Have a Heart and Change Someone’s Story

How would you feel if you couldn’t have a birthday party? Our Brownie Troop 8908 learned of children at the San Diego Rescue Mission who are there because they don’t have homes or money for food. We knew that meant they didn’t have the money for items like a cake, decorations, or party supplies. “I would feel bad if I couldn’t have a birthday party,” said troop member Lily.

Our troop has been working on a badge focused on “Changing a Story,” so we decided to make a change for Rescue Mission kids and put together a “Birthday in a Box,” with money earned from Girl Scout cookie sales. “Everybody deserves a birthday party,” said Quinn, another Brownie.

The troop decided on several birthday themes, boy and girl, bought supplies, and packaged them in boxes to deliver to the Rescue Mission. “Our kids felt so special!” said Mark Lagace at the San Diego Rescue Mission. “I am not sure they would have had a birthday party without you and your girls.”

Our troop believes our whole community should pitch in and help the kids at the Women and Children’s center have a monthly birthday party. For more information on how you can get involved and provide “Birthdays in a Box,” please contact the San Diego Rescue Mission at 619-687-3720. Troop member Caylee says, “It’s your chance to feel great and make someone else feel great.” Do you have the heart to change someone’s story?

Cassie, 9-year-old Troop Member