June 12, 2018

SRCA Meeting DRAFT Minutes

Convened: 7:03pm

Present – A. Szeto, L. Pernauch, H. Plutner, R. Holmes, L. Everson, R. Buck, G. Clark, B. Ilko, T. Philips, D. Engler, J. Kane, T. Meissner, W. Wulfeck, B. Cronk, G. Elliot, P. Honeycutt

  1. Report to the SRCA
    1. Presidents Report – “No Feeding Ducks” Signs are up at Evans and Hendrix Ponds; trying to get one at Miramar Lake; response from community has been very positive. Today is B. Dingeman’s 96th birthday and B. Ilko will wish him a happy birthday on behalf of the SRCA.
    2. Non Agenda – none
    3. Recognition Night Awards – J. Kane was presented with her award. R. Holmes recognized all of the efforts on behalf of 50+ and many other events, groups and activities.
  2. Elected Officials
    1. Erin Magee (Peters) – June 27 Senior Scam prevention seminar in Poway; Medicare is rolling out new cards with non-SSN identification – contact Peters’ office if you don’t receive one in the coming months.
    2. Christina Santos – gave out May crime stats in SR (see handout in files). 15 car breaks ins are happening on Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings; most cars are being left unlocked; 5 of the 15 had windows smashed.
    3. M. Council – neighborhood policing division of the SDPD is focused on homelessness in the community; they can be alerted via the city’s app; taking homeowners to court over nuisance abatement issues – cracking down on those providing substandard living conditions to tenants.
  • Discussion Items
    1. Monarch Apartments at Innovations Academy Site – Draft EIR is now final as of Monday (6/11) and is open until June 19th when SDUSD is to take a vote on it for certification; suggestion was made to wait until SDUSD certifies the EIR and approves the project to then approach the developer for some form of community benefit from the project (i.e. senior center, fire lane expansion, or turf on Spring Cyn. Park).
    2. Bylaws – T. Philips, W. Wulfeck, and T. Meissner presented an overview of the Bylaws revision. The Board had a robust discussion about the Draft Bylaws and its provisions with many questions by different members of the Board. B. Ilko suggested perhaps holding a special Bylaws meeting with a PowerPoint to go through the changes at the July meeting.
    3. 4th of July – still need a photographer, please forward any names to G. Clark (L. Pernauch volunteered); also need convertible cars and drivers; Andy Nicholas of Old Pros is asking for volunteers to learn and assist with the set-up of the sound system equipment for this year’s parade (G. Elliot volunteered).
    4. BRM – T. Philips gave update on pending offer to candidate in the coming week.
  1. Adjourned at 8:58pm