Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

March 10, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board members.


Absent Excused: Braunstein

Absent Unexcused:

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Victoria Mazelli showed her award for being chosen Citizen of the Year and passed out a gift to people who she has worked with over the years on various events.

One Paseo Project approved by City Council February 23rd. Coalition looking to get enough signatures to put a referendum up for a vote on the project. Opposed not to development but to the density. Mixed used development. Unanimous that local groups oppose this project Planning Commission passed it on to Council without a recommendation. Introduces a new zoning category that was not in Carmel Valley area before.

SDPD – Shannon Oliveras reported that stats for February include 17 vehicle break-ins, items left in vehicle. Two residential and one commercial burglary.

Two school lockdowns Friday, 3/6 school police received e-mail with possible bomb threat at 4 schools one was Marshall Middle School. School shut down and nothing found. Today, 3/10 received another call from school police who saw couple subjects at school – two males and they took off running. Captured one and second ran into canyons but found no weapons.

RV enforcement of large vehicles parked on streets taking place. Northeast has public investigative officer who is addressing these issues.

Illegal avocado sales on Pomerado Road. Spread word to neighbors not to buy. If you see call non-emergency number and give location so they can call Code Enforcement. Vandalism of 16 vehicles . Some neighbors had video.

Speed trailer – Kersey purchased new batteries and is up and running right now.

Gloria Tran has connections with schools, media etc. and gets information often before anyone else. Only one correction in reporting is there were two suspects rather than one. Information confirmed no weapons. Facebook increased by about 200. Word getting out that it is being updated more often with new info for over 2000 people.

Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported: New program County Office Emergency Services and Education. 4th Grade curriculum dealing with disaster prepardness. SD unified has adopted. First 1500 teachers adopt will get a crank radio. US Police and Fire championship in May through June 6th. Roberts named Honorary Chairperson. Olympic style games various events throughout the County. People attending from all 50 states.

Congressman Peters – Shea Benton reported: US Trade Ambassador Trade Agreements. Look at Solar Turbines and Balast Point. Vida Tax Center run by volunteers.

Establishing 5 day congressional work week which allows more time in DC. Make it so you can’t buy first class travel paid for by taxpayers. Still promoting no budget no pay.

District Representatives – Drummond indicated we have two new positions opening up in Stonebridge. Elidie Strouse-Takim was introduced and interested in getting more involved since kids are now older. Interested in Angelique district. Jack Mueller has resigned. Marsha Pearson and Marsha Lanahan working with Pickle ball group to see if can find at least one Rep. Jan Kane is interested in one of the Stonebridge positions . Pump station is the cutoff between the two areas in Stonebridge.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported: Had a great turn out of about 200 attendees. On March 28th at Drummon/Paterniti’s home will look at things learned. Sportscaster Kyle Kraska attended to recognize the two people that helped him when he was shot outside his home in Scripps Ranch. Also recognized the Fire Department from Miramar Air Station who was first responders to a recent small fire near Hoyt Park . Posted on website the presentation, pictures, and next edition of Newsletter will have large spread on event..

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported: Tomorrow night meeting City and County Water Departments pure water and desalination 6:30 pm at Community Center. April 8th Garden Share from 4-5 pm at the Community Center. CSE electric vehicles and other clean vehicle technologies. Community Fair now have close to 50 entries.

Scripps Mesa Garden Club – Tuesday, March 24th 5:45 pm at the SR Library. “Under the Spell of Succulents”.

Financials – Allman reported: Membership now starting to receive funds but behind this time last year. Vendor registration for Community Fair has started coming in. Newsletter had a 60 page issue and was slightly profitable. Less ads for April edition and will have a loss with Recognition Night . Still trying to break even. Community Center had an expense for bee hive removal.

Community Fair – McGinn reported : Amounts for Paid sponsors are lower than past years. Community Groups and Green Street is on tract. Radio station 105.7 giving 2 weeks free advertising. Really looking for cash donations to offset expenses . Hard costs are for tables, chairs, canopies and stage for performers.

Membership – McGinn reported: Membership now is over $20,000 which is about half way to this year’s goal. Pie chart showing distribution will be in net issue Newsletter along with the membership form. Letters going out end of month. E-mail went out to all District Reps. and was looking for feedback. Looking at making signs that District Representtives can put in there yard. Took hand count on how many would put a sign in their yard. Ten Board members have not paid their membership fee yet.

Budget: Staley reported;

Received two requests for funds. YMCA requested $500 and we had budgeted $250. YMCA Wulfeck made a motion to increase donation to $500 seconded by Engler. The motion was amended that Board would revisit in June to increase the additional $250 if our membership drive brings in enough money. It was further amended to revisit all donations in June. Unanimous vote for the motion and 1 abstension. Have $500 for an unidentified event in budget Motion by Staley seconded by Drummond for the SRCA to sponsor a movie night at the Community Park September 12th for a cost of $1,000. Yes – 18 No – 1. Motion passed.

Schools – Barber reported: Discussion taking places on math curricular with Common Core. Integrated Math doesn’t talk about algebra. Concerns about kids that are math superstars cannot get advanced math. Further review of this to take place. Exams and decisions made after 6th and 8th grade to know which math track a student will be on. School year in 2016-17 will begin end of August rather than after Labor Day. School years start earlier but will not necessarily be longer. Will ask schools to submit how they want to use the $500 SRCA grant. Checks will be issued end of August. Try again to get the Video Department out for the Community Fair.

Digital Communications – Barnes reported: Committee met March 1st and discussed the Newsletter stats. 370 sign ups so far for the digital Newsletter. Send out another announcement to those that did not sign up and to some other groups to broaden our target. Also promoting on the website. New initiative for this year is website redesign. Targeting certain groups to keep interest. Looking at different features and send out a survey to get feedback on what they like or would like to see and different categories may want to offer. Lot of events this month and a lot of e-blasts going out.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported: Quick meeting on Stonebridge inclusion in Planning Group with revisions to Bylaws. Continue to receive inquiries on speeding and traffic issues. Will be addressing these issues in May Newsletter. No news on Technology Park, CLC, or Carroll Canyon property.

Held elections and elected 10 members of which five are new. Miramar Ranch Elementary School sign. Contractor went belly up. Hoping to be back starting in June with a different contractor.

MRNPC – Burley reported. Met March 3rd for presentation by City of SD Public Utilities Department by David Akin recently launched consumer Advocacy Program.

Working to update By-Laws based on recent City Council approval of amendments to Council Policy 600-24 and the Bylaws Shell.

The MAD received $15,000 in funding for demonstration gardens utilizing drought and fire tolerant plants at Dry Creek Park & Fire Station 37.

Med Impact – Current estimate for start of construction on the second Med Impact office building and parking structure is still to be determined.

50 Plus – Rob Holmes reported: March 20th 10-11:30 am SR Library Lecture on Balboa Park: History and Celebration. Speaker is Linda Canada.

Senior Living Tour on Wednesday, March 25th to The Remington Club in Rancho Bernardo. RSVP required. Lunch will be served.

Intergenerational Earth Day Festival sponsored by SR 50 Plus, Sustainable SR and Innovations Academy partnering with the North County Intergeneration Council on April 9th from 9:15 am to 1:30 pm. Event will be held at Innovations Charter School.

4th of July – Calls went out to most on board looking for committee members and a chairperson. Gary Clark and Bob Ilko have volunteered to Co-Chair the event. Will meet with Ernie get committee going and get permit started.

Petrucci held a 50/50 drawing with Miss Scripps Ranch and Miss Teen SR assisting .

Motion by Paterniti and seconded by Engler to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary