Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

March 8, 2011




The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.



Absent Excused: Ilko, Lichtenstein, Morrisey, Wurtzler

Absent Unexcused: Burciaga

Resignation: Paul Vaughan


Vice President Jim Paterniti called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm. Paterniti informed everyone that Paul Vaughan has resigned as District Representative effective immediately. We now have five vacancies which is the most we have had for a long time. Suggestion was made to put the word out to Neighborhood Watch that looking for volunteers.


The Executive Committee (Officers) is meeting monthly on various items and issues and also meeting with the Chairpersons of all committees.


5th Council District – Jack Straw reported

                Trash service to private streets in HOA’s due to stop by July 1st. Meeting set for April 13th at 6:30 pm at Community Center. City Attorney will be reviewing whether the Council can overrule the Mayor’s decision. They are working on ways to communicate with various homeowners affected. If they are not successful in overturning will be prepared to have new hauler in place for HOA’s.

                State of District Speech – Road Repair Rally announced which will document all potholes. Scripps Ranch will be first community and asking for volunteers to meet April 23rd at 9:00 am at SR Community Center. Once the list is compiled will then schedule City crews to come out and fix the potholes. An article will be in April newsletter.


Supervisor Slater-Price – Jill Monroe reported:

                Board vacancies – As mentioned before there are various boards that qualified citizens can serve on.  A listing of those boards were passed around for anyone that might be interested.

                February 25th Business Partnership was successful with over 100 small businesses participating.

                Supervisor’s Newsletter was passed out.


Assemblyman Fletcher – Chasen Bullock reported:

                Woman of the Year – Indicated the deadline is March 9th and can forward info to Assemblyman’s office. It was brought up that since we know there are probably many worthy candidates that it would be helpful to receive the information earlier and should inform community groups.

                State Budget – This is continuing discussion but no agreement has been reached.



Senator Joel Anderson – Ed Smith introduced himself as representative for the Senator.

                Senate Bill 851 – Deals with fraud and waste of Caltrans projects.


SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan reported:

                Burglaries – two residential last month. At one residence the doggie door was busted open to allow entry. There have been 14 vehicle break-ins. Thieves are mostly stealing GPS devices, MP3 players.

                RSVP – Just graduated 8 new recruits for SR & Mira Mesa area.


National Children’s Study – Trishna Mejia stated this is a national study of children from birth to 21 years old. Scripps Ranch was randomly picked to be one of communities that will be included in the study. The study will be based out of UCSD. Recruitment will be done door to door and for a five year period. The goal is to include 100,000 in the study. Future article in newsletter.


Recognition Night – Boyce reported she is looking for some volunteers to call and notify the recipients of upcoming award and to be present at event. April 12th 6:30 pm social time, 7:00 awards begin and location Marshall Middle School. Kathy Randall and Jim Paterniti volunteered to do calling.


Community Fair – Bev Cassity reported that beginning this year they will be having a “theme” for the fair. This year’s theme is “Green Street” and working with Helen Plutner to have a row of booths from sustainable type vendors. The fair will be May 15th and start at 11:00 am and end at 5:30 pm. The SR Symphony in the Park committee is reducing their concerts by one and it will be the one held after the Community Fair. SRCA will now take over hiring and paying for the concert. This will also allow better coordination with only one group at the park overseeing all activities. Bev will be looking for more sponsors to offset the cost for the band. The children’s fun zone will also be expanded.


Helen Plutner indicated they are looking to bring various groups and agencies to participate at the fair.


Communications – Mary Drummond indicated that she is looking for someone to help her with e-mails to community. This would take about 3 hrs a week and would partner with her. Ability to write and have graphic arts knowledge would be helpful.  


Redistricting Commission – Paterniti reported the independent Commission will be providing new boundaries for 9 council districts. Meetings are the first and third Thursday of the month.   Discussions are that Mira Mesa will be the center of the new 9th district. Sandag must provide the census data by April 1st. There are two levels of data – track census data and block census data. Commission voted on two outreach meetings – 1 meeting preliminary of proposed map and one after proposed map boundaries. They are required to provide their recommendation to the city by the June/July timeframe.

The new proposed council boundary map is to be provided to the City council in the June/July timeframe.




Schools Committee – Barber reported that the school budget is still the main issue. Miramar Elementary and SRHS received some money for facilities. Schools in SR are shrinking in size, as numbers are down. It is thought some of this could be attributed to the opening of St. Gregory the Great’s school and other private schools. Kevin Beiser will be at the next Schools’ Committee meeting.


School District is looking to establish a Focus Group Forum with five representatives from each school.


A middle of the road approved budget would mean that the per student contribution could be as low as $350.


Financials – Allman sent out financials electronically to all members of the Board. A one page summary of the status of the Fundraising Drive was provided. Overall dollar amount is up but number of supporters is down.


The Youth Leadership Conference that we provided partial sponsorship to two students for the amount of $200 each was cancel because they did not receive all of the private funding. The sponsorship money was returned.


Newsletter – Last month’s edition was 84 pages. Ads have picked up a little and still breaking even. It has been 4 years since advertising rates have been raised. Allman indicated that a sub-committee should be established to review and determine if it is time to raise rates. The Community Center is still making money.


Budget Committee – Staley reported request made to Budget Committee to help sponsor a Spring Egg Hunt that the SR Recreation Council & Center is going to put on April 21th from noon to 4:00 pm at the Community Park upper passive area. The committee could not agree on sponsorship and original amount asked seemed to high. Staley made a motion to approve a $700 sponsorship of the event and it was seconded by Suzara. A discussion took place to answer questions. The vote was 15 Yes, 1 No and 0 abstentions.


Fundraising Committee – Braunstein re-affirmed that financially we are doing better but still concern that the number of supporters is decreasing. We have a platinum sponsor ($1,000) which is H.F. Fenton.


Elder Care Alliance – Randall reported on April 11th from 1-3:30 pm there will be a Healthier Living Work Lecture being put on by SD County Health & Services.


Sustainable SR – Plutner reported that a number of seminars are coming up the next several months at 6:30 pm at the Community Center.

                Family Adventure in Nature will be March 2nd

                Water-wise garden tour will be at the end of March and also April 2nd.



SRPG – Boerner reported:

                Carroll Canyon Bridge scheduled to re-open late April

                Lot 7 & 8 of the business received an inquiry from Kaiser concerning the possibility of building a hospital on four contiguous lots. Very preliminary inquiry.

                Fire Safe Council – Jerry Mitchell working on evacuation planning. Meetings will be on third Thursday every other month.   There will be 2-3 collaborations with police and fire department.

                Spring Canyon Elderwood Median removal – Looking to have 6 questions in a survey of residents and it will be on SRCA website.

                Horizon site at Carroll Cyn. and Hwy 15 – Sudberry Development has given preliminary indication they are interested in purchasing the site for future retail.

                Irma Road Project by HG Fenton received approval for 114 rental apartment units.


MRNPC – Met with HOA up the hill from the Scripps Poway Pkwy & Hwy 15 Impact site to discuss future              proposed retail development.


Garage Sale – April 9th and sponsored by Coldwell Banker.


Clean-up Day – March 12th


Motion by Allman and seconded by Suzara to adjourn the meeting.



Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary