Mrs. Schwartz’ graduating 5th grade class at Dingeman Elementary School submitted these exceptional poems to share with the community. Enjoy!


Friendship is a person who picks you up when you fall.

Friendship is a person who stays with you when you’re scared.

Friendship is a person who keeps all your life’s secrets.

Friendship is a person who stands for you always.

Friendship is togetherness with love.

Friendship is a person who invites you to every sleepover.

Friendship is a love between you and your best friend.

Alyssa Garcia

My Home Rainbow

In my colorful home, America

Safely runs through the equal hearts

Of all the kinds of people,

Immigrants or not.

Kind diversity sings

With unique joy

And prideful liberty

In an explosion of justice and equality.

In this loyal world,

Like a dove flying in the sky

America’s proud heart grows with justice

Through the unique seeds of tomorrow.

Ben Ritter

Knowledge That the Moon Owns

Sun, is the moon your graceful daughter

And the dancing stars your playful grandchildren?

Are the wild horses actually free,

Or under the capture of ever present humans?

Is singing the majestic mountains

Talking through your tiny soul?

Is a large future your destiny

Or is a large future your dream?

Are known names a blank,

white board,

Or a colorful feeling of happiness?

Is birth a new hope or new chaos?

Are wandering animals just trying to

Find the empty homes

Where they have left their lonely souls?

Why whisper when the whole wide world

Can hear you thoughts?

Libby Mills


Friendship is a soaring superhero,

Turning melancholy into burning sunshine.

Friendship is like sugar and water,

They can’t be separated.

Friendship is when you laugh at jokes,

Even though they are not funny.

Friendship can shatter glass,

But it recreates into a blooming flower in the Spring.

Friendship is caring for your friend.

Friendship is Love, mystery, and hope

Put together all in one bag.

Ashrita Gudavalli

Dancing Suns of Beauty


Gentle bubbles,

That float,

Around the world,

To help,

Suffering people.

Hands promise,

To encourage,

Tell you,

To keep on moving,

And never give up.

My tiny hands,

Can create,

A sparkling miracle.

For millions of years,

These ten suns,

Shine into a shadowed soul,

And brighten it up,

With a warm hug.

Hannah Ngo


Friendship is someone who shares the last donut with you.

Friendship is sadness turned to joy.

Friendship is someone who makes you not feel lonely.

Friendship is someone you can express your feelings to.

Friendship is someone who you can play video games with.

Friendship is something two people can share.

Daniel Quinn

Kept Secrets

How does the twinkling moon kiss the ancient stars of freedom?

Does every dark heart remember every dangerous hated person?

Who created a loving God?

Did killing begin because of chaos and name-calling?

Is hope the song that ties everyone together?

Why do people need a path of love when we have God to take our sorrows away?

Is wicked fire what burns in your bleeding heart when you get cursed at?

Is the blazing sun made out of hatred towards chaotic people?

Daniel Onofre Jumayao

Creators of the World

My creative hands sometimes dance over the paper,

Painting it with a colorful life.

When I create,

I unfold magical unknown secrets.

Kind hands, gentle and warm,

Embrace us, spreading caring love to the fingertips.

Hands speaking as they flutter

Like a dainty butterfly through the air.

Hannah Lee


Friendship is a deep connection between sweetness and saltiness.

Friendship is caring for others when they are deeply hurting.

Friendship is a magical dream between a strong bond.

Friendship is like two people shining like bright, red rubies.

Friendship is a bond bursting with neon fireworks.

Friendship is siblings getting along like beautiful rainbows.

Esther In

I Really Know Blue

Blue smells like the fresh blueberries

Fallen from the hidden bushes

Exploding with a wiggle, the comforting bubble bath,

Which races through your body, and the blossoms of the

Victorious spring season which sways away in the wind.

Blue looks like the salty, glistening ocean

Which throws the rapid tides, trembling on to the rocky sand,

And my ugly Christmas sweater

That has sapphires bright

Sprinkles of itchy sparkles

And the big gigantic ocean

Up in the unknown galaxy.

Blue sounds like

The charming blue bird chirping away in its

Own melody, its harmony echoes through the tropical forest,

And the ocean waves slapping the innocent sand

Its rhythm sounds like maracas in harmony,

And the rhythmic recorder floating with its high and low notes.

Blue tastes like the sweet gummy bears

Dancing on the guitar strings and singing their own groove.

A Jolly Rancher which grabs each taste bud growling

For the taste of that scrumptious sugar.

And frosting layered on top of cold

cake and frosting wrapping it with a scarf

of sweet warmth.

I really know blue!

Pooja Mehta