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SRCA has connected the dots between our mission and taking actions / implementing solutions to benefit individual residents and the community. Take a look at what we’ve provided during the 2016 fiscal year. Stay tuned as we update this extensive list with more details later this year.

We encourage you to learn more about SRCA’s Mission here.

For the fiscal year September 2015 – August 2016:


A key principle of our mission is that we accomplish all that we do through volunteers. We hope you consider becoming a volunteer today.

  • 30 dedicated volunteers sit on the SRCA Executive Committee & Board of District Representatives. They meet monthly to help plan, organize, and fund the activities and resources needed in Scripps Ranch. Check out the SRCA Directory.
  • 150+ hardworking volunteers participate in one or more of the 18 Standing Committees & 5 Advisory Committees. Learn more about these committees.
  • 35 volunteers work on one of the two Advisory Committees Planning Groups – Scripps Ranch & Miramar Ranch North – to make recommendations to the City on local land use issues.
  • 2,500+ Neighborhood Watch members (the largest group in San Diego) connect to keep their neighborhoods safe.
  • 4,000+ volunteer hours a year in planning and operational meetings and event activities. Plus, hundreds of other volunteers who jump in to help as needed.


Keeping you current, informed and involved is the goal of SRCA’s communications.

  • 11,500+ households in Scripps Ranch receive each month the free SRCA Newsletter, delivered by hundreds of volunteers
  • 500+ people receive the new monthly Digital SRCA Newsletter
  • 7,500+ residents & businesses have signed-up to receive informational SRCA emails – over 125 such e-blasts were sent out
  • 2,300+ Facebook followers received 300+ posts
  • 500+ residents found their individual questions answered and issues resolved


Our community offers so many ways to have fun, socialize, learn, and connect with people passionate about the same topics that interest you.

  • 7 community-wide annual events (4th of July, Community Fair, Holiday Tree Lighting, Clean-up Day, Garage Sale, Recognition Night, National Night Out)
  • 45+ special interest events (3-5 per month) covering sustainability, hiking, lectures, pet care, scrapbooking, and more. There is something to peak everyone’s interests. Check out SRCA’s monthly calendar of events.