It’s Rattlesnake Season

As the weather warms up, we enter what is known as “Rattlesnake Season.” A resident who lives on Forestview Lane contacted the SRCA Newsletter and told us his family had a rattlesnake crawl into their garage in late March. His wife first saw it, and when he went into the garage to investigate, the snake went behind a refrigerator. He called Animal Control and they came out and removed the snake.

Rattlesnakes usually hibernate during the colder fall and winter months and come out in the spring, according to the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services website. However, since we have warmer weather year round, they can be found any time, depending on the weather. The most likely place to encounter a rattlesnake is near overgrown foliage.

The canyons, trails, and brush around Scripps Ranch make our community a prime spot for rattlesnakes. To avoid attracting snakes near your home, remove their food source, which is mostly rodents. Also, be sure to seal any gaps under doors to prevent them from coming inside your home or garage.

If you come across a rattler, be sure it has an “escape route,” and it will most likely leave. If you hear the rattle and don’t immediately see the snake, stay still until you see where the snake is, then calmly walk away. You can walk faster than the snake can crawl. Don’t bother yelling at rattlesnakes, as they are deaf. Get away from the snake, then call Animal Services’ 24-hour emergency line at 619-236-2341.

Rattlesnakes are usually not aggressive and bite only when they feel threatened or are provoked. In case of a rattlesnake bite, call 911 then follow these tips provided by the California Poison Control Center:

  • Stay calm
  • Wash the bite area gently with soap and water
  • Remove watches, rings, or other items that may constrict swelling
  • Immobilize the affected area

For more information about rattlesnakes, please visit the Animal Services website at [] or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website at [].

Prepare for Wildfires

We are approaching fire season. We can do nothing to change the weather—the high winds, heat, and low humidity. What we can do is protect ourselves and our homes by removing wildfire fuel from around our homes: dry grass; ground fuel in dense woodland areas; dry brush; and, wood piles. The work should be done as soon as possible. Also, check open spaces near your home.

Then we need to prepare in case a wildfire comes toward our community and we must evacuate. FEMA has developed the most comprehensive guidance yet to help you be ready for fires and other emergencies. Just go to []. If you have any questions, call the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council at 945-6303.

Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center Day

In mid-March I joined the mayor and community members to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center and present a proclamation on behalf of the city of San Diego. The Scripps Ranch Library is exceptional in many ways. It offers residents both natural and man-made beauty, one of the largest community rooms in the area, and a reputation for excellent service. The importance of tradition and history are evident at the library in the original artifacts from the historic Meanley house, which once stood by the stone wall near the library.

The sense of community in Scripps Ranch is unmistakable and the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library exemplifies that spirit. Exceptional programming like storytime, the Summer Reading Program, crafts, the monthly film forum, exercise courses, cooking classes, and the Pleasure of Your Company music series are possible because community members stepped up in support of their library through donations, volunteer time, and participation.

The Scripps Ranch Library is a sterling example of a successful partnership between energetic, effective neighborhood groups and the city. For these reasons and more, the City Council declared March 16, 2013, as “Scripps Miramar Ranch Branch Library Day” in the city of San Diego.

Councilmember Mark Kersey

We Need You to Help Fight Crime in Scripps Ranch

Are you looking to volunteer with an organization that helps prevent residential crime and encourages neighbors to work together for the common good? The SRCA Neighborhood Watch (SRCANW) Steering Committee could use a few more volunteers. Committee members could either serve as an area coordinator, helping a block captain start a NW group, or as a member at large, helping with one of the events we hold during the year.

We only meet once per quarter, so it’s not a position that entails attending many meetings. If you would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities, email me at [[email protected]].

Remember, if you see suspicious activity, call the San Diego Police Department’s non-emergency line at 858-484-3154 with as many details as possible. In fact, I urge you to program this number in your cell phone. If you witness a crime in progress or feel in danger, call 911.

Thanks to you, Neighborhood Watch is working! If you are not a member of SRCANW, sign up today at [].

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

MMS Bus Program

Information about next year’s Marshall Middle School (MMS) Parent-Paid Bus Program will be on the MMS website at [] soon. This popular program not only gets kids to school but helps ease traffic on Pomerado Road during the busy morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times.

Registration for the program takes place starting in May, and a parent information meeting will be held in May prior to the start of registration. As of press time, the date of the meeting was not available. Please check the website for updates.

Keep Your Children Safe from Drowning

Let’s face it—we live in beautiful, warm Scripps Ranch. For many kids, a favorite pastime in spring and summer is jumping in the pool or heading to the beach.

The bad news? According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children ages 1 to 4, and, on average, three children drown each day. Older kids also are at risk, and, unfortunately, Scripps Ranch is not immune to this tragedy. May is National Drowning Prevention Month, so here are some tips to help keep kids safe:

  • Constant supervision is critical. However, 20% of drownings occur with a lifeguard present, and 70% occur with one or both parents present. If you cannot find your child, check the pool first. Seconds count.
  • Never leave your child alone in the pool or beach—not even for a second—even if he or she knows how to swim.
  • When you are watching children, don’t be distracted by phone calls, texts, reading, or talking to others.
  • Never use flotation devices—they lend a false sense of security.
  • Leave a responsible adult in charge, not an older sibling.
  • Every backyard pool, pond, or lake should be completely fenced. Pay attention to pet doors—children are small enough to fit through them.
  • Install high locks with chimes on all doors and windows and get a pool alarm. Put barriers between your child and the pool.
  • Keep the pool clean. Cloudy or murky water can be a hazard.
  • Talk with your kids about water safety. Review the rules often.
  • Both children and adults should learn how to swim.
  • Research swimming programs. Not all have safety and drowning prevention as a primary goal.

