May 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Via Zoom virtual meeting


  2. Roll Call: 21
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  6. San Diego City (Mayor Todd Gloria) Stephanie Estrada: None
  7. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Von Wilpert) Quinton Grounds: None
  8. County of San Diego (Supervisor Remer) Jeff Yuen: None
  9. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen: None
  10. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) Jessica Brown: None
  11. San Diego Police Department CRO C. Santos: None
  12. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck/Abella-Shon:

The Planning Group held its regular meeting on May 6.    We appointed Steve

Wilson, a new member, to fill a vacant one-year term.  We elected Stuart Gross as

our second Vice Chair.

Technology Park:

Murphy Development has been in negotiations with Alexandria Real Estate

Equities to develop several lots in the Technology Park for biotechnology.

Alexandria is one of the largest nation-wide real estate companies providing life

science facilities for biotechnology companies.   At our meeting, the group voted

unanimously to recommend approval of a Neighborhood Development Permit for

manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals.  These are permitted in all IP-2-1 zones

in the City.  As one of the fastest growing industries in the City, we welcome the

expansion of biotechnology companies into Scripps Ranch.


Commissioner Alan Nevin, chair of the San Diego city redistricting commission,

and Lora Fleming, Chief of Staff, gave an overview of the group’s activities to

ensure that this redistricting process includes a great deal of public input, and

engages residents early.  The City Charter requires the creation of a Redistricting

Commission at the beginning of each decade, after the U.S. Census, to adopt plans

which specify the boundaries of districts for the City Council. This process is

independent of the City Council and Mayor’s Office.

Districts are made up of contiguous territory and made as equal in population as

shown by the Census reports, and as geographically compact as possible. It also

requires that the districts shall, as far as possible, be bounded by natural boundaries,

street lines, and/or City boundary lines.

The Charter requires that the districts be drawn to provide fair and effective

representation for all citizens of the City, including racial, ethnic, and language

minorities. Additionally, to the extent possible, they preserve identifiable

communities of interest. The redrawing of district boundaries is designed to ensure

local legislatures are representative of the City’s diverse population.

The Commission wants public engagement.  Please see for more information.

  • Speed Limits:

The Traffic department has conducted traffic speed surveys along Pomerado Road,

Spring Canyon Road, and other streets in accordance with state law.  The survey

shows that the speed limit on Pomerado Road southwest-bound between Semillon

Blvd. and Fairbrook Rd. should be raised to 50 mph. The planning group

recommended that the posted speed remain at 45mph, even though this limit will

not be enforceable by radar.

At our June 3 meeting, another proposal to raise speed limits on Spring Canyon

between Pomerado Road and Semillon Blvd. to 50mph in both directions will be


We continue to get complaints on excessive speed throughout Scripps Ranch.  We

urge our neighbors to slow down and obey the speed limits, particularly the 25mph

speed limit in residential zones.

Fire Insurance:

Sandy Wetzel-Smith, Vice Chair of the planning group and a member of the Fire

Safe Council, and Lance Witmondt, Chief of Staff for Assemblymember Brian

Maienschein, gave an update on their work with the Insurance Commissioner to

address nonrenewals by fire insurance companies in our area.  They are

investigating ways for the state to help via regulation, and home-hardening for fire



Our next meetings are June 3, July 1, and August 5, 2021.  Agendas for meetings

are posted on the back door of the Library, and electronically on the Planning

Group’s webpage at and the City’s Scripps Ranch

webpage at


  1. MCAS Leaders Forum T. Garcia: None


  1. SR Technology Business Park life sciences building presentation and action item

By Murphy Development and Alexandria Real Estate regarding “drugs” limitation

  1. SRCA President’s Report Bob Ilko
  2. Eyeglasses collection partnership with RB Lions Club update
  3. Coronavirus Recovery partnership with SR Kiwanis update
  4. SR Fire Safe Council partnership proposal re evacuation equipment storage
  5. Cal Fire, County and SDFD Fire Drill in SR update
  6. New ambulance service in the City of SD and impact on SR Station 37
  7. Open board seats
  8. City of SD Permanent Supportive Housing Proposal – Yanni’s update
  9. Sustainable SR update
  10. 50 Plus update
  11. SRCANW update re Operation Enough Racing in SR
  12. Jerabek Park gang graffiti and $500 reward
  13. Jerabek Park foot bridge replacement project
  14. SRCA $4m ADA grant for Jerabek Park update
  15. Follow up re request of the Mayor for street resurfacing point of contact
  16. Possible SRCA Community Center for drive up Covid-19 vaccination site with SD County
  17. Assist neighbors of MRE School regarding lighting issue update
  18. City of SD and County of SD Redistricting Commissions update
  19. Treasurer’s Report Jim Neal
  20. Financials Year to Date
  21. Quickbooks technical assistance for financial reporting integration
  23. Treasurer accounting
  24. End meeting at 835pm.