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Girl Scout “Dives” Into Gold Award Project

When I started springboard diving the summer after 6th grade, I knew awareness of the sport was not widespread. However, I was still surprised to find out during my freshman year of high school that none of the county’s schools had full dive teams.

I was sure there were other kids out there like me who wanted to be active and belong to a team but were intimidated by competition or thought it was too late to learn a new sport. By getting the word out to the community about dive’s existence as a high school sport, I felt that these two problems could be solved.

Thus I dedicated my Girl Scout Gold Award project to raising awareness for the sport of dive. This past year I held three free introductory dive sessions at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club with the help of my teammates and coaches. I also went to Marshall Middle School and gave a presentation to all the PE classes about dive. There were more than 1,400 students and surveys showed that 65% of them did not know dive was a high school sport prior to my presentation.

At the end of my presentation, I advertised for the free introductory dive session that I held just for middle school students. I also advertised at eight high schools around the county for an introductory session just for high school students right before dive season. In total, 35 prospective divers attended my sessions. The season after my project, Scripps Ranch High School had a full girl’s dive team! I am hopeful that the number of divers will continue to increase once the middle school kids I spoke to enter high school.

Another part of my project was to make a website to further educate the public on the sport of dive. You can visit it at [www.diveintosomethingnew.webs.com]. This website will continue to provide thorough, clear answers to dive questions after my project is completed.

This project has been an incredible experience for me. I improved my public speaking skills, advertising technique, and delegating abilities. I also gained confidence in my ability to make a difference in my community. By publishing my story, I hope to inspire others to pursue solutions to issues they are passionate about.

Julia Weinstein, Troop 8101