The Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

May 13, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members


Absent Excused: Staley

Absent Unexcused: McGinn, Meissner, Mueller

Opening announcements

Bob – Fires – not a thread to SR. Bob will update FB with insurance information.

Kathy – City Build Manager for NextDoor – private – anyone can join. Private posts, never sell data. Can send urgent alert to everyone in neighborhood and can send as a text. No fee, no costs, no ads in news feed. Privately funded in near term. Long term is small business advertising, but can opt out of ads in news feeds.

Dr. Simon – June 3rd election.

JJ Anderson with DA’s office. Youth advisory board – Mira Mesa and Lincoln High School. May 29th – presentation about public service at the epi-center. Then they will go to SRHS to talk about getting ready for college and for students that are interested in Law.

Relay for Life

Prima Bernabe – volunteer and team coordinator with the American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay for Life event. She has been doing this for 3 years. This is a grass roots community driven, fundraising by ACS. Over 40 Relay for live events that occur in San Diego County. Been the event chair for 3 years. They will be holding their event June 28 – 29 at the Scripps Ranch Community Park. 24-hour walk in shifts – 24 hour awareness. Different ceremonies, music, etc. Invited SRCA to the opening ceremony for cancer survivors. Luminary ceremony in the evening to honor those we have lost to cancer.

Recognition Night

Vince Petrucci. Reduced budget. Widened scope of community such as sports. Increased attendance through email. Need to improve project planning – no schedule to be found from last year. Improve contact list for Recognition night. Issue with the photos and posting them to the web site versus saving them for the Newsletter. In the back of the room are the certificates that need to be delivered – need support to help deliver these.

5th Council District – absent at Fire response

State Assembly 77th – Evan. Handouts for child safety and veterans.

Assembly Bill 1791 – Human Trafficking – Bill in process to extend sentence to 12 months.

AB 1810 – Pet Abandonment Bill – animal facility to find a home if pet is abandond

Congress 52nd – absent at Fire response

SDPD – absent dealing with emergency evacuation

Community Fair

Plutner reported will have over 100 booths. If anyone has canopies, email Jan. This will help with costs.

Miramar Ranch Anniversary

Bob – June 10th is the pitch for the $5k grant.


Allman – no major expenditures for April. Bridge club and another organization is looking to extend their use of the Community Center, which will bring in more income. Minimal maintenance spending for the year. Newsletter – advertising was up and continues to be profitable. Budget committee is planning on putting $5,500 back into the budget because of the success of the membership drive. There will be $15k left in the budget to either be used this year or next year’s 4th of July.

Motion made to accept the Budget Committee recommendation to spend/contribute the $5,500 but organizations that were cut out of original budget. 10 yes, 3 no, 3 abstentions.

Schools Committee

Barber – Kindergarten enrollment and transitional. State public pre-school. Possibly will be a full-day. Testing the test – standardized test. Now moving to take the test on the computer – at all grade levels.

Other Events

Garage Sale, Clean Up Day. Scripps Scrappers event.

4th of July

E. Burciaga – Permit application was accepted by the city. Dignitaries have replied with their RSVP. Elissa is trying to increase the size. Wells Fargo stage coach a big possibility. More participation from the community. Need parade marshals, need convertible car owners to transport the dignitaries, performers such as mimes or card tricks – anything that will enhance the parade and festivities. Need someone to dress up as a clown to follow the stage coach. Looking for parade participates – dressing up in theme costumes, walking with the parade or put together a float.

Need help July 3rd at Hoyt Park to help set up.

Looking to increase the participation in the business community. Spread the word that we are looking for friends or supporters of the parade. Contact Jan Kane.


Lorraine – meeting on Tuesday May 6th –Watermark, MedImpact update, Red Cross update, and Officer elections. Watermark has been approved but it will be some time before tenants will be submitted. Working with City to improve the traffic issues.

Stonebridge stop sign – with opening of new Sycamore Park, planning groups are working together to get one installed. Public facility plan will be revisited in June. Annual committee workshop is this Saturday.

MAD – Tuesday May 20th at Community Center – mid-year review but also discuss issue with water runoff and also maintenance. Bob Ilko requested adding additional handicap spaces.

Miramar 20th Year Anniversary June 3rd – meeting and reception at the community center.

Digital Communications

Google Analytics changed their reporting. No longer reporting on visitors but rather session-based.

Web site update process – checklist distributed to committee chair. If requesting updates contact Greg and cc Natalie.

Newsletter – agreement on providing the newsletter online and tie it to the memberships – receive a code to access the newsletter.

Email database clean up – reviewing lists. Email matrix for process and frequency.

Strategic Planning

Jim for Jan – Reinventing of SRCA: Mission, Vision and Values. Strategic dashboard for 2014. This is now going to be part of the Long Term Planning Committee. Jim announced if anyone wants to join this committee. Existing members if anyone is interested to contact Jim


Wulfeck– group met last Thursday. ATT antennas to be installed in Stonebridge. Marine Corp – increase flight ops. Air station fire management. CalTrans – update on analysis with Carol Canyon and Commercial Center draft IER. City’s budget is online. Vacancy on the planning group – contact Wally. Marijuana dispensers – ordinance. Sub-committee planning group – tomorrow night at 7:30p. Next Monday at 11am, meeting on architectural design on the Habad residential apartment buildings. Next Planning is Tuesday June 3rd.


Committee looking for new volunteers.

Next event is a lecture series at the Library. No lecture in July, senior tours will not be another one until August.

Sustainable SR

Plutner – lecture at community center for solar

Minutes taken by Natalie Barnes for Secretary Jany Staley