Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
May 8, 2012


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Boerner, Boyce, Cavanagh, Little, McGinn

Absent Unexcused: Buck

Vice President Paterniti called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. Board members were informed that Bob and Gaye Dingeman had been in a car accident April 27th. Gaye broke some ribs and Bob may have had a concussion and whip last. He also indicated Bob had a minor stroke but when that happened is unknown. He and Gaye are at a rehab facility.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:

Brush Management – There has been some resolve in this issue relating to cutting of trees. They will be flagged and a Community Group will have opportunity to review and make comments on approval or not. If someone is interested in being on the Community Group contact Tiffany at either [email protected] or 619-236-7018.

Jerabek Park – the basketball courts have been resurfaced. They also found money to redo the tot lot.

Supervisor Slater – Steven Hadley reported:

Live Well San Diego Summit 2012 coming Friday, June 15th at Town & Country Convention Center and event is free. Keynote speaker is Richard Dreyfuss. Also at 4 other locations noted on flyer that was distributed.

News Release – Ground squirrel tested positive for plague. This is a bacterial disease. Warning signs are posted in all areas where plaque has been confirmed and anyone in rural mountain areas should avoid contact with any wild animals.

West Nile Virus – Some aerial spraying will take place to help mitigate areas possible mosquitos


Assemblyman Fletcher – Shea Benton reported:

A Military Air Package Drive in the month of May. A handout was passed out which indicated the various items they are collecting to send to our troops. Items can be dropped off at Fletcher’s office.

SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan reported:

They solved the case of the 24 residential burglaries in the Rancho Bernardo area.

Jerabek School – recently received a call about a suspicious person around the school. When police arrived found an inebriated person in car. Person known for drinking problem and was arrested.

Scouts – Brandon Paulus was introduced at attending the meeting with his father as a requirement for his Citizen Merit Badge.

Relay for Life – Prima Wooters reported:

Event being held in Scripps Ranch June 16th & 17th at SR Community Park from 9am on 16th and running 24 hours. This is supported by the American Cancer Society. There will be music, booths etc.

This celebrates survivors and spreads the word about those that have survived cancer. For info see RelayForLife.org.

Balboa Park Plaza de Panama – David Pallingest and Kevin Horst of KCM Group made a presentation on the proposed changes to the Park along with visual of current look of park and proposals to remove driving in the Plaza. Irvin Jacobs is head of the fundraising committee to rehabilitate the area before the 2015 100 year anniversary celebration. The new proposed parking structure will be three stories below grade with park land on top. It will increase parking spaces by about 260. It will be a 24 month long project including the new bridge that goes behind the museums. A tram will be operating during construction to provide transportation from the Inspiration Point parking area to the park.

SRCA By-Laws – Staley indicated that changes to Article II on Membership had been made to change to Supporter as well as Article IV (Elections) Section 4 District Representatives added a paragraph dealing with election of those representation district they do not live in. Staley made a motion to approve these final changes to By-Laws and seconded by Paterniti. Engler indicated need to make two small changes: page 7 Article VII, Section 2 make residence plural and page 8 Article VII Section 7 second paragraph change end of sentence indication Section 5 to 3. With those changes noted a vote was take and unanimous approval of By-law changes.

Community Fair – Staley reported:

Everyone felt the event was successful. Heard many positive comments about the rearrangement of the booths. It was friendlier and provided good flow of residents around to all the booths. Food trucks a big hit. The learned from trial with Wine Garden from good comments from fair goers that they would like to see an outdoor area to sit and also to add beer. Committee members did a great job.

Fundraising – Braunstein reported:

By a suggestion of Allman a letter was sent out to residents that had been financial supporters over the past three years but not done so this year. To date we have had 43% become financial supporters again. We have six additional business supporters and a few who have upgraded their financial support.

Elder Care Alliance – Staley indicated that they have not had anyone make a report for 5 months. As a major committee someone needs to attend or at least provide a written report for each meeting. Drummond will notify Committee.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

They just completed three back to back events. They had 23 attendees for the Green Home Tour and several to the Green Living tour emphasizing energy and rain storage.

Green Street had 16 booths this year at the Fair. They had various speakers on different subjects and went well for first time offering and looking to improve and build on this for next year.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:

The Board rescinded the vocational high school requirement that had been proposed to obtain a diploma and ready for college transfer. There has been improved attendance in Area 2 of which SR is located. Also Area 2 has received four major awards. Looking at Transitional Kindergarten which children would be eligible at age 5. Many parents hold their child and do not enter them into kindergarten till age 6. This would allow those that desired to have then go to this early kindergarten before regular. If a school wanted to offer this Transitional Kindergarten they would need to organize and be staffed with volunteers and have enough participating before the District will determine to provide the funding for personnel.

SRCA funding to the schools will be done in August. Barber has requested the letters from each school indicating where they propose to spend the funds.

4th of July – Staley reported for Suzara:

Looking to expand participants in parade and looking for assistance from anyone on the Board who may know of a group, neighborhood, business that we could contact about entering. Since 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year we are anticipating a large turnout.

Financials – Allman reported:

We have recently had expenditures for the Fundraising and Recognition Night Committees, as well as updating our Constant Contact program used by the Communications Committee.

May edition of Newsletter used many pages normally for ads for the Recognition Night coverage.

Community Center – revenue stream is still good. Staley indicated that Plutner had indicated that the past two months the Newsletters we leave at library have been gone within a couple of days. A follow-up will be done with Librarian to find out where they are disappearing to.

Newsletter Ad Manager – Allman reported that Kathy Allman was retiring after 24 ½ years as manager and that their daughter Melissa will be taking over. She has had previous experience doing the job when Brian & Kathy were out of the country for a couple years for business.

SRPG – Ilko reported:

A new pump station will be built on north side of Scripps Lake Drive in area where current wood panels and construction taking place. A portion of building will be built below grade and a road will be built to it for access.

A motion by Bastian and seconded by Colmenero was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary