My Brother and His Amazing Adventure

I am very proud of my brother, Dylan Tran, who’s 11 and has lived in Scripps Ranch since he was born. He was chosen to become one of six junior concierges at the new LEGOLAND Hotel—out of more than 700 entries nationwide! This wasn’t a contest where you just enter your name and they pick people randomly. My brother had to write a 50-word essay about why he was good for the job, and he sent a picture of himself surrounded by his many LEGO creations. Dylan wrote about his love of LEGO blocks and how he teaches 1st graders Character Education at his school. These are the first-ever LEGOLAND Hotel junior concierges in the country!

In late March he went to a daylong “training” with his colleagues. They were fitted for junior concierge uniforms and learned all about the hotel. He and the other kids also got a sneak peak of the rooms. He said it was one of the best days of his life.

He had a lot of fun during his day of adventure, but he says his favorite part was when the LEGO master builders secretly made mini-LEGO models that looked just like each of the kids. For example, one boy had red hair and they made his hair with red blocks. The master builders hid the “mini-me’s’’ in Miniland in the LEGOLAND park, and the kids had to search for them. Dylan found his in Washington, D.C., at a garden party.

Dylan will “work” a weekend shift at the hotel later this year, and we get to stay there. During his shift, he will help people and tell other kids what he likes best about the hotel and park. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Dylan and a good way to become a leader and help people. Dylan will remember this forever, and I am very proud of him.

Tyler Tran, Dylan’s Brother