For more safety tips and information, visit []. I wish you a fun, safe summer!

Erin Ferguson, SR Mom/Safe Swim School

Symphony in the Park: A Great Lineup for 2013

The lineup is set for this year’s concert season, and, as always, it will be a fun year of music in the park. We will have five concerts—including October—and a holiday concert. If you would like to become a concert host or donate to our group, please contact us through our website at [].

All concerts are on Sundays at 6 pm at Hoyt Park, except the holiday concert starts at 5 pm.

Concert Schedule

  • June 9—The Ultimate Stones, Rolling Stones tribute
  • July 14—The Detroit Underground, Motown/funk
  • Aug. 11—Pete Johnson and Jus’ Blues, Baby, plus an opening band
  • Sept. 8—Siren’s Crush, current hits
  • Oct. 6—BETAMAXX, ’80s
  • Dec. 1—Holiday concert

This year we are trying something new to raise money to keep the concerts in our community. We are organizing a party at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club. Please note the date has changed to Saturday, July 20, so stay tuned for details.

For the latest on concert plans, we keep an updated schedule on our website at []. For real-time updates, become a friend on Facebook. Just search “Scripps Ranch Symphony in the Park” on [www.] and show your support.

For those of you new to the area or who have not heard of our annual concerts, we are a nonprofit organization that brings free, live music to the community and gives back to Scripps Ranch schools with donations to their music programs. The concerts are great opportunities to get together with family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Spread the word, invite someone who hasn’t been before, and consider donating. These concerts rely on your contributions every year. Thanks!

Kate Northcote

Rancho Family YMCA Sports in Scripps Ranch

The Rancho Family YMCA hosts an open basketball clinic at the Scripps Poway Parkway location every Saturday from 2:30 to 4 pm for youth players looking to get extra practice and work on skills with a trained YMCA basketball coach. The basketball clinics are free for Rancho Family YMCA members or $5 for non-members.

Registration for the summer flag football league opens Monday, June 10. The league runs from Saturday, July 20, to Saturday, Sept. 14, and are run in age-appropriate groups—6–8 and 9–11. All practices and games are on Saturdays. This is a terrific recreational league focused on instructing players on the fundamentals of flag football in an exciting environment.

Rancho Family YMCA’s Scripps Ranch site is at 10481 Scripps Poway Parkway. For more information, please contact the Rancho Family YMCA at 484-8788 or visit [].

Volunteer at iCan Bike Camp

Teach a child with developmental disabilities how to ride a two-wheel bike and change his or her life! And you will be inspired! We need 60 volunteers to jog alongside the campers from Monday, Aug. 12, through Friday, Aug. 16, at Alliant International University. This is a great way to gain valuable experience working with children with developmental disabilities and get community service hours. Visit our website at [—formerly-lose-the-training-wheels.html], email [[email protected]] or call 740-4252.

Learn about Vegan Cooking and Help Others

Learn how to add more delicious plant-based foods to your diet during a special presentation on Saturday, May 11, at 2 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library’s community room. There will be recipes, samples, shopping tips, and information about how you can improve your health and be kind to the environment. The speaker will be Liz Gary, a vegan cooking arts instructor.

This is a fundraiser for Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach (SAYCO), a nonprofit organization that offers free yoga classes to seniors throughout San Diego County, including a class at the Scripps Ranch Library every Wednesday at 3 pm.

Admission to the vegan cooking event is $10, which will include a raffle ticket for a drawing. Everyone is welcome. Come and enjoy! For more information, contact [[email protected]] or 361-1910. For more information about SAYCO, visit [].

New Vendors at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Lone Oak Ranch stone fruit farmers. Their huge sweet peaches, apricots, plumcots, and more are the perfect fruits for any occasion. Cherries and blueberries will soon be in season as well. Please help us welcome Carter, their farm sales specialist, and let him know he will build a regular clientele in Scripps Ranch.

We are dedicating ourselves to growing the market by bringing in fresh pastas, cheeses, vegan and gluten-free bakeries, fresh-roasted nuts, and food from around the world. We set up canopies with tables and chairs for you to sit and eat our wonderful breakfast and lunch cuisine.

We also like to bring in new and unique artisans and crafters. We are up to 65-plus vendors each week and growing. There is lots of parking near the market. We are considering extending our hours to 1:30 or 2 pm and would like your input. Don’t forget to ask for you shopper appreciation card at the information booth. When filled out, it is worth $5 at any booth.

This market supports education and children’s activities and groups. For more information, please visit our website at [], call 856-7933, or email us at [[email protected]].

New Scripps Ranch Business

I suffered from chronic back pain for years. As a physical therapist, I thought I was doing the right exercises to manage my pain, but then I found Pilates—and realized I could be pain-free. Seeking to share my experience with others, I became a Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT). I am now offering a unique blend of physical therapy and Pilates at my new clinic/studio, Pukka Pilates and Physical Therapy. As an alumnus of UC San Diego and a Scripps Ranch resident, I’m very proud and honored to be able to bring Pukka Pilates and Physical Therapy to the residents and businesses in our community.

Pukka Pilates and Physical Therapy is an innovative physical therapy clinic and Pilates studio with a holistic rehabilitative and fitness approach to whole body health and lifelong wellness. At Pukka, patients are treated by licensed, orthopedic-specialized physical therapists also trained in the Pilates method, a blend that facilitates a total-body approach to physical therapy.

We also have a wellness side. After a course of physical therapy, clients may continue with Pilates rehabilitation or wellness classes, and their practitioner can modify exercises as needed. We will be at the Community Fair on Sunday, May 19, and visit []. The studio is located at 12030 Scripps Summit Drive, Suite E.

Sharon Manzuk, Pukka Pilates and Physical Therapy Owner