Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

May 12, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board members.


Absent Excused: McGinn

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Community Fair coming up and 4th of July planning going well. Need Parade Marshals for the event. Complaints by some residents on the group painting house number on curb without prior permission. Feel intimated when they came to door and asked for payment. Hopefully City will be coming out with a policy concerning this issue. They can paint but no obligation of property owner to pay and how they paint is not up to code.

Supervisor Dave Roberts: Evan Bollinger reported: County Board approved a response Governor’s water requirements. County staff reviewed proposal Drought Response Action Plan focus on efficient building construction and retrofits to existing buildings. Overall County water usage has gone down 21% over the last five years. Have been working to put together an action plan.

Fire voted on Step 3 of hybrid master plan. This is last phase of this plan to incorporate Pine Valley Fire District and Rural Fire District in with the others. There is a lot better fire prevention by organizing with overall plan

Laura’s Law adds another tool for treating people struggling with mental illness. Law has now gone into effect. Helps others find help for loved ones.

SDPD: Sgt. Little assigned to Northeast reported: April stats 3 commercial burglaries, residential 3 and primary times is during daytime. Eight car prowls mainly in the Miramar Lake area. I Phones main items that are being taken. One stolen vehicle report. Residential burglaries are primarily through unsecured windows or doors. Watch each other and if something suspicious call police. Non emergency number 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154. Be careful about approaching people because they may have weapons. Sign up for next door.com virtual Neighborhood watch. Sign up and neighbors can communicate between each other. Can get alerts to your phone. Officer Oliveras contact info is [email protected].

District Rep Elections

Karen Hearn in Village Ridge lived here 16 years. Alex Szeito moved into Stonebridge in 2007. Moved here because of the open space area. Systems Engineer . Lenore Everson lived in San Diego 30 years and Scripps Ranch 15 years. Newsletter Distributor. Part of virtual network. Experienced parliamentarian.

Staley introduced a slate of District Representatives for the odd numbered districts:

District 1 Vacant District 3 Paul Lichtenstein

District 5 Jan McGinn District 7 Dennis Engler

District 9 Vacant District 11 Rene Buck

District 13 Tom Meissner District 15 Jim Melville

District 17 Paul Honeycutt District 19 Vacant

District 21 Vacant

A motion by Staley and seconded by Drummond was made to approve the slate of District Reps. The motion passed unanimously. A motion by Staley and seconded by Drummond was made to approve the appointment of Elidie Strouse-Takim as District Representative for District 18. Motion passed unanimously.

Community Fair: Plutner reported:

Even this Sunday, May 24th and budget still short. Still need to borrow some popups. Secured use of 2 popups at the meeting. Need 2-3 volunteers to help with traffic control late afternoon from 4-6:00 pm. Also could use 2-3 people to help with posting of signs Dunk tank this year and need a couple more participants. Any extra money from dunk tank will go towards 4th of July expenses. Need someone sitting at booth to collect money for dunk tank. Need someone to pick up 7 cases of beer from Balast Point. Tina volunteered. Have about 105 different participants. Good Green Street and some good opportunity drawings.

4th of July: Gary Clark reported almost everything done with the Permit. Have received first 2 parade entries. Still need convertibles.

50 Plus: Rob Holmes reported: Lecture on Friday, May 15th 10-11:30 am at SR Library on Reverse Mortgages. June 19th 10-11:30 am Emergency Preparedness lecture SRCA in conjunction with SDG&E. Friday, May 29th Senior Living Tour. Gives folks opportunity to see different types facilities available to residents or family members. Looking for committee members

Sustainable SR: Plutner reported. Looking for committee members. May 13th lecture at Community Center on Hydroponics and Aquaponics. Recent talk on rattlesnake had over 50 attendees.

