May 14, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

  2. Roll Call   7:01   call to order   16 members present.
  3. Modifications to the Agenda —
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment
  6. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – E. Magee (Congressman guest)
  • Support Service Member Bill
  • Vet Housing Act (Honorable or Other)
  • Homes of Heroes
  • Climate play book and control
  • Travel Check list
  1. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) – Not Present
  2. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) – Not Present
  3. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) – Not Present
  4. San Diego Police Department – No notes
  5. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) –No present
  1. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC)


Hendricks Park Improvements (Phase I).

  • June 6th meeting
  • CPC meeting on may 28th.
  • CIP nomination projects from city
  1. MCAS Leaders Forum

– New MCAS Commander. Colonel Charles B. Dockery. Marine base will be building a new hanger bay for 96 aircrafts.

  1. 1st annual car show (Tony G). Sponsored by City Chevrolet ($1,000). Seeking local sponsors. Located at Community Center parking lot, 8/31/19. First 30 cars that register (website to registioer and entry fee of $20) are in the car show. Judges will present top three cards with ribbons or trophies.       Concerns are that it falls on Memorial Day.
  2. City owned projects. Mayor Falkner wants to put up 66 units for homeless by Yanee Restaurant parking lot (1.1 acre). June 2019.
  3. Email all SRCA members.
  4. Proposal for SCRA Flag


  1. Matt
  2. Matt

– Auto dealer ship to Newsletter.

  • Market a new flyer.
  • Positive feedback.
  • Hard copy of Newsletter.
  • Tracking sales. Monthly, quarterly.
  • New Sales.
  • Communication between Melissa and Mat
  1. Dennis
  • I have retained all the previous versions (in original form) of the BRM contact spreadsheets presented to me since last fall.   I downloaded the link again today.
  • The number of entries has risen up as a new concern (apart from previous concerns about no dates entered and no posting on SRCA official cloud location).  Has Matt stopped working since February? Are his contacts recorded elsewhere? Are we still writing checks every month anyway?
  • File Date              Entries                  Change
  • 05/09/2019         310                         0
  • 02/19/2019         310                         35
  • 01/08/2019         275                         149
  • 10/04/2018         126                         126
  • His current list of accounts acquired, below in red from today’s download, does not show break-even vs the cost (attached).  And your claim recorded in the January minutes that his revenue was $2,000 is nowhere near the actual amount of $405.  The $2,000 mark was not achieved until late March [The minutes should be recalled and revised in this matter].
  • Further, the updates from the BRM you requested have not ever been provided along with the agenda and financial reports since December.  Neither is the validation of accounts the BRM acquired from Melissa *EVER* provided along with the agenda and financial reports.  And sending her an email after 2 months is not really instituting the monitoring metric that the motion to continue was founded on.  Not having a monthly financial report in these periods further diminishes timely and complete evaluation of the BRM initiative.
–          Accounts acquired
–          Flippin Pizza
–          F45 –          Quarter commit
–          Miramar College –          Yearly commit
–          Pomerado Optometry
–          Grace Threading –          Yearly Commit
–          Scripps Ranch Performing Arts –          ?
–          Public House 131 –          Quarterly commit
–          State Farm
  • Still further, the Chairman claims the continuation of the BRM for 6 months obviates any review or discussion until that period has elapsed.  I say not!!  Both regular metrics and a refresh of the contract requirements with the participants was promised to ensure the “ramp up” is proceeding.  What I see instead is a false (at least misleadingly inaccurate) basis for the motion to continue this experiment, and a license to waste SRCA money on a losing proposition never measured.
  • We really need to discuss this with the voting Board members on Tuesday, with discussion materials provided before the meeting.
  2. Keeping track of sell for newsletter between Melissa and Mat
  3. Membership increase (Total 1,200).

Meeting Closed at 924pm

VII. President’s Report

  1. None