June 11, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

  2. Roll Call   7:03   call to order   16 members present.
  3. Modifications to the Agenda —
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment
  6. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – E. Magee (Congressman guest) – Not Present
  7. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein)
  • Discuss the Assembly Bill 845 and 85
  1. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) – Not Present
  2. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) – Not Present
  3. San Diego Police Department
  • Auto theft – 0
  • Auto break-in – 6
  • Commercial break in – 1 (Soberos Restaurant)
  • Home break in – 2 (attempts, no theft of items)
  1. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) –Not present
  2. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC)

Wally –

  • Park improvements
  • New Parks
  • Hendricks Pond
  • Planning meeting – Fire 37
  1. MCAS Leaders Forum
  • Noise complaint addressed to MCAS base
  • Toured Tower/Radar Room
  1. Car show pushed later to Sep/Oct time frame.  1st annual car show (Tony G). Sponsored by City Chevrolet ($1,000). Seeking local sponsors. Located at Community Center parking lot, 8/31/19.       First 30 cars that register (website to registioer and entry fee of $20) are in the car show. Judges will present top three cards with ribbons or trophies. Concerns are that it falls on Memorial Day.


  1. Voted unanimous to approving SRCA FY 2018-19 Budget Adjustment for SDG&E Grant at 7:34pm.
  2. BRM (Matt) has resigned due to relocating. Replacement BRM is unknown at this time. Last sales report was received and shared with SRCA members.
  1. Dennis
  1. Noted CIP improvements list from  SRPG due soon (Wally’s report)
  2. Communication/website = need meeting.   [Yea Bob called a Membership meeting last weekend but did not follow up after asking for available times; Its ben 23 months since the last one!]
  3. Minutes from May were not ready  [yours to do  double up to keep current.  Are you posting to website when approved?]
  4. Rudy Suzara rejoins district vacancy TBD – ask Todd.  He can back up Constant Contact outgoing messaging volunteer vs paying Cory $200/mo
  5. Budget adjustment for use of $5K grant funds presented and approved
  6. Budget adjustment policy presented and approved.


SRCA 50 plus board meeting and updates:

  1. A new Alzheimer’s San Diego Dementia Support and discussion Group starts tonight (June 11) at the Community Center. The Group will meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 6:30 to 8:00pm. The leader is a Scripps Ranch resident who was recruited with the help of SRCA 50 plus.
  2. SRCA 50 Plus will start a new series of events Scripps Ranch’s Got Talent in July. These are intended as monthly intergenerational events where twenty o under and fifty or over are invited to share their interested and talents in a community gathering focusing on a specific theme – in this case, “Patriotism.” People will being their personally – created “works” – painting, phonographs, baked goods, knitting, quilts, inventions, poems, stories, jokes, songs, plants, floral arrangements, pottery, wood-working, clothes – anything that illustrates their “talent” related to this theme – display and discuss at the Scripps Ranch Library on July 13.
  3. SRCS 40 plus plans to start a Nordic pole walking group to walk at the lake starting in August.
  4. We have several new volunteers on SRCA 50 plus Committee who are helping get these new thing started.


Meeting Closed at 924pm

  • Intense discussion with regards to hiring a new BRM and what measures have/will be taken to increase membership in the future

VII. President’s Report

  1. None