This month we share writing from students at Miramar Ranch and E.B. Scripps elementary schools. In addition, you’ll meet a young Scripps Ranch resident who writes about the special way she wanted to help the homeless…and she got her friends involved as well. Kudos to our creative and giving young people!

Creative Writing From EBS

Helpful Bat Creatures

I think bats are helpful because they eat insects that eat crops. They are also helpful because when they bite into the piece of fruit the seed comes out and another fruit can sprout. Plus scientists can learn a lot from nature. Bats can also be helpful because when the bats eat the insects the insect population goes down, so the bat population and the insect population are balanced. That is why I think bats are helpful.

Andrea Chan, Grade 2, Mrs. Templeton

Why I Love Hanukkah

Mmm, pumpkin flavored gelt! Maybe they should invent that one day. In my opinion one of the best things in fall is Hanukkah. I love playing dreidel. I love the fun prizes and the yummy gelt. When you land on gimmel, you get all the gelt. I also enjoy trading prizes.

Another thing I like about Hanukkah is having a feast: chocolate cake, cheesy lasagne, chewy chicken, crunchy veggies and soft cinnamon kugel. Yum!

I also like lighting the menorah. I like counting the nights and holding the helper candle. I enjoy decorating and glitterizing menorahs, too. Opening presents is super fun. I love giving and receiving presents. Also, Hanukkah is eight nights, so eight nights of presents! I like diving and getting buried in mounds of wrapping paper. That’s why I like Hanukkah in the fall.

Melanie Livingstone, Grade 3, Mrs. Gelaro

A Busy Morning!

Today when I was getting ready for school these are some of the things I did. First I made my bed. Second I changed my clothes. Then I went down for breakfast. After that I brushed my teeth. Then I packed my bag. Then I took a bath with soap and water. And after taking a bath I drank one glass of juice and water.

Then I sat and drew some pictures like my family, myself, and my friends. After that I read a book called The Report from The Black Lagoon. And then I sat and did my tracing. Then I sat and watched TV. I watched Horse Land, that’s what I watched on TV. Then I put on my shoes, sat in the car and drove to school.

By Tara Kamath, Grade 1, Ms. Hurley

The Polar Express

What an amazing trip I had to a wonderful place in Williams, Arizona called the Polar Express. First off, my family consisting of my mom and dad, my sister Carly and of course yours truly, packed and loaded up the car and headed out for our adventure.

When we arrived, my mom and Carly checked us in to the hotel while my dad and I unloaded the car. Soon after we had all settled in, it was time for dinner and we all got into the car and drove through the snow to get to the restaurant. Later on back at the hotel, we all thawed out in front of the fireplace and played Apples to Apples for hours until it was time for bed.

The very next day our family took advantage of another snowy day and went outside to build a seven foot tall snowman complete with buttons, a hat and scarf, an of course a corn cobbed pipe! After our day in the snow we headed inside to the heated pool and had a splash! I was so hungry later on at night, I ordered myself a steak dinner. After a great night’s sleep, we all had a chance to ice skate the next day. By the way, my blade was cool and my face was freezing.

When it was time to leave I was very disappointed. I went back out to the snowman and took a really nice picture. At 12:55 pm our tires hit the road and we left the Polar Express to make our way back to San Diego.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Polar Express, please let me know and we can share some great memories like the train ride where the elves give you cookies and hot chocolate, and Santa Clause himself gives you the Christmas bell. The whole trip is something to remember and I highly recommend everyone to do it.

Matthew Krnjaich, Grade 4, Mrs. Rowe-Sample

About Me

My name is Marley. My favorite animal is a lamb. I love my mom. I like my friend Katelyn. I am 5 years old. I like my Dad. And my mommy.

Marley O’Day, K, Mrs. Offord

Baking for Those Less Fortunate

Hi my name is Gretta Lawson and I am a 5th grader at Miramar Ranch Elementary. I asked my friends to help me bake cookies to serve to the homeless. I wanted to volunteer because I realized that I had a home and lots of food and others did not. I wanted to give back. The group included Karla R., Amanda K., Isabella D., and me.

Bella started by getting a group of girls from Dingeman Elementary School —Aryana B., Natalie I., Keya M., Maya I., and Haley M.—to decorate 250 bags. Then it was time to bake. Each of the four girls agreed to make nine dozen chocolate chip cookies. That’s a lot of cookies!

We then bagged all of those cookies to hand out. For our first time serving cookies we went to the Ladle Fellowship at the First Presbyterian Church of San Diego in late November. The Ladle Fellowship serves meals to more than 200 homeless people every Sunday.

Fresh baked cookies made a lot of homeless people smile, which made my day. I learned that it was a big commitment, but I would like to do it again. Special thanks to my mom for helping make my project come to life. Also thanks to Bella, Karla, and Amanda’s parents for their support.

Gretta Lawson