Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
Minutes May 14, 2013

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members

Absent Excused: Colmenero, Cronk, Downs, Lichtenstein, Mueller
Absent Unexcused: Petrucci

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Ilko reported Colton Sudberry presentation on Watermark postponed to June. June 12th hearing on Olive Trees City staff was against heritage designation but okay with a preservation designation for the grove. Arborist came up with a total of 60 trees. One of the items to be determined, if a tree dies who pays for replacement. Recommendations by Arborist has some costs of up to $10,000.

Fire Preventation – Have flier to hand out through Burn Institute (2000 copies).

New signal light at MM Blvd – 30-60 days before it goes out to bid and then once awarded we will see construction with some hardscape improvements.

City wants to replace sewer lines and laterals but none are in Scripps Ranch. Cal Fire press release of adding more staff. St. Gregory will not allow use of room at school for Stonebridge meetings.

Mark Kersey infrastructure meeting attended in RB.

President of Old Pros interested in attending SRCA meeting.

Cypress Canyon Park had 40 stainless steel large sprinkler heads stolen and replacement costs are around $4,000.

Miss SR Pagent requested support of SRCA but will not help with financial support but rather with publicizing.

Boy Scouts want to sell license plates boy scouts so we have agreed and will split profits with SRCA.

YMCA Claudia Tedford and Mark Thompson, new Executive Director were introduced. Mark indicated he has been with YMCA SD County for 20 years, with majority of time with overnight camps. Scripps Ranch site activities has large usage by residents. One of biggest providers of child care, camps, sports – see 3,000-5,000 per year at Scripps Ranch. One family in Scripps Ranch, the Cushman’s have provided a gift and then working to collaborate to do a partnership.

The building of the site will be done in two phases – first phase $6-7 M. Plan to build something in next 3-4 years. Our Service Area is SR/MiraMesa to border of Escondido. Phase 1 will include a wellness center (workout room), pool (not covered), locker rooms, open room (3-4 multi-purpose).

5th Council District – Tiffany reported:
Newsletter – passed out copy of Councilman’s newsletter.
Infrastructure – had about 50 people attend. Next meeting in RB Rec Center on June 19th
Neighborhood Watch – highlighted Scripps Ranch
Myra Vasquez is new staff member and Tiffany’s backup.
Street Resurfacing – Dingeman asked for latest list of proposed slurry and resurfacing.
Planning Groups – Last year asked for any projects they would like to see take place.
It was a one time trial process. Councilman wrote up a policy to have this every year in July. It has made it through committee and then goes to Council for approval.

Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported:
Initiative passed last week on fire policy. Last week military, Cal Fire and Sheriffs held their 6th annual fire exercise. Miramar will be holding some control burns with the first one this Thursday. Smoke will be visible to public.
Exceptional family adoption program – more awareness on children awaiting adoption. 400 kids a year are adopted but about 45 left behind.
2nd Thursday each month at RB library from 10 am to noon. Third Friday of every month in Del Mar at 225 9th Street, DM
County has a free download for information on disasters or emergency information. Go to County website to get the information.

Maienshein looking for nominations of Veteran of the Year.

Community Fair – Jan McGinn this Sunday. This year’s fair will have 117 vendors and turning people away. Also have food truck court, wine and beer garden will be open with fencing. Have plenty of local youth performers during the day. Concert at 6:30 with Breez’n. Should end with a net profit of $1,000.

Business Card – Drummond there may be times you need to identify yourself, so she has printed generic business cards and gave a few to each one on the Board. Ernie Burciaga indicated one of best uses to get word out to our neighbors and residents. To keep organization going we need to get the word out about SRCA. The financial support has been going down and suggest we get a buzz going with neighbors. Try to pass on your passion on what our organization does for their community.

Fundraising – McGinn reported;
This year we are only at 50% of our goal or about $25,000. 521 participants. Trying to shift to a more electronic system: e-mails, facebooks etc. The personal letters to each resident we not done due to cost and think this may have an impact. There will be a drawing for those that are supporters end of May for some nice gifts and looking at other fundraising opportunities. Ideas restaurant night where organization gets a percentage of funds. Will have an Opportunity drawing at Community Fair for funding for 4th of July. Reached out to businesses right now and any contacts respond better to personal touch.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:
Green street large and promote some talks. Also try to have some fun things. 24 different booths.

Green living tour – First one April 26th. Home efficiency tour. Next tour dates are June 1st and June 29th.

4th of July – Suzara reported:
Charging for ice cream 50 cents per cup and for kids playing in jumpers. Reduce costs by not renting canopies. Save about $500. Put the tables and chairs under trees with natural shading. Mexican, Kaminisk’s and Harvest Jacks. Working with Old Pros for tables, barricades, non parks and portable parties.

Financials – Allman reported
Passed out the current Financial Report – have monies coming in for vendors for Community Fair but will be spent on Community Fair expenses. Wrote checks for scholarships and given out May 23rd. Newsletter does not have plans on having a color cover every month. Next month see plumbing bill for Community Center and still need to deal with some light replacement. Brian will work with Gordon to get all HOA payments in. Average ad pages has been up to 48 to 49 pages. Seeing 7-10 new advertisers each month and seeing less Real Estate ads. Most new ads are local but not necessarily just Scripps Ranch, also getting referrals from Fundraising Committees. 88 pages for month of May.

Scholarships – Picked three outstanding students for the scholarships. Dingeman, Elissa Barber and Bob Cronk.

Dingeman is now Secretary of RSVP and asking for our budgeted amount of $500.

Clean-up Day – Dumpsters cost keep going up and have almost doubled. Dump tickets. Ilko will follow up about the dump tickets and should not have paid them.

Mike Davis runs the Hero project. Finds folks to do the work. He is now moving to Scripps Ranch.

MAD – Cost of vote comes out of MAD and cost around $35-35,000. Fire fund monies set aside to that.

Grant hearing in June for $8000 for 4th of July and $2000 for Fire

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:
Map subdivision for Chabid passed 14-1. Requesting subdivision financing for their housing.
Attended Planning Commission in April support City staff recommendation CLC dwelling units treated as institutional rather than residential which would save them about $8M.

Clean up day October 2012 $1,400 this year $1,800.

Watermark Project regional shopping center and regional asset with comments from both Planning Groups and SRCA. SRPG suggested a joint meeting. Ilko made request and it was refused. Sorensen reported what bad shape our parks were and maybe project could help out in improvements in that area. Should MRNPC approve project before or after comments of EIR. Usually Planning Groups wait until after EIR is approved. Current Chair worried group may not have a quorum in June so went ahead and voted to approve the project before the EIR was approved. End of meeting an ad hoc committee could be formed to work with SRPG once the approved EIR comes out. Need to come up with list of issues and conditions and go back to Planning Groups with a vote on these conditions. Meeting at end of month with traffic consultant on the mitigation they plan. Developer willing to look at improvements to the Community but no solid information on what or how much. Project was approved as presented with no conditions. When you approve without any conditions you lose your leverage. Final EIR out and 30 day review before can go to Planning Commission.

Lorayne spoke and appreciated the comments of EIR that were sent in. Tom Messiner was just elected on MRNPC, but will take office in June. The project probably will not get to Planning Commission till September. EIR only show concepts where and what will go there but tenants will drive and dictate what will actually get built.

SR 50 Plus – Drummond Reports
May 23 rd Sr. Living Tour
May 29th bus outing acquainted with bus and trolley, Fashion Valley and Old Town at restaurant
June 14th Belmont Village

Schools – Barber reported:
Special Guest Cindy Martin who will be new Superintendent of Schools. Introducing herself, background etc etc. Very conscience of no community input to her selection. Want people to get to know her. Has experience in both public and private schools. She has a 4 year contract from the Board and starts in July. Concern from Schools Committee that we do not get the financial support that SR feels should receive.

Just because we have fundraising and scores high does not mean should not get financial consideration. No teacher layoffs his year. Hopefully attrition with bonus to retire will balance things out. One of members of Schools Committee felt they needed to discuss the Watermark Project because it could affect traffic.

Motion by E. Burciaga and seconded by Bastian to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary