Published On: October 4th, 2018Categories: News

The Alliant International University property has been for sale for over a year. KB Homes is considering buying the remaining 73 acres of the campus for a residential development.  The types or number of homes has not been disclosed yet.  As the developer prepares an application to the City of San Diego, the SR Planning Group will be the lead community agency responsible for investigating, evaluating and recommending either an approval or denial.  If the project is submitted to the city for processing, an Full Environmental Impact Report will be generated as well as both General Plan and Community Plan Amendments.  The SRCA’s role is to provide you information and to provide the decision makers of your concerns and/or issues.  We want to hear from both those in opposition and those in favor of whatever project is presented to the community.  If you want to participant and/or get email updates, please email us your name and address to [email protected] to be put into our email distribution list.  

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