July meeting will be canceled. Next meeting will be August.

MRNPC – Burley reported: YMCA update – Mark Thomson provided update and discussed future plans for the SR site. SR service area has 11k program participants. The 10 year lease agreement was renewed for another 2 yrs. The facility can include a swimming pool, weight room, etc.

Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) had reduced water by 33% in the Miramar Ranch area. Replacing plants with drought tolerant plants. Over grown plants were removed and replaced.

Dev fund operations – committee approved a shay structure to blend with the architecture and additional benches. Requires approval from city council.

Received request from the city for the wireless communication facility at the fire station. Plans are available for review on the MRNPC webpage on the SRCA website.

MRNPC always looking for new members – contact Lorayne. Next meeting will be in August.

Minutes by Natalie Barnes on behalf of

Jany Staley, SRCA Secretary