March 14, 2017 @ 7:00pm

A. President’s Report Ilko
a. There will be a block party this Sunday from noon to 2:00pm. Bob will email the board details.
b. There is a Neighborhood Watch meeting scheduled for April 18 @ Library
c. There was an incident since the last meeting where a dog bit a woman. SRCA put the story on the Facebook account asking to identify the person; the post was shared 300 times. The person was identified and SRCA coordinated with Animal Control.
d. A woman called regarding brush management; Bob is coordinating with City staff to resolve the issue.
e. Bob Ilko is now representing District 5 on the new Community Review Board on Police Practices; he was nominated by Councilman Kersey.
f. Newtopia Cyder is having their grand opening on April 1 at 10am.
g. Newtopia Cyder will be a $500 corporate supporter and will be doing a full-page ad in the newsletter.
h. On this day 27 years ago the SRCA was incorporated.
B. Non-Agenda Public Comment
a. Karen from SRFSC
i. May 6 is National Community Preparedness Awareness Day. The Fire Safe Council is working with FS37 to arrange tours of the station for tours.
ii. SR Fire Safe Council will be at the SRCA meet and greet and the Community Fair.
iii. City crews cut down brush by her house and left the scraps. She raked it up and threw it out herself.
b. Jim Paterniti: City of San Diego has a “Get It Done” app. Paterniti used it to send in complaint about standing water next to his home.
c. Bob Ilko: League of Women Voters Scripps Ranch Chapter has asked Bob to come by and give a “State of Scripps Ranch” speech this Thursday.
d. Boy Scouts Ryan, Jared, and Lucas are here to listen and earn a merit badge

A. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) Jennifer Sosa
a. Veterans’ Committee passed his bill to give Purple Heart recipients access to post-9/11 benefits (many Purple Heart recipients haven’t completed the 36month service requirement because they were injured before
b. Senior Scan Seminar 4/18 at 11am at Clairemont Lutheran Church
B. San Diego City Attorney (Mara Elliot) Ann Marie Council
a. There is now a Deputy City Attorney in each PD Division to better serve the community.
b. Meissner: The responsibility of the SRCA Community Center repairs are unclear in the lease. She is not familiar with this particular issue, but will be happy to be liaison on this issue.
c. Engler: CM Ward is expected to be proposing homeless legislation and would like to know if the City Attorney’s Office will be involved. Ann Marie Council says the City Attorney’s Office is involved in homeless issues. The City Attorney’s Office was given money by Mayor Faulconer’s Office for the “SMART Program” to help get homeless people with drug offenses into appropriate programs.

A. SRHS Grad Night
a. SRHS has five students that they need to help paying for Grad Night. The SRCA will be donating $750 to help cover this cost.
B. Board Nominations (Odd-numbered Districts)
a. Elections will be in April for the odd-numbered district seats. If you would like to run again, please let Mary Drummond know.
C. Board Communications Policy
a. The policy was distributed in February and again with the agenda. If there are any issues or concerns with it, please contact Bob Ilko.

A. Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination Paterniti
a. The SRCA needs to have its finger on the pulse of the community, and that takes volunteers in addition to the Board.
b. Ideas:
i. Holmes: the SRCA is hosting a meet and greet for all organizations within Scripps Ranch so we know who is doing what and how we can work together
ii. Paterniti: may want to consider creating a paid position to coordinate volunteers, but this would need to be looked into further
iii. Petrucci: Scripps is a village of volunteers, but we need a way to have a mechanism to reach these volunteers
iv. Peranich: The Long-Term Planning Committee came up with a few questions that the potential position could answer: how do we publicize our volunteer needs, who is responsible, and how do we keep track of them?
v. Engler: Volunteers are out there, we just need to give them the opportunity. Communication and data management will be key. We should try multiple ideas and see what works.
vi. McGinn: We also need to address succession planning. There are ad hoc volunteers needed in addition to committee/event volunteers.

A. 4th of July Clark
a. Committee had its first meeting last night; two people have volunteered to judge, but 1 more is needed. Parade Marshalls and photographers are also needed.
b. Fregoso and Vinson will be co-announcing
c. Scripps Ranch Theatre is willing to partner with the SRCA to distribute ice cream after the parade
B. Membership Braunstein
a. 1,125 members with 80 recurring members
b. 83% of goal and still have a month and half to go
c. Mail still brings in the most members of all methods
C. Community Fair Kim
a. Community Fair is on track; if anyone has ideas for a booth or display, please reach out. The theme is “Then and Now.”
b. There will be sign twirlers again – Peranich and Meissner volunteered to twirl signs.
D. Activities McGinn / Petrucci
a. There will be a new event this year: Movie Night in August; showing The Incredibles
E. Recognition Night Petrucci
a. April 3 is Recognition Night; volunteers are still needed
b. There is a new award for this year: the Lifetime Achievement Award, with Col. Dingeman as the first recipient.
F. Cleanup Day Perkins
a. Garage Sale 4/22
b. Cleanup Day 4/29
G. Digital Communications Fregoso
a. The new website is up and running and events are being updated on the website
b. If anyone would like to be a part of the Digital Comms Committee, please email Fregoso
H. 50 Plus Holmes
a. 50 Plus will have a table at the Meet and Greet
I. Long Term Planning Peranich
a. Next meeting: tomorrow at 6:30pm (moved to 3rd Wednesday of the month)
J. Schools Committee Fregoso
a. Next meeting: tomorrow, dealing with budget
b. EBS is getting solar panels installed
c. SDUSD is cutting the budget; all Scripps Ranch elementary schools are losing VP positions
d. Marshall will see reduction in 3 teacher positions
e. School police services will see a cut of 20 officers
K. Sustainable SR Plutner
a. Looking for meeting topics
L. Planning Groups Wulfeck / Abella-Shon
a. Renzulli property: now in escrow to be sold to developers. Proposal is to build 75 single family detached homes at approximately $1million each. Proposal may include connecting the two ends of Cypress Canyon Road. This would be in the MRN MAD.
b. Councilmember Scott Sherman presented to the CPC. The presentation was a proposal to address the housing shortage. The link is in the newsletter
c. Construction is starting this month in Mira Mesa on the SDGE transmission line. Construction is expected to start in April or May in Scripps Ranch.
d. Next meeting: April 6 at 7pm

Meeting adjourned until next regularly scheduled meeting on April 11.