May 10, 2016


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members.


Absent excused: Evenson, Honeycut, Meissner, Strouse-Takim, Szeto, Vinson

Absent unexcused: Suzara

This month’s Board meeting is a closed meeting to be used as a workshop with Long Term Planning leading discussion. There will be no elected official or committee reports.

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm by President Ilko.

SDPD Dispatch Center. Carl Rader addressed some concerns about the 911 calls and how long it takes dispatchers to answer call. Current City is in a staffing crisis. Lowest paid division in County. Many hired by City, getting excellent training and then go to another agency. Biggest recruiting problem is drug usage and finding good candidates. Have recently hired 22 new employees. Often asked why ask so many questions by Dispatchers and the answer is for officer and citizen safety. Those Dispatchers with the City 911 are very well trained.

Couple awards given out Eric Hoffman worked on Jerabek Garden Club. Greg helped out about illegal dumping on Scripps Poway Pkwy. Isabel Stonehouse of Latitude 33 on project to get street renamed to One Falcon Way from Scripps Ranch Blvd. to Hibert. $3,200 grant to pay the City to change the name of street. Latitude 33 did the engineering work to for changing sign. Business relocated to Scripps Ranch. Latitude 33 does planning and engineering work for construction, drainage, water studies, storm water etc. Worked on the Glen.

Board & Officer Election – Staley indicated we had candidates for 8 of the 11 even numbered District Representative positions. Also had candidates for each Officer position with two candidates for the position of VP of Activities. It was suggested if the two candidates were amenable that we make this a joint position. A motion by Lichtenstein and seconded by Paterniti was make to made to make the VP of Activities this 2 year run a joint position. The vote was 17 in favor, 4 against, and one abstension. With the removal of two candidates running for an office, Staley said we could go ahead with approving the slate of those running for office. Motion by Lichtenstein and seconded by Paterniti to approve the slate of officers. Vote unanimous.

President – Bob Ilko Executive VP – Mary Drummond/Jim Paterniti VP Activities – Jan McGinn/Vince Petrucci VP Digital Communications – Luis Fregoso

Treasurer – Brian Allman Secretary – Tiffany Vinson

Area 2 – Jodi Kim Area 4 – Jack Little Area 6 – Elissa Barber Area 8 – Wally Wulfeck Area 10 – Gary Clark Area 12 – Claude Braunstein

Area 14 – Bob Cronk Area 16 – Tim Rohrer Areas 18, 20 & 22 are current Vacant

Long Term Planning Committee – Peranich talked about the recent document sent out. Looking into potential funding issues for Membership, Newsletter and events. Look at trying to get more advertisers for Newsletters. There are increasing costs for the 4th of July and Community Fair. Currently have not had the personnel to go after business supporters. Looking at securing business sponsors for events but making sure do not take away advertisers to the Newsletters.

Cannot count on continually getting grants. Is there a way to give value added to businesses that put ads in the Newsletter. Create a Business Relationship Manager. Responsible for contacts with current and new business supporters and advertisers to increase ads and sponsorships. One of the questions is do we envision the position as a volunteer, Chair of a committee or being an officer. Newsletter Committee met and looking for current ad position being more proactive or taking that position and using that money for a new position. If after tonight’s workshop majority fell this is a worthwhile idea, then LTP would set up a sub-committee to flush out the details.

Meeting then turned over to 4 tables so folks could brainstorm their ideas. Looking having a more centralized approach. Each table made a report of their suggestions and ideas.

Asked for volunteers for the sub-committee. Motion Lichtenstein and seconded by Petrucci to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary