March 12, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room
A. Roll Call 7:03 call to order 18 members present.
B. Modifications to the Agenda —
C. Non-Agenda Public Comment
A. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – E. Magee (Congressman guest)
– Budget Committee. Reviewing what effects it will have on SCRA
– Voting changes
– Reduce gun sales (voted and passed)
B. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein)
– Woman Of the Year: Gloria Train
– Assemblyman mom passed away.
– Bills: AB605 – Hearing device for hearing impaired for schools.
SRCA members concerns: Is this Bill really necessary? No one is
abusing the privilege at the schools. Plus schools already have
each student sign a contract of responsibility if device is loss or damage.
C. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) D. Steiner – no note
D. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Q. Grounds
– Special Commendation – Gloria Tran (17 years of service). Wine and flowers given in appreciation.
Bob Cabana – Special thanks to Gloria Tran and inspirational speech
Mark – Historical events of SRCA and ground breaking of News letter.
E. San Diego Police Department – no notes
F. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) – no notes
Dorthy – New Commanding Officer, MCCS visit. Upgrades on base: two additional Hangar Bays.
G. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) – no notes

H. MCAS Leaders Forum No report
A. BRM: Selling SCRA to Business.
B. New Staff Editor: Larry Nuffer
C. Studio K implementation. Less expensive, more graphics, increase in ads, and more pagers. Will be ready for April edition
Elected secretary: Jeff Hunter


A. SDGE meeting. April/May 2019.

VII. President’s Report

1. SRCANW Report
SRCA President’s Report to the SRCA Board March 2019 1. SRCANW Report a. Paid the $1000 reward for the Jerabek Park field damage case. Attended diversion settlement with restorative justice administration. b. A SR resident posted to Facebook that her car was ‘robbed’. She and her husband packed it full of boxes the night before for the garage sale the next day. What could go wrong with that? Sure enough someone broke in. The kicker is that they left $300 in a cash box inside the vehicle. I did invite her to join SRCANW. c. Military ammunition box found by resident off a trail at Lake Miramar. Reported to SDPD and City Open Space. Result: Geocache box for GPS game. d. GRAND THEFT:MONEY/LABOR/PROPERTY OVER $950. 12600 BLOCK SIENNE NORD. THURSDAY 2/7/2019 @ 10:00 PM. Victim left the garage door open overnight. The victim checked the garage and noticed that several personally done paintings were missing. The value was unknown at the time of the report. e. RESIDENTIAL GARAGE BURGLARY. 10200 BLOCK CAMTO TORONJO. WEDNESDAY 2/20/2019 @ 3:56 AM. An unknown suspect entered a secured garage. There were no signs of forced entry. While in the garage the suspect went through two unsecured vehicles. The suspect took a laptop and a wallet containing a CA driver’s license and credit cards. The victim provided videos from their Ring camera. f. Email from Jeremy Sturch re possible homeless encampment I-15 north on ramp at MMB g. Residential Burglary & Unrelated Sex Crime. 11700 BLOCK CYPRESS CANYON ROAD. FRIDAY, 2/22/2019 @ 10:45 AM. A male suspect exposed himself to a woman walking by. The victim was unable to get the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. It is an ongoing investigation. h. RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY. 10500 BLOCK CAMINITO BANYON. MONDAY, 2/25/2019 @ 7:10 AM. Suspect entered the unsecured residence and took the victim’s car keys. The suspect then took the victim’s vehicle without permission. The suspect may be known to the victim. i. Text requesting help w/ aggressive homeless man at old Vons; sent SDPD CRO to evaluate j. Email to SDPD CRO Santos offering best wishes to patrol officer involved in collision on Carrol Cyn at I-15 exiting Sudberry property
k. Text from Bob Camacho re possible homeless WMA 6′ tall living at city water pump station on SLD; email SDPD CRO Santos and HOT Sgt Botsford to offer him resources and safer place to live l. Emails from John Karl Stephenson [email protected] re possible hit/run driver smashing into his front yard wall 2/14/19; offered to see if there was a police rpt/incident; email to SDPD CRO Santos m. Email from Ron Kelly requesting SDPD Homeless Outreach Team to 3 possible vehicles with homeless living in cars n. Email from SDPD re Mission Fed Credit Union robbery; post to FB; shared to Crime Watch SR; others shared our post o. Tina Hunter, Dorothy Mildice & Lizzie Le attended Military Housing Expo to sign up residents for NW and talk about parade. p. FB message Anna Suzette who said her car was ‘robbed’ after she packed it overnight with boxes for a garage sale including $300 in a cash box. Encourged her to join SRCANW and host a block party. q. Every board member should either host or find someone in their immediate neighborhood to host a block party. It is an excellent opportunity to get in front of concerned and interested residents. We get to talk about the SRCA and how relevant we are to their lives. We hit 3100 in our NW program! 2. 50 Plus Report a. Referral to 50 Plus for Molly Pincherli b. Email from Emma Lefkowitz [email protected] offering real estate seminar to 50 Plus 3. 4th of July Parade a. Theme is “Sound of Freedom”. We are looking for another high school band to compliment SRHS band. If you have anyone that would like to be in the parade please let us know. 4. Clean Day Report a. Clean Up Day is April 13th. We need volunteers to help April 13th. b. Email to Clean Up Day chair to have website updated for April 2019 events c. Facebook message Buy Nothing SR Admin if they would find volunteers for Clean Up Day to post reusable items rather than throw things in the dumpsters 5. Recognition Night Report a. The committee met. Email and social media post completed. Entries are coming in. 6. Tree Lighting Report a. We need a Chairperson for the event.
7. SSR a. No report. 8. Membership a. Need committee to draft letters and emails 9. Social media update: a. Facebook message from Jennifer White Boles “Really enjoying your local photography posts! Brings me joy each day!” b. Number of followers continues to grow every day. We are at 5165! In past 27 days, we added 92 which is 3.5 followers per day. In past year, we added 1037 which is 2.8 per day. Could use some help by sending us photos, stories, issues to post on our FB page that are SR related people, places, things and events. i. c. Website i. We appreciate the board members reviewing the website and notifying us of any changes to be made. d. Constant Contact i. 11,845 emails in the database. Up 78 since 01/01/19. We added 62 and 16 from website. 32 unsubscribes. ii. We pre-pay CC in Feb. for the entire year. The Board Chair and I have been working on which CRM to switch to. iii. AIU property interest list has 47 emails and Renzulli interest list has 34 emails. 10. SRCACC a. Still need a Chair person. b. People are looking and booking. 11. Community Fair update a. Stephanie Wooding is our CF Event Planner. Engaging with her now to get her started to stay on her Preliminary Deliverable Timetable: b. By 15 DEC 2018 – Secure Event Location, Obtain necessary permits, Milestone Timeline for Deliverables, Begin Vendor Recruitment, Establish Overall Event Budget / Management, Conference call with key leaders (Sponsor Chair, President, etc) — continued monthly c. By 29 FEB 2019 – Identify Team Leads / Delegate Specific Area Oversight, areas of involvement for Community Organizations / Elected Officials d. By 31 MAR 2019 – Logistics Maps of Site Due — First Draft, Identify any logistical “blindspots” — Review with Team Lead, Establish volunteer / organization sign up list (TBA),
e. FEB-MAY 2019 – Recruitment / Coordination of Community Organizations / Elected Officials f. MAY 2019 – Walkthrough of Site – TBA, Logistics Maps of Site Due — 2nd Draft, Lists Due – All Areas g. By 30 JUNE 2019 – Draft Event Promotions with Association Team, Marketing Strategy, Place Preliminary Order for Rentals (tables, chairs, canopies), Place any necessary orders // Budget Review with Association h. By 31 JULY 2019 – Finalize all Vendor Partners, Marketing Strategy DUE, volunteer list signups (TBA) — perhaps recruit at 7/4 event?, Finalize Event Promotions with Association Team i. By 31 AUG 2019 – Place FINAL Order for Rentals (tables, chairs, canopies) — can change up to 2 wks prior to event, Event Promotions with Association Team – BEGIN, Event Management (Pre-Event) j. SEPT or OCT 2019 – Event k. OCT or NOV 2019 – Event Management (Post-Event), Budget Finalization, ROI Review, Ensure Invoice Payments, etc. 12. Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteers a. Conversation w/ Volunteer Coordinator and text from Gordon Boerner to get NL’s into businesses and SRHS; we need to ask NL Distribution Mgr for list of areas to deliver and then find volunteers to deliver NL’s 13. BRM a. Referral to BRM – Vince Duong, state farm agent b. Email from BRM Matt W re SDCCU interest in parade and community fair sponsorships; instructions to BRM to get $2000 parade deal done if possible c. Email to BRM re past 60 day update and 30 day forecast d. Emails w/ BRM and NL Distribution Mgr to find Matt W some Feb 2019 NL’s 14. A few odds and ends to tell you about (224 emails, texts, social media posts, meetings, phone calls since last board meeting). a. Summary of requests from residents: i.