The Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

March 11, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Clark, J. Nelson, Petrucci

Absent Unexcused: V. Nelson, Messiner

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:05 pm.

Gene Gomez lived in Scripps for many years and recently passed away. His wife found many old documents about the ranch that she passed on to Ilko.

Newsletter – Presentation by Editor Gloria Tran. Tran has been the Editor of the Newsletter for the past 12 years. She gave us an overview of her 17 plus years in broadcast journalism in LA and San Diego, as well as having produced newscasts and special reports etc. Has a lot of experience in journalism law. Background helps her in what readers are interested in reading. She also is a community volunteer in various organizations and committees. Her goals are to be accurate, fair and balanced, communicate community information. Policy determines which articles to include. Two basic policies: group or individual must be based or live in SR and be non-profit . The style is based on New York Times Manual of Style and Usage. Editing guidelines are adjusted as needed.

The Newsletter is planned throughout the month and some items months in advance. Center fold booked in advance sometimes year ahead. People send articles during the month and she sends out reminders to regular contributors. Edits information for grammar and accuracy. Work with ad manager to see how many ads are sold each month and goal to break even. If have to go smaller than must relook at articles. Keeping up to date with City news and how it may affect the ranch. Two week lead time to get printed etc. to get to door. This is reason for delays on some information. If something is coming up, please contact her. Question was asked how many hours the Editor spends each month to put the Newsletter together. Tran indicated very difficult to come up with exact number, but estimates is approximately 80 hours a month. Newsletter committee only involved with budget but not the running of the newsletter. Passed out three different versions of front page to changes over time. Adding more special reports, have put classifieds into sections. Looking at ads to make sure they do not look like editorials. Open to ideas and suggestions. The SRCA newsletter if the record for SR. Historical importance.

Newsletter organized on website differently than hard copy Newsletter. Made decision not to have pictures of children on website which would happen if went with a PDF. Question was asked that would like to have it organized to make it easier to find articles. She will look to having an index and put more in order of Newsletter. A few years ago 88 pages of newsletter and 52 pages of ads was standard. Used to have a waiting list for ads. Been more challenging in recent years.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:

Lost three staff members, so short handed right now.

Lakeview Park changed out some parts of children playground equipment in kids area. Waiting for parts for Spring Canyon kids play area. Can only replace parts rather than replace entire piece of equipment, otherwise handicap regulations come in effect.

Voted on paperwork for loan for $66M for infrastructure.

Budget season coming in.

Congress 52nd District – Shea Benton reported:

Last year completed first budget to get approved without going crisis to crisis. Supports no budget no pay.

January announced San Diego received remainder of $236M to complete the border crossing. The last phase of project will be completed over the next couple of years.

Congressional STEM competition – applicants can submit a mobile application . Folks from local tech industry to judge. Running through end April. Contact Shea if interested.

SDPD – No residential burglaries in past month. Kanoa unable to attend due to day off.

Recognition Night – Vince on vacation and McGinn reported:

Information in newsletter, website, e-mails. Received 50 nominations so far. Event will be held at the library and wants to go paperless-no hard copy program. Will have information on screen and then on website.

Carroll Canyon – Ilko recusing himself but giving the background. Wes Danskin and Bob Dingeman thought it would be good to send a letter to City of SD Planning Director to set up a meeting to discuss the project and zoning. Ilko read the proposed letter.

Question on whether we should take a stand right now. Should this stay with Planning Group? Is it appropriate to back this or are we letting open the door to support this group (SOS Ranch)? There is precedent for this type of support in the past. Dingeman has past history in building up relationships with City personnel. With Bob at his age we don’t really have someone to fill that role. Dingeman is person suggested to write letter asking for meeting.

Discussion took place on the subject. Following comments were made: facilitating conversations is good role but not aligning to one side or another. Lose the ear if we take a stand on one side or not. Truly being facilitator and keeping them informed and community sees as being honest by providing a forum. Gain more respect from community. Make them aware of results of independent pole. When taking the poll people are expecting we are doing something with the information. Mary suggested in SRCA with guests.

Elissa Barber made motion to approve letter as written, seconded Bob Cronk that a representative of SRCA, Bob Dingeman and SOSR will sign the letter. Yes – 15 Against – 4 Abstentions – 2

Community Fair – McGinn reported: Still looking for volunteers. Asked how many on Facebook as promoting it on that format. Sunday, May 18th.

Scrapbooking – Barber stated this activity came from the strategy planning meetings. Looking to get more involvement from community and maybe even make a little money. Using room at Recreation Center. If interest exceeds room size could move to larger room if event goes well.

Strategic Planning – McGinn passed out the Strategic Plan Dashboard. Summary of goals, objectives and tactics draft version. This is so we can keep on track and identified areas may need to work on.

