A four-legged furry friend made a visit to Mrs. Bologna’s 2nd grade class last school year at Jerabek Elementary. The students were so excited, they insisted on writing and illustrating their own book about the experience. Each child received a bound copy to share with his or her family and friends.

Once A Cat A Time*

By Mrs. Bologna’s Buddies, 2nd Grade, Room 501



Once a cat a time, in room 501, Mrs. Bologna saw something unusual. It was a Tuesday morning after a four-day weekend, and she was excited to be back in the classroom with her wonderful students. As she walked through the room, she noticed the room was slightly disheveled. The trash can was tipped over and a basket of papers was scattered across the floor. Mrs. Bologna cleaned up the mess and quickly forgot about it.

Later in the day Mrs. Bologna was teaching writing. We heard a soft "meow," and Mrs. Bologna said, "Who’s making that noise?" She looked right at Mason R. and he said, "Don’t look at me!" Then Charlie said, "I think it’s coming from outside. Look out the door." Mrs. Bologna opened the door but no cat!

Later, Hovik was doing his news report and again we heard a soft "meow." This time, Mrs. Bologna knew it was coming from her desk. She slowly crept over to her desk and looked under it. Glaring back at her were two green beady eyes, attached to a black furry body. Immediately, Mrs. Bologna beckoned, "Mrs. Chell, can you come here, please?"

As Mrs. Chell entered our classroom, Mrs. Bologna asked her to look under the desk. Mrs. Chell said, "Is there a rat under there?" (Mrs. Chell despises rats). "Nope. No rat," said Mrs. Bologna.

As Mrs. Chell bent down to look under the desk, she said, "I don’t see anything." Mrs. Bologna told her to look closer in the corner. Mrs. Chell got on her hands and knees to look closer. All of a sudden, she shrieked "AHHHHH!" The startled cat leaped toward Mrs. Chell as Mrs. Chell jumped into the swivel chair with both feet at once. The cat dashed through the carpet area, over the children’s heads, and down the hallway.

Everyone was frightened and curious at the same time about the grey and white cat with green beady eyes. Where did it come from and where did it scurry off to? Mrs. Bologna wanted to get all the children out of the classroom so she sent them to lunch a couple of minutes early. Minutes passed and the lunch bell to go back inside rang. Everyone rushed to Mrs. Bologna, asking, "Where did the cat go? Is it okay? Where did it come from?" "It is down the hall in the quiet room. It won’t bother us," declared Mrs. Bologna.

As the children entered the classroom after lunch, they were still chatting about the creepy cat. The cat was still down the hall, locked in the quiet room. The children continued to wonder, "How did it get in the classroom? Whose cat is it? Is it a wild cat or someone’s pet?"

The mystery continues….



*This book is dedicated to the cat who spent a weekend in our classroom. We hope that it is safe, warm, and happy now.