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The SD Unified School District sold the 11 acres of vacant land to Ryland Homes. There will be 17 single family homes developed plus a 3 acre City of San Diego park. 

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The Property

The latest single-family home development to be built in “old” Scripps Ranch is Fairbrook Estates, located on Fairbrook Road south of Pomerado Road. The property is 12.09 acres. The land was donated by the developers of the Chantemar and Crown Pointe homes back in the late 1970s. The property was given to the San Diego Unified School District to build an elementary school there as well as a joint-use playfield.

Most of our schools have playfields that are shared by the school during the day and used by the community on nights, weekends, and holidays. The city generally pays to water and maintain the fields and parks. There is no other park south of Pomerado Road.

The History

As the property lay languishing waiting for the district to build a school, the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) in 1998 asked the district to create a master plan for the property. That way, the SRPG could evaluate how big the school and playfield could be so that maybe the city could construct the playfield before a school was built. The district realized that the whole property would have to be regraded and that a school there could only hold 400-500 students. The demographics for Scripps showed the need for a 700-900 student elementary school.

Moreover, the need for a school wasn’t south of Pomerado Road where the Fairbrook property is located but rather in Miramar Ranch North. As this was happening, the district passed Prop MM, which called for building two elementary schools in Scripps Ranch–Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS) and an undesignated school.

At the community’s urging, the district constructed a temporary school for EBS at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road and a new larger middle school, since Marshall Middle School (MMS) was overcrowded at its location on Cypress Canyon Road. As you know, MMS was built on Avenue of Nations–a site that was not the community’s preferred location–and EBS moved to the former MMS site in 2008.

From School Site to Home Site

In 1999 the district asked the city to rezone the property to residential because the land is worth more with that zoning. The district suggested building 29 single-family homes and a three-acre park at the site. The SRPG negotiated the number of homes to 17 on lot sizes comparable to those in the Chantemar development. The SRPG also negotiated a purchase price of the park acreage by locking in the 1998 land value rather than letting the property escalate.

The district, in accordance with state law, had to offer the Fairbrook site to other state, county, city, and school agencies, as well as to the Native Americans, before selling the property to a private developer. No one wanted to purchase the property so the district was free to sell it to a builder.

The Homes

Ryland Homes purchased the 12 acres for $4.4 million in 2012. The city will pay Ryland slightly less than $400,000 for the three-acre park.

The 17 homes will be on minimum lot sizes of 10,000 square feet (see site plan on page 20). Ryland Homes expects to build four homes to start and will determine how many more to build and when based on demand. The framing for the first four homes should begin in November or December of this year. There will be four different models; each model will have alternative exterior motifs.

Both single-story and two-story homes will be built and mixed throughout the development. The single-story homes will be roughly 3,100 square feet and the two-story homes range from 3,000 to 3,800 square feet.

The Chantemar homeowners association (HOA) conducted a vote to annex the 17 new homes into the existing HOA. The results of the vote were not released as of our press deadline.

The Park

In order to pay for the design and construction of the three-acre park, the community has longtime allocated funds in the Scripps Miramar Ranch Facilities Financing Plan (FFP), which is money paid to the city by developers to be used for the specific community in which the developer is building. The financing plan is being updated this year–it was last updated five years ago–and the city estimates three to four years for the completion of the neighborhood park. When the city is ready to design the park, a design task force committee will be created. It will include community residents, the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council, and the SRPG. Both the Chantemar and Crown Pointe HOAs also will be involved.

New Streets and a Stop Sign

There is an existing three-way intersection at Fairbrook Road and Rue Fontenay that will become a four-way intersection, with stop signs on all four corners. Construction of the new development streets should be completed by December of this year.

For Questions

For questions, email SRCA president, Bob Ilko, at [[email protected]].


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