Financials: Allman handed out financials. End of April the highest amount in bank account. Income from Community Fair in but have not expended money yet. Membership figures are as of today in the report. End of May will have final statement income and costs. Newsletter made money this month. Ran 68 pages with 37 pages of advertising. May have 41 pages of advertising next month and move up to a 72 page edition. Community Center doing well. Looking at replacing lights out to LED. About third are already burnt out.

Schools Committee: Barber reported Committee meets third Wednesday month at Marshall Middle School. Met in April and discussed five items school report. Do not currently have diversity in our teaching. Want more opportunity on what is good for Scripps Ranch. Opportunity for variety people to talk for a cluster meeting. Getting elementary and secondary people together at same time. Would like to reduce talk on district items overall and concentrate more on subjects relating to SR schools. SR Schools Committee was formed before other cluster committees were formed. Miramar Ranch has strong relationship with the military. SRCA offers $500 grants to the schools. SRCA representative will announce the SRHS Valedictorian.

Digital Communications: Barnes reported.

Committee met in April and really focused in redesign of the Website. Finalizing on analytics from current site. Next meeting Saturday, 5/16 and review some of the templates will use for the redesign. Changes also based on web survey. Still have time to take survey and your opportunity to give your feedback. Only about 300 respondents so far and would like to have more.

SRPG: Wulfeck reported

Subcommittee requested City to look into alternate traffic plan on Semillon using striping lane markers to give illusion of road narrowing to slow down traffic. Requested to change speed limit signs back to 25 MPH. One resident wants a v-com sign but one person did not. Still pending.

Clear Well replacement at Miramar Lake – two large basins holds drinking water nearing end of useful life and will begin rebuilding. Construction to begin early 2016 and take 4 years. Lot of demo material to remove.

Chabad campus gave brief report and hoping grading permit be issued next 60 days for first residential units. 228 units planned. First building one third of this number of units. 3-6 months to do site grading, first one closest to Pomerado Road.

Storm Drain replacement at Rue Chantamar – City gave a presentation. Plan to take out pipe and replace with new headwalls etc. Break ground January 2016. Site development permit for a new residence in Beehler Canyon. Both Planning Groups gave approval.

The Glenn in SR reviewed the EIR Plan and approved several comments that will be submitted to the City’s by May 21st deadline.

Park & Rec. water restrictions to especially impact Jerabek School due to water restrictions. They are not hooked up to reclaimed water. Worried by Hendrix and Evans Pond as it will become more difficult to refill with potable water. Report MCAS Miramar increased flight operations start doing a runway renovation and close one while repairing the other. Planes forced to use only one runway. May be more crowded. Fire Safety water rationing will be more of a problem this summer. Need to be diligent on fire prevention. City requires brush clearance within 100 ft. of your property. City is clearing City land within 100 ft. of residences. The portion on private property must cleared out or City will send you a letter to do so.

SR Technology Park developer gave one more alternative for parking lot expansion for Library. Additional plan for an entrance south but may have grade issue and compliance with ADA.

MRNPC: Burley reported Planning group met Tuesday, May 5th. MAD Mike Rasmussen of MAD gave an update on meeting state’s water restrictions. Reducing watering and irrigation equipment. Using draught tolerant plants.

Heard presentation from City of SD on Energy Action Plan. Held officer elections and Loraye was re-elected as Chair. Working on their By-laws. A presentation will be made at June 2nd meeting on update of YMCA.

Membership: Drummond reported Net $44,000 so far against a goal of $47,00. 1,030 members. One more push in June..

Long Term Planning: Larry Peranich reported Committee held a meeting last month. LTP has adopted the Strategic Plan developed last year. Also passed to have Digital Communications set up an e-mail address for LTPG. Meetings will be on 4th Wednesday of the month till get going then go to quarterly meeting.

New Business: Drummond state she brought blank SRCA business cards if anyone needs some. Petrucci was asking question on why SRCA committee would need to pay for an ad in Newsletter. It was explained if it was above and beyond what they were given free. Recognition Night received a center fold.

Motion by Clark and seconded by Meissner was made to adjourn the meeting.