Membership – McGinn stated current information is at top of the Dashboard page. The $54,480 would cover all events and groups. SSR brought in $350. Personalized letters were sent to each member of Board for members to in turn make a minimum of 25 copies and send out to residents in their district or friends. The question was asked if anyone had opportunity to send out and have any feedback. Little response. Jeff Nelson is spearheading to have a night at different restaurants in area where we would get 20% on that specific night. Have one every month. Looking to make this an annual fundraising event. SRCA cannot get all funds from one source.

4th of July – Ernie Burciaga indicated hope to get word in a next week or two if we will have the funding to sponsor the event. The committee has begun the planning in anticipation that we will receive funding. Goal is to increase neighborhood participation. The theme “SR Celebrates the 70’s” should help residents come with ideas for floats and costumes. Victoria Mazelli has created a logo that represents this theme. Encouraging District Representatives to encourage neighborhood groups to enter parade or organize to put together a float. There are 9 returning committee members and have added 5 new. Total of 14 but willing to have more. Will be meeting once a month. Next year contacting Legoland for a float. Decided not to charge public for any activities. Agee to solicit additional funds on SRCA website. Asking for businesses to contribute to that event. Article in April Newsletter.

MRNPC – Burley reported had meeting on March 4th

Held Ad Hoc meeting on Knob Hill improvements – no significant comments were made.

Re-elected 3 new members. Will elect officers in May.

Digital Communications – Nathalie Barnes reported:

Reviewed statistics month to month view of website.

Website – increase in total visit between December to January. Increase of 23% Question was asked if for certain areas and that is unknown at this time. Then a drop in February.

Visits only counting once went up 21% from January to February and then decrease in February.

It is consistent that we are getting new people visiting the site. Bounce rate between dropped in January and increased a little in February. 55% rate leaving site once get there.

Facebook – January and February engagement liked or shared a post, December to January 90 instances, in February we had 271 sharing, comments or posting.

Total number new people liked Facebook December to January 17 new people, January to February 13 new.

Communications Committee to establish goals and short term and long term.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported

AT&T wireless antennas in Rancho Encantanada.

Policy expands Planning Groups responsibilities. Institutionalized authority Recently had elections and elected three new members and three existing members left. Established a startup committee on EIR for Knob Hill pump station. Like to establish a slate of experienced residents to review EIR’s (example area of explosives etc.) Looking to collect a list of volunteer/experts. Usually work is for short period of time

No new action on CLC or Carroll Canyon project.

Sustainable SR: Plutner reported

Sunday at 11:30 am introduce residents to trails set up by Mission Trails Regional Park. Jim McGinn will be heading that up.

Waterwise Tour on April 6th. New signs made up by Gary Clark’s wife. Homes on north and south side of Pomerado, HOA and some sites will have some non-profit booth. Looking for more sponsors, have two so far. Information on website and description of what houses can offer you. Examples: How to raise your own chickens, water storage, food features, hardscapes etc.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:

Travel Bug Part 2 on Wednesday, April 2nd 10-11:30 am at the SR Library. DayTripper Tours to describe their programs to us. The offer one day and multiple day deluxe motor coach excursions from San Diego to destinations and attractions throughout Southern California, Baja Mexico, the Southwest and beyond.

Senior Living Tour of the Poway Senior Center on Friday, March 21st. Attendance is limited and reservations are mandatory and lunch will be provided. There is a nominal donation request for the lunch ($4 for age 60 and over and $6 for non-seniors).

Financials – Allman reported:

Security firm that provided for 4th of July in 2013 just realized they had not provided a bill. Now have this delayed bill to pay.

Seeing money coming in for vendors and sponsors for Community Fair.

Differences of Membership drive versus financials. Monies received in February will be deposited in March due to Brian out of the country.

Newsletter had 76 pages in March 11, 2014

The Princeton Review is returning to rent the Community Center with 14 dates. Their rental will bring in almost $1000. Accumulating monies for maintenance. About $600 catch up of bills from last year. Insurance went up this year.

Schools Committee – Barber reported

Spring Break not tied into Easter holiday. March 31st thru April 4th is schedule week. One more day added into school year. June 13th will be the last date of school. SRHS already had planned graduation for June 12th before they were informed of the added school day but will stay with this date.

There soon could big turnovers in teachers due to baby boomers retiring.

For traditional kindergarten September 1st birthday is not cutoff date that to be 5 years old. If birthdate after that then you can go to pre-kindergarten.

Red Cross – Ricardo Moran coming in April getting ready for booth at Community Plan.

District Representative and Officer Profiles – Drummond has only received 9 to date. Folks need to get those profiles to her in the next week. We currently have 4 District Representative vacancies. Jeff Nelson is not re-running and his wife Vicki has resigned.

Motion by Engler and seconded by Downs was made to adjourn meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary