May 8, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room


Present: B. Ilko, T. Philips, J. Marchesini, E. Barber, R. Buck, B. Cronk, T. Meissner, G. Elliot, D. Engler, L. Evenson, B. Feather, R. Holmes, P. Honeycutt, P. Lichtenstein, L. Peranich, H. Plutner, A. Szeto, W. Wulfeck

Excused: G. Boerner, J. Kane

Meeting convened at 7:04pm.

    1. President’s Report (Ilko)
      1. “Savor SR” restaurant fundraising – B. Ilko is still working on this project and hopes to get information out to the Board soon.
    2. Non-Agenda Public Comment – none
    3. Rady’s Children’s Hospital Auxiliary – presentation of Certificate of Appreciation from SRCA and community to Cheryl Steinholt for her decades of work for Rady’s. SR unit is celebrating its 45th anniversary; they advocate and inform on pediatric medicine updates at Rady’s.
    4. MCAS Miramar Colonel Woodworth presentation – Colonel Woodworth thanked the community for his time at MCAS; leaving post; Col Chuck Dockey coming from Okinawa in July to take over post; F35 transition continues – new hangar is being built and should be complete in 1-1.5 years and will house 2 squadrons by 2020; noise study will be completed and expect the noise to be the same as current levels.
    1. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Quinton Grounds – May newsletter is out; meet and greet will be held at Carmel Mtn. Ranch Recreational Center on 6/7/18.
    2. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) Dustin Steiner – presented SRCA with a Live Well San Diego Proclamation.
    3. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen – handout on press release on AB 1893 (Post Partum Depression) – bill got off the floor and is now half way to becoming law.
    4. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) Erin Magee – not present.
    5. San Diego Police Department Officer Christina Santos – gave crime report and numbers; Coffee with a Cop will be held at Panera Bread from 7:30-9am.
    6. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Elliott) DCA Ann Marie Council – office is enforcing gun violence restraining orders which last 12 months and forces forfeiture of weapons during that time; offenders must attend treatment; office has issued 10 restraingin orders so far.
    7. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck / Abella-Shon – Wulfeck (SRPG) and L. Burley (MRNPC) and representative from San Diego County Credit Union presented 1st and 3rd place checks for essays from the Evacuation Preparedness Essay contest; W. Wulfeck relayed the SDG&E transmission line is doen with wire pulling and vault installation; they are 30% complete with the under 15 boring; repairs to the road have been delayed by the City’s requirements; Administrative Law Judge threw out the gas pipeline under Pomerado Road planl library parking lot expansion is fully funded and will add 59 more spaces and a second entry to the lot – in the 2020 City budget; D. Engler appointed to SRPG; next meeting is 6/7/18, and will likely be dark in July.
    1. Community Fair – discussion about whether to hold the Community Fair for 2018; lacking volunteers to chair the committee and make sure all logistics are covered. Sponsorships and Marketing is covered. Is it still relevant? Desired? Do we hire a logistics chair knowing it will eat into profits? Can we recruit someone from schools events chairs?
      Motion by B. Feather: Cancel 2018 Community Fair and convene 2019 Community Fair committee to find and recruit a chair; second by L. Peranich (Motion passes: 14-1-1)
    1. Membership (Ilko) – we currently are at 90% of our goal and short of budget.
    2. Newsletter (Ilko) – B. Ilko will send out date for new vendor turnover; lost money in April.
    3. Schools (Marchesini) – “Screenagers” to be held on 5/14 at MMS Theater; STEM program presentation to work with elementaries.
    4. BRM (Philips) – no update.
    5. Digital Communications (Marchesini) – 4.300 followers on Facebook; we have a digital problem to be fixed with Constant Contact.
    6. Financials (Allman) – email President or Treasurer with any questions.
    7. Budget Committee (Lichtenstein) – no update.
    8. 4th of July Committee (Clark) – all seems to be in place for the event.
    9. Cleanup Day/Garage Sale (Barber) – big success; Kiwanis and Rotary came through with volunteers.
    10. Recognition Night (Feather) – still need some folks to pick up their certificates; meeting to be set to set date for 2019 Recognition Night.
    11. 50 Plus (Holmes) – Meet & Greet on 5/19 @ 3-5pm in the Library; set-up is at 1pm; will have music; R. Holmes visited Elder Help and Alzheimer’s of San Diego to meet new CEO of Alzheimer’s org. and gave them a certificate of appreciation and donation; we should recognize the org. at 2019 Recognition Night; Elder Help is the #1 nonprofit in San Diego region.
    12. Long Term Planning (Peranich) – discussed Live Well San Diego partnership, Bylaws, and Volunteer Coordinator.
    13. Sustainable SR (Plutner) – no update.
    14. Volunteer Coordinator (Philips) – working with R. Holmes on questionnaires.
    15. Bylaws (Philips) – send T. Philips any edits, questions, concerns within 2 weeks so committee can address in time for June SRCA meeting.
    16. SRCA Neighborhood Watch (Shaw) – sending letter re: City grant for Neighborhood Watch program for entire community. National Night Out is first Tuesday in August.
    17. Miramar Community Leaders Forum (Mildice) – report distributed to Board.
    18. West Sycamore Park (Stonebridge area) – K. Searcy will now rep SR on the Mission Trails Regional Park Board.
    19. Station 37 Paramedics (Feather and Ilko) – Is this a SRCA issue? Overwhelming response from Board was yes. New agreement with the City and vendor may allow for vendor to not have the 37th in Scripps Ranch and just pay a fine instead; more study needs to be done before approaching press or City; any volunteers to help work on issue? W. Wulfeck volunteered.
    20. Community Center (Allman) – we need to think about who will be on this committee and who will chair it since B. Allman isn’t always in SD; B. Ilko is looking for volunteers to take over the reservation/showings responsibilities – if not volunteers, we will need to address this in the next couple of months.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.