Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

May 10, 2011



The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.



Absent Excused: Braunstein, Buck, Fields, Wulfeck, Wurtzler


President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.


5th Council District – Jack Straw reported:

Road Rally – 450 potholes were identified by the group of volunteers who canvassed the community neighborhoods. The list has been turned into City street division.

Trash Pickup – City has eliminated the Hold Harmless Agreements with groups on private streets and effective July 1st city trash pickup will be eliminated. The action by the Council to stop the measure failed.


Supervisor Slater-Price – Jill Monroe reported:

She passed out copies of the latest newsletter by the Supervisor.

Small Business Forum – How do small businesses interact with local Sandag, County and SD County Water Authority. June 3rd at the RB Library.

Redistricting – County has an Advisory Council who will be compiling three different maps to present to the Supervisors. Map will be approved in August. There will be meetings in each of the 5 districts with public notification before presented to the board.

Elections – Supervisors in District 1, 2, and 3 will be up for election.


Assemblyman Fletcher – Chasen Bullock reported:

Legislature – there has been a lot of legislation with currently ten bills being passed through committee.

State Budget –Tthe Governor working with Republicans on new proposals for the budget. Governor still seeking budget cuts but also extension of current taxes.

May 21st 8:30 to 9:30 Yanni’s will be honored as Small Business of the Year.


Congressman Hunter – Andrea Jones reported:

HR 290 is dealing with Mt. Soledad.

HR 155 Guarantees paycheck for military personnel, especially those in combat. Hope is will come to the floor of congress soon.

HR230 Department of Interior to start up drilling again.

May 12th Telephone Town Hall – 1 hr long and constituents can ask questions.




SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan reported:

The recent restructuring did not affect anyone in the North East Division. This is the largest district covering 109 square miles. The stats are very good. However there have been 5 DUI arrests in one month in community. Vandalism is up. If you see graffiti, report it and take pictures.

Non-emergency dispatch 619-531-2000


City Redistricting – Midori Wong who represents the City on this Commission gave a power point presentation on the process of redistricting. A final approved map must be completed by September 15th in order for November elections. The Commission will have a preliminary map by end of June and final by August. Meetings will be held in the community once the preliminary map is available. The preliminary map will have a filing statement explaining decision why the map was prepared the way it was.


A motion by Jany Staley and seconded by Carla Morrisey was made to send a letter with back-up that Scripps Ranch must stay as one community during redistricting process Want it entered into the public record. The vote in favor was unanimous.


US Army Reserve Center – They want to consolidate and move next to the Naval Reserve Center off Pomerado Road. We have received the draft environmental assessment and are given 3 weeks to review. They wanted signalization just east of bridge and widen entrance to reserve. SRPG took recommendation to oppose signalization along with Supervisor, Councilman and Congressman. They have now decided to not move forward with signalization request at this time.


National Children’s Study – Trishna Mejia and Diana Simmons (760-815-2633) passed out information on the power point concerning the study.


Mission Trails City Park – Jay Wilson, Executive Director and Diane Strum representative of Citizen’s Action Committee talked about the 1,100 acres. It is becoming the largest park of its kind in the Country. The Regional Park Board is currently updating their master plan. Any questions contact Diane at [email protected].


Community Fair – Bev Cassity reminded everyone that May 15th is the date. Green Street is the theme this year and working with Sustainable SR for the booths for this area. There is an expanded children’s fund zone. This year they have three Platnium sponsors ($1,000 ea). Still need volunteers Sunday morning and in the evening. Fair is from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm with the concert afterwards with the “Ignitors”. A motion by Bob Dingeman and seconded by Bob Cavanagh was made that any profit that should be derived by the event would all be given to the SR Recreation Council. The vote was unanimous in favor.






4th of July – Staley reported that there will be a new food court located on Canyon Lake adjacent to Aviary. We have three food vendors along with Shave Ice and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. Looking into possibility of having a beer garden. We will again have the air jumps, DJ, Face Painting and some board games. Anyone interested in helping should contact Staley or Suzara. The costs of the event have gone up as the City fees, permits etc have gone up considerably from 5 years ago.


District 1 Representative – Two potential interested individuals were introduced who are interested in be Co-Representatives. They are Kathleen Downs and Tina Colmenero. They both gave some information about themselves.


District 16 – Ernie Burciaga was introduced as interested in being the representative for the district adjacent to the one he and Cathy live in. Ernie also gave some background information.


Elder Care Alliance – Randall reported that they are in the midst of accepting nomination for their Board of Directors. She passed out a information flyer about becoming a Board member.


Sustainable SR – Plutner reported they recently had their Water Wise Tours with some on both the north and south side of Pomerado. This was a big hit and some owners also opened up their backyards for viewing.

On May 11th will be the next lecture.


Communications – Cavanagh indicated this group has been established to have regular updates. Drummond heads up the E-Blasts and now has a group of 4 involved. We have established 6,400 e-mail addresses. Only 30 residents have unsubscribed to the e-mail blasts. Facebook is ramping up and is handled by Minter/Ilko/Boerner.


SRPG – Boerner reported:

Army Reserve – Cooperation of multiple agencies and groups on the request for a traffic light has been removed at this time.

Verizon Wireless – Submitted renewal application for antenna on the water tower.

Community Bible Church – Applied for a 5 year Conditional Use Permit for property on Business Park Avenue. Approved a maximum congregation of 500.

Carroll Canyon Bridge – Re-opened.

Horizon Church – They are no longer moving forward to build church at old PSA site off Carroll Canyon Road and looking to sell. Sudberry (developer) has provided a template on a potential build out proposal. This would require a Community Plan Amendment from commercial to retail. Looking at a couple of options: one being getting a big box such as Walmart or second going with a smaller big box such as Target or Lowes with a mixture of small retail. They asked for a straw vote of committee and the vote was 9-8 against on advisory.




Fairbrook School Site – SD Unified School Districted voted to sell the site as excess property. At this site could build 17 single family homes and a 3 acre park. FBA funds are available. There are $420,000 locked purchase price allocated pre funds, $579,000 old FBA funds and $1,120,000 special park fund.


Schools Committee – Barber reported:

Recently had two presentations one on the National Children’s Study and the second on site modernization project for SRHS with Prop. “S” funds. This money can only be used for technology.

Air Conditioning – Currently set for installation in 2014. In three months will have first task force meeting.

Plans are underway for renovation of food service dining and improving outside structures,

football visitor bleachers and seismic structure improvements to gym – $38M.


Fundraising – Staley reported the drive is winding down and we unfortunately have had lowest response in many years even though we dollar amount is still pretty good, particularly increase in number of $100 donations. Committee analyzing various aspects of why fundraising is down. With this note, care must be taken in expenditures for the year.


Budget Committee – Staley reported that a request was made for an additional $1,500 (above yearly donation of $1,000) to the Symphony in the Park to sponsor one of their concerts. A discussion took place as to benefits or not of sponsoring. Everyone was reminded that the Symphony in the Park reduced from 6 to 5 concerts this year and we picked up the entire cost of the dropped concert after the Community Fair and now the sponsor for that concert. We still would be providing the yearly $1,000 donation. A motion by Cavanagh and seconded by Boerner was made to approve the additional $1,500 to be a sponsor for one of the Symphony in the Park Concerts. The vote was Yes – 2 and No 14. The motion did not pass.


Financials – Allman apologized for not getting the Financials sent out before the meeting. He did cover off on some information on the Fundraising Drive.


A motion by Barber and seconded by Suzara was made to adjourn the meeting.



Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary